Larbi David Fianko

"We Bring Photostatic Memory to reality" // Wedding// // Engagement// // Parties// For booking call & whatsapp : 0273446303 / 0209388105

When Mr. Loverman got his grooves on woow. Shot by @fiankography
The couple's first dance.....Love it was on that day Shot by @fiankography
With my M.C @1mr_wazza. Kind hearted Gee from day 1 to now.
The evergreen, gorgeous, beautiful, too sweet @rasheall57blay let me keep mute.
When you start the new year knowing God has got your back,confidence is all you need.
Too sweet, her smile alone says alot about her. My personal Assistant @rasheall57blay
Fiankography was privileged to cover UNESCO program.
When @fiankography was privileged to shoot couple's dinner. Just call 0209388105/ 0273446403.
The Inkoom's......@fiankography shot it.
Couples first dance, the Inkoom's.
The Inkoom's @stacyamoatenggh twin sister. @fiankography shot it.
Thank God that he doesn’t place a price tag on friends. Otherwise, I could never afford a valuable friends like you guys.
We have only one rule here - to act like a gentleman at all times.
When @fiankography was privileged to handle these honorable quest.
Time waits for no @1mr_wazza voice, rule number 1(1)make the couples happy Rule 2 (2)remember rule number one.
A wedding guest. Picture: @Fiankography Video: @fiankography
The gentleman's gentleman. Picture by @fiankography
A gentleman is someone who does not what he wants to do, but what he should do.
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