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I always thought I was a person who loved nature and old architecture but Dubai changed my perception. While searching for the “must visit destinations in dubai”, I found Mall of Emirates and the images intrigued me so much that I went there 6 hours right before my flight back to Pakistan. The main hall is beautiful and takes your breathe away! Even if you don’t want to buy anything, visiting the mall is worth it!
Can you spot the Burj Khalifa in this photo? - On the record, this was the crappiest year of my life so I decided to make it better and visited Dubai to celebrate my birthday. Have you done anything crazy to make your year better? - It instantly became one of my favourite cities not just because of it’s beauty but also because of the diversity of the people, cultures and places it offers. I ❤️ Dubai (quite literally).
Inside Dehli gate. The rickshaws will take you to a whimsical ride through the walled city of lahore.
The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. From the streets of Faisalabad.
Looking at their smiles makes me smile. Does it make you smile too?
Have you walked with your best friend like this? 💗 Tag your bestfriend and tell her something beautiful. This one is for you @4th_faction , the only person I walked like this with 😭 I miss you the most💞 Also, I had to run after them for this photo.
Can never get enough of this place ❤️ More from Haveli Naunehal Singh. Also, if you zoom in, you can see the lifestyle of the rulers in the paintings on the walls.
As I saw, a bunch of children jumped on a moving rickshaw while I ran after them while clicking photos. And no, they don’t live at that address!
Tahir - coal furnace operator. It was the early morning of a Friday in autumn season. I was going to university in a rickshaw while breathing the fresh air and appreciating the golden light of the morning sun when my rickshaw took a turn into a deserted street where there were many coal factories. I got furious and asked the driver about this wrong turn while opening gps in my phone when I saw a factory worker sitting in golden light and instantly regretted not having my camera with me. A few days later, I went there again in the search of this guy and my luck worked. This guy was lurking around a corner eating something when I entered the street. I was almost going to jump with joy but thought otherwise and asked him if I could take his picture.
“Little Princess” Last week I was really glad that I went on a photowalk (by myself, I will ask someone to arrange one for all of you, dont worry) and found some beautiful faces and frames. When I was coming back, I saw a little girl playing with mud. Instinctively, I stopped there to take some photos. An aunti was sitting outside a house nearby and went quickly inside when I told her I am taking portraits of children. After a few moments she came back with this sweet little kid with her. My heart melted when I saw the innocent face but there was a huge problem. Now it had gone dark and there was no light in the street. I was about to go home with a dark picture of this gorgeous face. But then a bike went past us casting a beautiful light through which I took this photo 😀 I am so happy that I waited a few moments before going home just in the hope that I will get a better shot!
Pictures of Wazir Khan Mosque I always wanted to take (3). . - . This image has been my desktop wallpaper for a long time. There is an intimacy I feel about this image so much that I didn’t want to share it. I knew I wanted to take such an image when I visited this mosque the first time in my life with a phone camera. Then I went with a dslr but I only had a 50mm lens with me. Then after a few years I bought a wide angle lens and walked straight into the building, sat down on the floor, looked through my viewfinder and smiled because the image was now possible. Photography has always been a journey for me. It’s a journey for everyone. You cannot measure the value of this passion with cameras and lenses. The love with which you take the photos is always going to show up and that is what makes your photographs worthwhile.
The search for beautiful doors in Faisalabad continues.
That’s the thing about unhappiness. All it takes is for something worse to come along and you realize it was actually happiness after all. The crown
Today is world sight day and yesterday was world mental health day. Today I am working on spreading awareness about eye diseases and advising people on how to take care of their vision and how to cope with their life if they are blind. While yesterday I read a lot of captions by a lot of people about mental health and nothing helped me. The issue is bigger than that. The issue cannot be addressed by just putting captions. I appreciate what other people are doing and sharing their stories. But. The issue is a disease which needs a psychiatric/psychological help. Just like I ask people to go to the hospital and refuse to medicate them when they visit me at home. Just like that I ask you to go to a doctor if you know you are in depression. Depression is not anxiety which appears and disappears. It is a long process and it needs treatment. I am not putting up an encouraging caption here to motivate you. I am asking you to take that step. Go to a psychiatrist/psychologist and treat the condition. I also ask you to not take your vision lightly. If you are experiencing any trouble/pain/discharge from your eyes, visit your nearby optometrist/ophthalmologist. #worldmentalhealthday #worldsightday #noshameingettinghelp
I hate poverty for it takes away the innocence of children. I met her twice. She has this look in her eyes that makes me wonder what has she gone through. (They are a group of cousins who beg in the streets near my house)
Soch ma gum! (Lost in his thoughts). . . . I often spot people on the road, driving their bikes and their cars, but are also lost in their thoughts. Their expressions change and their foreheads crease. They do not respond to the horns unless you blow it twice or thrice in their faces. May be we are all so stressed and do not follow the rules because we are not concentrating enough on the road but we are lost in our own thought process of how life is being so unfair to us.
A sacred memory. . . . I have a very vivid memory of my childhood when I used to visit my nani’s (maternal grandmother) house in summer and play in streets with my friends. My mother would never let me play outside but my nani did. I used to play with my tricycle and my friends in the street while nano knew every lady and every kid around. Back in those days, people were more friendly and real interactions were the norm. . . . Today, however, it is hard to find such scenes and I fell in love with this image the moment I took it for it was so similar to what I had in my mind.
The eyes that captivate 💕
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