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A pigeon having a casual walk in Wazir Khan Mosque.
Rainy days in Faisalabad. . . Can you notice the boy in the background? This is one of my favourite and luckiest shots!
Aap sab kah rahe thy k ye photo post krdun, to socha kardun!
These buildings look exactly like the small models architects make. . . . These are the photos that Japanese couple helped me with. There were so many reflections on the glass that it was impossible to take a picture. They stood behind me to block the reflections ( I could have used a hood and placed the lens with the glass window but my wide angle lens has a round front element making that impossible).
Dubai has an overwhelmingly different street life when compared to Pakistan. There is a mixture of cultures, languages and people from all over the world. On this very place, I met a very sweet Japanese couple taking pictures of the sunset as well. They did not how to speak English but still, they sat down with me and discussed different angles in sign language. We shared photos with each other from our homelands. We tried taking photos with eachother’s cameras. They stood behind me to cover the reflections so I could take nice photos. In that moment, I realised how similar all humans are and how such small actions can leave a positive trace on someone. . . Also, I was really lucky that these lovebirds decided to come in my frame.
The main arch of Tomb of Jahangir. . . I went there at a completely wrong time. It was 1:00 pm and the light was harsh. I also couldn’t stay there long enough to see the sunset but managed a few decent shots.
Khadija - I met her on a railway platform. She was playing with her sister. It was just before eid when I had a few days off from work and I went in my own town for some photography. Khadija’s blue eyes and hands with mehndi on them attracted me ❤️
Details from the amazing fresco in the Tomb of Jahangir. Oh btw! Swipe to see more!
View from top of Minar of Tomb of Jahangir.
I hope your year is as good as you are praying it to be and you find happiness like the girls in this picture. . . Happy new year instafam!! . . Location: Outskirts of Lahore.
These houses just look like my problems of 2018 entering 2019. Am I right?
My favourite photo. The brightest star ⭐️ . . . Street photography is a gamble. When I go out with my camera, I never know what I am going to find. It was a cool winter evening when I was roaming in the dingy alleys of a suburb of Faisalabad. Children were going home from their tuitions when I saw a little girl with stars on her cheeks. She was playing pretend with her friends, teaching them and being bossy. I asked her if I could take her picture. The moment I saw this portrait in my camera, I fell in love with it.
This corridor was bigger than it looks in the photo. . . The architecture of Ibn-e-Batuta is extremely beautiful. Every corridor offers a magnificent piece of architecture from Islamic history. When other places in Dubai boast of modern and european architecture, Ibn-e-Batuta mall’s architecture gives you a nostalgic feeling of historical mosques of Iran.
You guys probably don’t expect me to post such a thing but I am posting because I love animals! I discovered my new found love for jellyfish in dubai. The funny thing was that no one else was marginally impressed by them but I made everyone look at them for nearly 30 minutes. I definitely wanted to bring one home 😂 but of course I couldn’t. . . . . Who else loves them? Who else wants to bring one home? Let me know in the comments!
I went there and was left in awe, the arches of the Jahangir’s tomb in Lahore are decorated with intricate Fresco and real stones are embedded in the walls. The place is very underrated as compared to the other monuments of Lahore city. The people working in the tomb told me that it’s considered as the eighth wonder of the world (although I don’t know if it’s authentic). It was built under the rule of Shah Jahan after the building of Taj Mahal. The stones used inside the hall with the grave are original and the ceilings were decorated with diamonds and mirrors but the ceiling was completely destroyed during the colonial era.
Aankhen neechi hui to hayaa ban gayi Aankhen oonchi hui to dua ban gayi Aankhen uth kar jukhi to adaa ban gayi Aankhen jhuk kar uthi to qaza ban gayi Aankhen jin mein hain qaid aasmaan-o-zamin Nargisi nargisi Surmayi surmayi. NKAF Swipe left to close her eyes! Talented makeup artist @mahambutt_blogs in frame. An Old Love- A series. Bookings are open for shoots and events.
Wo aye bazm ma itna to Meer na dekha Phir isky baad chiraaghon ma roshni na rahi. . . Very talented makeup artist @mahambutt_blogs in frame. . . An Old Love. . Bookings for shoots and events is open.
Tum jab ao gi to khoya hua pao gi mjhe Meri tanhai ma khwabon k siwa kuch bhi nahi. . . . Very talented makeup artist @mahambutt_blogs in frame. . . An old love- A series. . . . Bookings are open for shoots and events 💞
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