One Canadian family’s adventures at home and abroad. Country count: Jessica: 60 Tyler: 45 Henry: 25 Baby Tom: 21

Have you come across a PANCAKE MACHINE in your travels? Hilarious! We live in an extremely communal neighbourhood where a few of us share a snow blower, a giant ladder, various tools...I feel like this could be the next addition! Thanks @hiexwaterloosj for introducing us to the gift that keeps on giving! 😋 🥞
Best ever toddler invention (and also, why is this not a thing at more hotels???): @hiexwaterloosj has their heated salt water pool cranked to a baby friendly (...mum friendly...) temperature, and that water runs through to an adjacent INDOOR SPLASH PAD!!! This hotel is located in the quaint village of St Jacobs — how sweet is their nod to the simple life, with the animals and train that are used in the kid’s splash zone (swipe to see!). All other hotels, take note! 👏🏼👏🏼 #happykidshappylife #hosted
Just me and Henry, in our mother-son element of entering a hotel for a staycation! I often think at 3.5 years old he and I would make wonderful travel buddies. He likes cafes, hikes, bumming around hotel swimming pools and people watching. I could totally do a holiday just the two of us! (No offence loving husband and so-super-sweet baby Tom.) 🥰
The Kissing Bridge is Ontario’s last remaining covered bridge, and if you’ve seen the 2017 Stephen King adaptation of ‘It’ you may recognize it. I’m more of a rom-com gal myself so I’ll stick with how sweet the name of the bridge is. 🥰 Have you seen that movie? I’m such a scaredy-cat!😬😬🙈🙈
Swipe for original, by @bymariandrew. 💕 Thinking of You: Mothers who have lost children. Those who have lost mothers. Those with strained mother relationships. Mothers with strained child relationships. Those who have chosen not to be mothers. Those yearning to be mothers. 💕
We are full-fledged card carriers at most local indoor play centres, but like. Come oooooooon summer. 😩Walking outside in one layer and slip on shoes?!?! Yes please! Is it warm where you are? 👙🧢👓☀️
Have you been in a ball pit, as an adult? I’ve gotta drop a truth bomb’s not a graceful exit 😬💚😅
Here is a post that is impossible to comment on, but fits well in my feed. 😂🙈 #selfindulgent 💕🥰
I think it’s safe to say we have to photograph him exclusively in burst form. 🙈 #becareful #slowdown #donttouchthat #toddlerlife
I don’t know if your weekend blew up the way you were hoping it would, but ours was poppin’. I could burst I ate so much but otherwise...happy Easter 🐣 😉 🎈
Last year I found myself saying, ‘you’ve got this’ or, ‘you’re doing awesome,’ and while I said it to the kids, it was 100% me that needed to hear it during hairy moments in the day. And then one day Henry just turned into a big kid who has an attention span, and plays imaginary games, and sits still to eat a picnic. The jump between toddler and kid is the real deal. Equal parts 😢and ☺️.
Three cheers for hotels with swimming pools — the fastest and most convenient way to tire out a toddler (or two). Bonus cheer for the amazing water slide, at @fairfieldinnguelph ! 💦🏊🏼‍♂️🏊🏼‍♀️💦
Easter is a week away and I’m pullin’ a, ‘one-for-you-one-for-me’ with my chocolate shopping! 🙈 What is the expectation for Easter with small kids? Are there gifts, or is the egg hunt sufficient? I feel like times have changed since my ‘80s childhood. 🍫 🐰 😋
I wish I were as well-rested as my kids. 🙇‍♀️😴
Stopped for a little something to eat. #momjokes #micdrop #iamhilarious
In case you ever wondered what I look like kid-free, this is it: crazy relaxed, at a window seat in a cafe, drinking hot coffee. This is about the time we start the, ‘should we have another baby’ conversation. Then, my mum met up with us to drop the boys off and Henry was covered in throw up and Tom was hysterical and we were all-in on the two-and-through. But for a quick sec, don’t I look relaxed?
Me: Henry, look at my eyes. See that nice couple (two feet away)? They don’t want to be splashed ok honey? Do. Not. Splash. Them. 🙌🏼 Every toddler ever:
Our fav part of the day when travelling pre-kids was wandering around a new town, finding a cute place for breakfast, and people watching over a great coffee. Post kids, breakfast included has become a requirement at a hotel. It is just so eaaaaaasy to walk downstairs, have options (because, at three years old it’s a mystery what Henry will or won’t like on any given day) and be able to hit the road with full bellies. @fairfieldinnguelph had a huge breakfast spread included for guests, and heaps of variety. I’d like to announce we made it through the meal with no meltdowns too! So, feel free to congratulate us below. #hosted #diningwithtoddlers
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