Finn Wolfhard

Actor, musician, Feature IT and Netflix’ Stranger Things S2 both out now.

Thanks @lyn_hui for the “City Boy” set of all four of us in @calpurniaofficial. Go check out the rest of the band @lyn_hui and check us out @spotify and @applemusic and come see us somewhere this summer!
Hey @disordermag put my interview from last year at the link in the bio. All creds in the article.
Oh wow!!!
August 4th! @calpurniaofficial is playing @osheaga ! Ticket link is in the bio.
Link in the bio ENJOY. Thanks to @amoebahollywood for supporting film and vinyl and indie music I love you! Thank you Eli for the lid and thank you again RS for the T!!
Thanks to @davidbeckingham , @drumboym and I met @aylateslermabe and then we jammed on and off until we met @jackandersonofficial about a year ago and @calpurniaofficial was born.
Check that new merch! Link in the bio.
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