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Down 125+ lbs by completely changing my lifestyle and mindset!💪🏻 3X/26 » M/10 BED & IIH Warrior 21 ∙ 5'10" HW: 313 ‣ CW: 186.6 ‣ LOST: 126.4

What is this body I’m living in that has a THIGH GAP!? And it’d look larger if I didn’t have as much loose skin! Why do I value this? Not all for appearance reasons... It’s because I can comfortably walk without my thighs severely rubbing together EVERYWHERE I GO. Because now my leggings and my jeans will last longer without pilling in between. Because I no longer sweat EVERYWHERE and my skin is clearing up. Because I can cross my legs now. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. I’m just out here living my best life with two full legs now instead of ones so full of fat they’re indistinguishable from each other 😂
Doing it for me and nobody else.
Side by sides feat. Bentley are my fav 💁🏻‍♀️
A different kind of #progresspic for today - a favorite red shorts update! I remember posting about fitting into these shorts again. I was so proud of myself. It felt so good. Even though they fit in January, now I don’t have to squeeze into them to make them fit. They fit properly and comfortably now. Going day to day doesn’t seem like I make any progress but I am.
Do I look at these photos and see muscle definition in my arms? Yes • Do I also look at these photos and see the loose skin hanging from my arms and near my elbows, thighs that are still fatty, saggy ass from loose skin? Yes • It’s sweet to see all of the training paying off, but it’s hard to see it underneath the fat and skin that remains. I’m just going to keep building and working on how I feel about this new body I’m living in.
After my trip to Boston I gained about 5 pounds. Yes, it could have been much worse but I am up early today to head to the gym and I have been very mindful about the food I’ve been consuming since then. I can eat out, have fun, eat sweets, travel and experience their food, etc AND STILL REACH MY GOALS. Happy #MotivationMonday , fitfam. Continue to push yourself toward what you want to become.
Happy #MotivationMonday ! Today I am my own motivation. 💪🏻
Crushed our first 5K together 💪🏻 #KellyMannMemorial5K
You are worthy of spending time/money/energy on bettering YOURSELF.
Happy #TransformationTuesday fitfam! Goodbye 125lbs, hello new lifestyle 😍 My progress was NOT linear, but I didn’t give up because I wanted a CHANGE. You can do it if you want it bad enough. 🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️
‼️MAJOR #NSV MOMENT‼️ 🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢 The last time I rode this coaster the ride operators could barely click me into the seat past the red line. I was so embarrassed that I never returned to another amusement park until yesterday. I’ve lost 125lbs... I fit into a medium t-shirt comfortably and size 10 jeans... I SHOULD be able to fit in roller coasters... Yet, I was anxious because of the last feeling I felt when I was there. Thank God this was one of the first rides we rode because I would have been anticipating this ride the whole time. I got to purely enjoy the rest of my day (besides being SUPER nauseous which has never happened to me before!! Wls related???) All in all, it’s just another non-scale victory that I get to enjoy in this new body of mine. A new body that can walk 19K steps at Six Flags and SURVIVE! 😭 #nonscalevictory
- - - last weekend - - - Every day I am striving to work more on myself. Believe it or not, I work harder mentally than physically. I can physically do anything I want because I no longer weigh 300+ lbs. The mental part is the struggle. I feel like I know half of myself. And I’m determined to learn more about myself. I will continue to do 7x the work on the mental side. It’s way more important to me than the physical side ever was/will be.
Some Wednesday motivation for MYSELF. In order to make sure I get to the gym today, I pre-prep my clothes right when I get up. It really helps me stay on track when I have no set schedule during the week or I get to sleep in because I work in the evening. It’s just like meal prep. If I take the time to prep before, the outcome will be ideal. If I meal prep = I won’t overeat If I take out my clothes right when I wake up = I will definitely go to the gym that day. IT’S ALL MENTAL.
#TransformationTuesday No people, those aren’t abs... it’s my skin. I’VE LOST 126 POUNDS and with that comes loose skin, even worse stretch marks than before, and saggy EVERYTHING. My stomach, arms, thighs, even my neck is loose skin. Y’all only get to see a still photo. I jiggle everywhere and I jiggle with every movement. Running is painful most of the time if I’m not wearing compression leggings. Some days I’m proud, some days I’m disgusted. It’s just the way it happens. I’m trying every day to think less negative and more positive, but that is a struggle in itself. We’re all going through it together.
#SundayFunday How are you making your Sunday count? It’s the beginning of a new week, so start over TODAY. Meal prep for me due to my crazy schedule this week. Gotta stay on track with my nutrition and stay hydrated throughout the day! 🏋🏻‍♀️
May 13, 2017 ➡️ Sept 1, 2018 #FaceToFaceFriday Starting to feel less ashamed of side-by-side posts and more proud of myself. It’s so difficult to change your mindset. I did it to change my diet and lifestyle, but I find it even more difficult to change my mindset toward my self confidence. I strive every day to work through the negative feelings in order to get to the positive feelings. It will come.
SUCCESS IS NOT LINEAR. You will stumble, plateau, struggle, even fall off. The important thing is that you acknowledge the problems you have and you MAKE POSITIVE A CHANGE.
I sold this sweatshirt the other day on Poshmark. As I pulled it out of the drawer it was in, I thought “there’s no way this is too big on me!” When I put it on I was damn wrong 😂 It’s so strange to be small, to see 190 on the scale, to have muscle definition I’ve never seen on my own body before, to not fit in the sweatshirt I wore in Alaska to see glaciers. It will continue to be strange for awhile, but I’m looking forward to weeks/months/years from now feeling like I belong in this new body I inhabit now.
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