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Workouts and Food! Wifey and currently 🤰🏻Momma in Utah. Just trying to save the world one workout at a time😉.

Baby Matix has finally joined our crew! He was born last Tuesday and we have been enjoying every moment with that squishy boy. We are also settled into our new home in Idaho and have half the house torn apart to renovate it. It’s been quite a crazy few weeks, but such an amazing time too! We’ve had so much help from our family and friends to get everything accomplished and I’m so grateful for everyone!❤️❤️ I’m going to be MIA for a little while longer while I recover and focus on my family and renovating our fun house. I hope you are all doing well and thank you to so many who have checked in on me!! Have a great day friends!! 😘 Thank you @hopeargyle for the perfect pics!❤️
Mini Band Full BodyWorkout! (Swipe to see collage and individual moves) I’m at #35weekspregnant ! It’s getting so close! Guys! I finally discovered the amazingness of wireless headphones with my new pair from @sudio ! How have I lived this long without them?! My phone is huge and I hate carrying it around so being able to put it down somewhere and walk around my house and still listen to my stuff is the best! You guys can get your own pair for 15% off with code: FITNESSUNDERGROUND 🤗🤗. 👉Do 3 rounds of this workout or whatever you can do! •10-15x chair dip with knee tuck to extension and abduction(keep other leg stabilized) . •10 each side- reverse lunge with tricep extension to knee up and reverse fly . •10x- 2 squat jumps to walkout and push up with 1 leg kick back(or modify with 2 squats and push up on knees) . •10-15 each side- 1 leg bridge with opp leg lift and circle(keep the bridging knee stable without moving in or out) . . Using👉 @serioussteelfitness 12 inch Mini loop bands . . . #sudio #sudiomoments #35weeeks #fitpregnancy #prenatalworkout #prenatalfitness #minibands #resistancebands #homeworkout #homefitness #getfit #workoutvideo #fitnessvideo #fitmom
For #shoutoutsaturday I wanted to do a look back at just a few of my favorite moments at @blksaratoga . They have taught so many things about self defense and kickboxing and I am really going to miss the classes and all the fun ladies I met when I move away. Thank you @kaeliekins for everything!! If you are local then you definitely need to try out the classes! 👉for the Month of September they are doing a discounted tuition and free gloves! Go check them out! . . Have a great weekend friends!! . . . . #workoutvideo #martialarts #selfdefense #utahfitness #lehiutah #saratogaspringsutah #fitnessvideo #getfit #kickboxing #fitnessclasses #workout #utah #utahcounty #fitmom
Full Body Workout!! Hey Guys! I’m still here and yep, the belly is still here too!😆 I’m almost #33weekspregnant so the the countdown is beginning! I’ve been off Instagram and haven’t had a proper workout in almost 2 weeks because we decided to put our house up for sale and make a move to Idaho so I’ve been working like crazy to get the house ready and that has been my workout! I went into a forced nesting mode I guesss😂🤷🏻‍♀️. So I will try to keep up on here as much as I can but the next month or so is going to be a little crazy!! I’ve missed you guys and thank you for all the messages to check in on me!!😘 👉for the workout I did a countdown starting with 10 reps of everything(most things had 2 sides so it was more like 20) and then did 9 reps, then 8, 7,6, and 5. I stopped at 5 but your welcome to go all the way down to 1😬. It took me about 36 Min to finish and I used 8 lb weights. . •each side-squat to curtsy lunge with arm extension . •divebomber to push up combo(1 divebomber and 1 push up together counts as 1 rep)or modification on knees. . •each side- opp arm raise with donkey kick(make sure to flex foot and squeeze the weight between calf and hamstrings to keep in place. Also keep abs in) . • do each side- 1 leg straight legged deadlift to reverse fly(so 20 reverse flys on first round) . . . Top @rbxactive leggings @gapfit . . . #homeworkout #prenatalworkout #prenatalfitness #fitpregnancy #32weekspregnant #getfit #dumbbellworkout #workoutvideo #fitnessvideo #fullbodyworkout #hiit
Bodyweight Partner Workout! This was super fun and challenging guys. Give it a try! Just don’t kick your partner in the face if you want to stay friends😆 #30weekspregnant (this is not a prenatal focused workout. The abs have to be really engaged during the push ups and plank up downs so if you try them while pregnant make sure your abs aren’t coning down the center) Also, check out my friend @mofitness_lessproblems For more fun partner moves! She does new ones every Friday! 👉here’s how this works! While one of you completes the amount of reps for one move, the other holds the isometric move paired with it. We did 3 rounds of the workout! •10-15x lateral step over decline push-up/ with partner holding wall sit (make sure to hold the book in place on your lap) . •20x air squat to 1-leg windmill hop/ with dip hold(you can use a bench or chair for dip hold) . •15-20 plank up downs on partners knees/ with partner wall sit(keep those leg muscles contracted so legs are more stable for partner) . •16 lateral jump to half burpee(I did a modified hop over)/ with partner one leg bridge hold(switch legs halfway through) . . . Used @lebertfitness Equalizers for dips but you can use a bench or chair . . 🎶Lika Morgan- Feel the Same(Sex’s Dubai Skyline Remix) . . . . #bodyweighttraining #bodyweightworkout #partnerworkout #fitfriends #fitmom #outdoorworkout #homeworkout #homefitness #nogymnoproblem #getfit #fitnessvideo #workoutvideo #fitpregnancy #preggo #30weeks #fitfam #funfriday
Working those legs and booty for hump day! Of course I added in some upper body because why not!🤷🏻‍♀️ (Swipe for collage and individual moves. You can use dumbbells as well) #29weekspregnant ( this workout is prenatal friendly but focus on form and just do what feels good for your body) 👉Im still working out atleast 3 days a week but I’m finding it harder to get everything recorded and posted lately so thanks for still being here and all of your support guys! To be honest it’s also getting harder to show videos of myself the bigger I get, but I just hope that it gives you guys some motivation to keep on moving!😆You got this! Some of these moves were inspired by my friends @steph.derby_fitness @melgignatfit and @fitwithgina_ct . Go check all of them out! They all have really great workouts! *3 Rounds! •10 each side- lunge with row and scissor jump(you can leave out jump to modify) . •15x 3 sumo pulses to upright row . •12-15 tricep extension to forward swing . •15-20 each side- overhead same side walking lunges . •15-20 halos with knee lift(start out with lighter weight to get the form. This is great for stabilizer muscles in shoulders but you don’t want to injure them) . •15-20 straight leg dead lift to clean and squat . . . Leggings @fabletics . . . . #kettlebellworkout #dumbellworkout #legday #legworkout #humpday #workoutwednesday #fullbodyworkout #prenatalworkout #prenatalfitness #thirdtrimester #fitpregnancy #getfit #fitmom #homeworkout #workoutvideo #fitnessvideo #preggo
Me and my little stinkers had a blast trying this water #getup challenge from @sport.ler 😆. Try it if you dare! You can get real daring and use your favorite drink like @fitditts 😂. Have a great weekend guys and remember that fitness should be fun!! . . . . Outfit @rbxactive . . #28weekspregnant #challenge #fridayfails #failfriday #fails #waterchallenge #turkishgetup #fitnessvideo #havefun #fitpregnancy #thirdtrimester #fitnesschallenge #rbxactive #everydayactive
To 60 Reps and Back Workout!! (Swipe for collage and individual moves!) #28weekspregnant 👉I got a new outfit from @rbxactive that actually fits me so I don’t feel like I’m wearing children’s clothes😆 I was surprised at how well the leggings stayed up and held there own during all these moves!😁 Go check out their website! They have a lot of cute outfits and really great prices! *For the workout: do the reps listed for each move and then after you do the 60 wall sit leg extensions you go back down through the reps! So the wall sits only once but everything else 2 times! You can always do everything just once as well! Just do what works for you! 🔥this took me about 40 Min but my non preggo friends did it in almost half the time. Give it a try!! •10 inchworms with lateral step out and push up(modify with push up on knees and no stepout) . •20 each side- lunge with back foot tap . •30x knee plank tricep extension with arm swing around . •40 each side- squat with leg lift(do all on one side before switching. Stay low in the squat) . •50x Beast shoulder tap with opp leg extension(keep those abs in!) . •60x wall sit with alternating leg extensions . •now go back down through from beasts to inchworms! Have fun!!😅 . . Outfit @rbxactive #rbxactive #everydayactive #rbx . . . 🎶DJ Quads . . . #Bodyweight #bodyweightworkout #bodyweighttraining #homeworkout #homefitness #nogymnoproblem #getfit #28weeks #thirdtrimester #prenatalworkout #prenatalfitness #fitpregnancy #preggoworkout #preggo #workoutvideo #fitnessvideo #fitmom #fullbodyworkout
#funfactfriday pregnancy edition coming at ya! First of all, I made a mess up on my board. It’s supposed to say #28weekspregnant which is the beginning of the Third trimester! Oops! Ok so the good, the bad and the ugly...😂 The Good: •Like it says, I’m now in the third trimester baby!! 13 weeks to go and technically 12 because I’m getting induced a week early😬. No Halloween baby for me👹 •The baby is moving around like crazy in there and it’s not really kicking so much as it is flailing his whole body around😂. (I think the Idea for the Alien movies were developed by a pregnant mom😉) •I like chicken again which is nice! Still not a fan of salads though🤷🏻‍♀️ •The boys are very curious about the baby and Nixon seems excited about it on some days...he’s is worried about sharing his toys though😆. Xander just thinks the baby will lay in his crib all day🤦🏻‍♀️ The Bad: •I’m super tired and hot but That’s normal so I shouldn’t really complain( I still do though of course😁) •I’m still waiting for the nesting instinct to hit so I have that extra motivation to clean my whole house and complete a million projects at the same time😆(If you’ve never experienced the nesting phase, it really is a crazy phenomenon) The Ugly: •I’ve given up on the pregnancy acne being a first trimester thing... it’s made permanent residence on my face and formed a village😒 •I’ve got some new varicose veins that fortunately don’t really hurt but they are ugly •the weight is coming on faster this pregnancy than any other even though I was in better shape before this one than the others. . . Overall, I feel very blessed that I have a healthy baby and no complications but I like to share a little bit of the random things that go on during pregnancy that aren’t always in the books you read😆. It’s a crazy and exciting time with so many changes you’d never expect! . . K sorry for the long read!! Have a great weekend friends!!❤️❤️ . . . . #28weeks #thirdtrimester #fitpregnancy #fitmom #boymom #preggo #bumpupdate #babybump #preggolife #momlife #fitness #maternityphoto #prenatalfitness
Bars, Balls and Bells Workout!! (Swipe for collage and individual moves) #27weekspregnant I pulled out a mix of equipment for this one! You can use dumbbells or kbs to replace the bar in the sumo deadlift. Thanks for the tricep extension move @dougintolife 👉Remember that pregnant or not, everyone is different and you don’t need to be doing the same amount of weight or reps as anyone else. Listen to your body and do what you can! *3 rounds of: • 15-20 sumo deadlift(I used 56 lbs and did more reps so I wasn’t lifting too much) . •10-15x medicine ball slam with knee up downs . •10 each side- 1 leg squat to row . •10x Ball tap squat to 180 jump to ball toss combo . •15-20x lying wide angle tricep extension with 1-leg bridge on ball . •10-15 medicine ball uneven push ups . . . #fullbodyworkout #homeworkout #gym #functionaltraining #workoutvideo #fitnessvideo #27weeks #fitpregnancy #getfit #preggo #fitmom #strengthtraining #cardio #medicineball #dumbells #gymworkout
600 Rep Bodyweight Challenge! (Swipe for collage and each individual move!) #27weekspregnant 👉this one is a pregnant friendly workout but my friends that aren’t pregnant did it with me and let’s just say it wasn’t a walk in the park for them either!😅 *Do 100 reps of each move! You can break them up however you need to! Pace yourself or even do half if you need too! ended up doing 50 in a row except putting 10 of the pike push ups in between each move to break those up more. 🔥My time was almost 45 minutes but my friends finished quicker. . •100 air squat with rotating calf raise •50 each side- 1-leg crab bridge with leg extension •50 each side- reverse lunge to push off •100 pike push up to bear squat(thanks for reminding me of this one @katiecrewe ) •50 each side- 1-leg superman squat •50 each side- kneeling rainbow leg raise . . Top @Nike leggings @fabletics . 🎶DJ Quads . . . . #bodyweightworkout #bodyweighttraining #homeworkout #homefitness #nogymnoproblem #cardio #hiit #workoutvideo #preggo #prenatalworkout #prenatalfitness #fitnessvideo #3rdtrimester #27weeks #preggoworkout #fitmom #fitpregnancy
Just for some fun, here is a #flashbackfriday to last year when @katiecrewe did a gym dance giveaway and I attempted a pull-up dance😆. This is definitely something I want to work on so I can do actual #airwalking the way it’s supposed to look. Have a great weekend guys and remember fitness should be fun!!🤗🤗 . .Anyone else want to give pull up dancing a try?? . . 🎶Now that we found love- Heavy D. And the Boyz . #airwalk #airwalkpullups #dancingpullups #pullups #bodyweighttraining #havefun #getfit #fitmom #strongmom #dance #calisthenics #justdance
Good morning Guys! Is #thirstythursday a thing? It’s so important to stay hydrated and since I’m pregnant I’m supposed to drink even more than normal and it’s been a struggle.😬I honestly love water but I just forget to drink enough. These @truelemon drink mix-ins are a life changer guys! They are all natural and taste so delish! I’ve tried lots of different combos and I’m loving them all! If your looking for a way to flavor up your water then you need to try them pronto! I’ve got a special 50% off coupon code for the online store: TRUESUMMER1850 🤗🤗. I share some of my favorite combos in my stories today as well! . . . . #truelemon #water #hydrate #summer #drinks #drink #drinkyourwater #preggo #26weekspregnant #fitpregnancy
Workout Wednesday Drills! (Swipe for each move!) #26weekspregnant (not a prenatal focused workout) Here is a quick circuit you can use as a warm up, finisher or a quick Hiit if your short on time! Just find a line or draw one with chalk! The first one is from my darling friend @fitsterville but she does it a lot faster. My running is not what it used to be😆 •over the line lateral quick feet(did each direction the length of line) •over the line diagonal beast crawls(both directions the length of line) •ladder sprints(more like a jog for me😂) •walking lunges(I did 1 time across the the court and back so probably about 50 reps) . . . Have a good day guys and help others have a great day too!!👍😁 . . . . #26weeks #cardio #bodyweighttraining #hiit #bodyweightexercises #bodyweightworkout #warmup #finisher #sports #drills #fitpregnancy #fitmom #yougotthis #getfit #workoutvideo #fitnessvideo #outdoorworkout #workoutwednesday
Partner Rope Workout! #26weekspregnant (this is not a prenatal focused workout) 👉you can do these moves without a partner by tying the rope to a post of something sturdy! It’s definitely more fun with a friend though!😁 *we did 3 rounds of these! •Bodyweight rope pull •50 sec. 5 lateral shuffles forward and back with 1 are waves, then 180 jump and switch •15 1-arm burpees with 3 waves •50 boat pose alternating side slams(feet on floor to modify) . . . . #battlerope #battleropeexercises #battleropes #rope #ropeworkout #partnerworkout #womenshealth #fitpregnancy #fitmom #26weeks #preggo #fitnessvideo #workoutvideo #cardio #upperbodyworkout #getfit #havefun
Bodyweight Hiit!! (Swipe for collage and individual moves with modifications) #25weekspregnant 👉These are the moves from my @fabletics last Saturday! Although you can do it while pregnant if your used to these type of moves, it is not a prenatal focused workout. *I did this as a descending time ladder workout so do each move for 50 sec/ and 10 sec rest(rest more if needed). rest one minute after round is complete and then do each move 40 sec/ 10 sec rest. Then do each 30 sec work/ sec rest and the 20 sec/ 10 sec rest. I hope that makes sense! •3 squat pulses to 3 sumo squat pulses . •negative tricep push up to knee hover push back(modify by putting knees on floor instead of hovering) . •reverse lunge to star jump(or modify with a jack) . •3 crab kicks to 3 v bicycle abs(to modify, keep hands on floor behind you for support during bicycle) . •2 reach back toe touches to tuck jump(or stand up to squat jump) . •plank with 2 elbow to knees then down dog with opp toe touch . . . top @gapfit Leggings @fabletics . . 🎶DJ Quads(You Tube channel) . . Have a great Day guys!!! . . . #bodyweightworkout #bodyweighttraining #bodyweightexercises #homeworkout #homefitness #homeexercises #fitpregnancy #6monthspregnant #preggo #25weeks #getfit #fitmom #hiit #cardioworkout #fitnessvideo #workoutvideo @home.exercises
Water sports Workout! (Swipe for collage and individual moves) #25weekspregnant (this is not a prenatal focused workout) This was a really fun workout I did last week that’s inspired by wake boarding and surfing. #1 - Bosu squat hold with band rows-(20 reps) actually feels a lot like real wake boarding because of the instability and the pull of the band #2 -Band Assisted get ups-(20 reps) is a lot like what it feels like when the boat first pulls you out of the water and you have to use leverage and core strength to get up! #3 - resisted 180 jumps-(30 reps) this is good practice for when your ready to start getting tricky on that board #4 - Surf board pop ups with 3 calf raises- this one simulates gettin Ip on the surfboard and doing some carving action from heel to toe! . 👉Even if you won’t be getting close to any water sports this year like me😔. This is a fun and effective workout for the whole body so give it a try!! *side note- it’s hard to tell but I’m not going all the way on my belly in the surfer move. Only touching my hips down. If pregnant than you will want to touch only hips down as well. If not then go all the way to chest! . Bands @srfitbands . Outfit @fabletics . . 🎶surfin USA- Remix . . . #resistancebands #bosu #homeworkout #sports #wakeboarding #surfing #summerworkout #outdoorworkout #homefitness #preggo #fitpregnancy #getfit #cardio #plyometrics #fitmom #bandworkout #workoutvideo #fitnessvideo
Hey Guys! I’ve got one more free outdoor workout of the summer coming up this Saturday at 9 am! It will be held in the outside area of the City Creek Mall by the fountain! @fabletics is hosting the class so afterwards you’ll get a special discount for shopping there afterwards! It will be a Bodyweight Hiit Workout so all you need is a mat and some water! Come have fun and sweat it out with my pregnant self 😆! . . #showyourstrength #fabletics #citycreekcenter #saltlakecity #utahfitfam #utahfitness #freeworkout #saltlake #slc #utahisrad #utah #utahblogger #getfit #workout
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