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you are pretty.💅🏽 backup accounts: @flawlessputas.xo & @sugabaddiee dm for cheap promo's

Im tired of wasting my time. If you not gunna be obsessed with me, give my number to your friend
Comment ur crush initials
when you want bae's attention @flawlessputas.xo @sugabaddiee
tag a friend you've known for 5+ years
why does the the human brain ignore the second "the"
when you spend the night with your girls @flawlessputas.xo @sugabaddiee
you dreamed about a man you never saw before and he kills you. 5 days later you see that same man.. what would you do?
Would you go into a room & interrupt 2 people having sex if your charger was in there & your phone was on 2%?
Tag your bestfriend 👭❤️@sugabaddiee @flawlessputas.xo
What was the first thing you'd do when your parents left you home alone
If a close friend murdered someone (for a good reason) would you turn them in?
are you single or taken?🍒 @flawlessputas.xo @sugabaddiee
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