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[October Empties] I’m almost done sorting the giveaway entries! Only thing left to do is to count the reposts! I’m hoping to have that done tonight! Sorry for the delay, guys! I was hoping I’d be better this time, but life got in the way. In the meantime, I’m going to post my empties from October. Clearly I’m not great in posting my empties on time and always somehow post them in the middle of the following month. 😛 Repurchase? . . 💮= No; 🌺 = Maybe; 🌹 = Yes!!! . . 🌹CNP Invisible Peeling Booster: It’s sticky, but I use this at night so it’s no bother to me. My skin is smoother with this. I used this every night since it’s so gentle. It’s pricier than other PHA, but this lasts! It takes me 6 months to finish a bottle. 🌹Nacfic Real Floral Toner: Read my full review for this! 😊 🌹 Blithe Vital Treatment 9 Essential Seeds: This was given to me by @superskinbaby ! Thank you, Christine! ❤️ This is a pricier brand, but it lasts! Serums only usually lasts me 2-3 months, but this took me 6 months to finish. That being said, the brightening effect is not as great as other products, but this doesn’t have niacinamide and I can use it with my Vitamin C!!! . 🌹 Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation: I loved this. The tone was perfect for me. Lasts for 6-8 hours before I start to look oily. I wanted to get a full size of this during the Sephora sale, but I’m determined to finish my cushions first. 💮CALMIA Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Tissue: Works as well as other cleansing tissues. Nothing special. But hey, it was cheap 💮 The Saem Air Puffs: Not as good as the Laneige one, but decent enough. Easy to clean. Inexpensive. Lasts for a long time. 🌹 Samples: Including Youth to the People Kale + Spinach Cream which promoted me to grab the full size during the Sephora sale. I fell in love with Mediblock from the samples they gave us from last year’s Beautybreakdown meet and greet. I’m not able to find the brand online though 😩 🌹 Masks: Only 7 masks this month. I got lazy! #abbeatthealgorithm #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #igskincare #365inskincare #abcommunity #skincareblogger #rasianbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #beautycommunity #amabiebeauty
[Haul] Before my Sephora package arrives, I figured I should post my L’Oreal Warehouse Haul. I focused more on hair and body products this time around! . . 🌸 Kiehl’s Creme De Corps - Lavender, Grapefruit, and Soy Milk & Honey 🌸 Kiehl’s Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Mask 🌸Redken Curvaceous Shampoo and Conditioner + One United Multi-Benefit Treatment 🌸 La Roche-Posay Cicaplast: Tried a sample of this and loved this! 🌸 Shi Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo and Conditioner: I was seriously debating on getting these from their site so I was so glad that I saw the shampoo and conditioner for way less even with the coupon code from Shu Uemura! 🌸 Garnish Fructis Strength Activator 🌸 L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Mask Did any of you end up going to the recent one? Picked up anything good? I went on the last weekend of the sale! #abbeatthealgorithm #igskincare #365inskincare #abcommunity #skincareblogger #rasianbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #beautycommunity #torontobeauty #beautyproducts #beautyblogger #skincareblogger #beautyaddict #beautyjunkie #instaskincare #beautygram #skincarediary
[September Empties] I reckon I should post this empties post before October ends. It’s less than 2 weeks ‘til November! Which scares me because that means it’s going to get colder and the air will become drier 😩 Time to bring out the moisture serums and reintroduce those serums and oils into my routine again. Repurchase? 💮= No; 🌺 = Maybe; 🌹 = Yes!!! 💮 . . 💮 Nuxe Comforting Cleansing Milk: I used the toner first and was actually excited to use this. But this is one of the worst cleansers I’ve used. I wouldn’t use this even wearing light makeup. I had to cleanse 3-4 times with this cleanser to get rid of makeup. 🌹 Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum (given to me by @vichycanada ): A hydrating serum that is lightweight. Didn’t feel heavy at all and I loved the way it felt. 🌹 The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer: HG concealer. Already repurchased. 🌹 Etude House Tint My Brows Gel: Makes my brows darker. Lasts for 3 days. Already repurchased. 🌹 Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack - Honey Canola: There’s 3-4 uses in a pack. Moisturizing and smelt amazing. Not expensive. . 💮 IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel: Same effect as coconut oil at a higher price. I didn’t find anything special with this gel. 💮 Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip: Yes, this is the strip that Jolse gives out. I did not like this strip. My sebum does not come off as easily as other strips and this one had remnants remain on my face. It was so messy. #abbeatthealgorithm #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #igskincare #365inskincare #abcommunity #skincareblogger #rasianbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #beautycommunity #torontobeauty #beautyproducts #beautyblogger #skincareblogger #beautyaddict #beautyjunkie #instaskincare #beautygram #skincarediary
[Nacific] I’ve noticed that I haven’t done a product review is so long that wasn’t gifted by a company. But this was gifted by @superskinbaby as a birthday/Christmas gift. Haha! 😆 Thank you to my dear friend, Christine, for the Real Floral Toner - Calendula. I really enjoyed this toner. Unfortunately I used it up last night and have switched to a different toner. Now let’s get to talking about the toner! First of all, how gorgeous is this packaging? I loved the REAL power petals floating around in the toner. It floats around gently and gives emphasis that this toner contains 91% of Calendula Officinalis Flower Water. The bottle has a tiny opening which is perfect because when the opening is too big, I tend to over pour and it gets everywhere 😩 This toner has a consistency water so thank goodness for the small opening. Despite it feeling like water, this toner was very hydrating. It doesn’t feel like I applied a layer on my face since my skin drinks it up like me and bubble tea. Since it feels like nothing, it’s NOT sticky and feels so matte! But I know I have it on since my skin feels less dry and isn’t crying for hydration. It’s also a soothing toner that I look forward to using when my skin is angry and irritated. The redness may be calmed down in part due to the fact that the toner contains tea tree extract 😱 Another ingredient that is fantastic for my oily and acne prone skin. . . 🌸 Rating: 10/10. I would purchase this myself to use again some time in the future! It’s not overly expensive and is sold by a good number of online retailers ❤️ . . #abbeatthealgorithm #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #igskincare #365inskincare #abcommunity #skincareblogger #rasianbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #beautycommunity #torontobeauty #beautyproducts #beautyblogger #skincareblogger #beautyaddict #beautyjunkie #instaskincare #beautygram #skincarediary
[Giveaway] CLOSED!!!! WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON!!!! Sooooooo I’ve been saying I will set up this mini giveaway since August. I’m incredibly lazy and just finally picked out the samples and compiled this together this weekend. I was watching an ABBA special and noticed that I should do something while I watch. I have 2 small boxes filled with samples I’ve incurred from past purchases. All the retailers have been extremely generous and sometimes provides 10+ samples in the order 😱 I either no motivation to use the samples or I already own the full size product (like the Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Serum) so I’ve gathered a portion of my collection to share with you guys! I’ve also included deluxe samples, a few masks (I may add a few more), and a couple of Cosrx Pimple Patches. Rules: 🌸 Follow me and like this post 🌸 Tag 3 friends (Please note that this is only counted once. Any more tags won’t be counted) 🌸 Tell me which country you’re from! 🌸 For an extra 2 entries, repost this in your feed. Tag me and use #miniflotatoskin 🌸 For an extra entry, repost this in your stories and be sure to tag me! Disclaimers: This is an international giveaway as long as Canada Post ships to you. No unfollowing just because you didn’t win. You will be blacklisted from future giveaways. This is not affiliated with Instagram or any other entities. I am not responsible for any customs, duties, and any other related fees incurred. No giveaway accounts. I will ignore accounts that are only used for giveaways. Deadline: November 9 at 11:59 EST. I promise to keep track of the giveaway this time and won’t take 3 weeks+ to choose a winner! #abcommunity #rasianbeauty #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #koreanskincare #skincare #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincareobsessed #beautycommunity #beautyaddict #sheetmasks #miniflotatoskin
[Dewytree] This review has been sitting in my draft for a week before I’m finally posting this now. I’m behind on reviews and it’s hard finding the motivation to write the reviews and post lately 😔 Trying to find that spark again. Hopefully this review will help me get into the groove! This is the Dewytree 3 Step Vita Capsule Mask that’s been sitting in my stash for months! Finally remembered to use it. . . 🌼 Claims: Helps absorb impurities, whitens skin, and smoothes wrinkles. . . 🌸 Step 1: Vita Peeling Foam - Formulated with five essential vitamins to remove pore waste. It came out quite thick like a cream. I find that it doesn’t foam that well, but it does a decent job in cleansing my face. The biggest plus for me is that this is the first 3 step mask cleanser didn’t felt stripping. Omg. It was somewhat moisturizing too. . . 🌸 Step 2: Activator Ampoule - Provides natural protection and moisture with hyaluronic acid and propolis. There was plenty in the package and I was thinking that there would be some leftover to use the next day. It was a thick gel, but dang, my skin absorbed it like no other. It was sturdy so I was able able to layer it all on my face. It was all absorbed within 10 minutes! . . 🌸 Step 3: Vita Capsule Black Mask - A charcoal cotton mask with vitamin capsules and pearl extract. The mask fit me pretty well and was very comfortable when I had it on. It’s a mask of medium thickness though I prefer them thinner. The mask had a lemony scent which didn’t bother me. I admit it, I fell asleep with the mask on but I luckily woke up after 40 minutes. Excuse the after pic, I just woke up and was groggy hahaha. My skin did seem a little bit brighter. My scars seem a little fainter. My skin felt hydrated and more plump. . . 🌸 Score: 3.5/5 🌸Repurchase: No. I liked how hydrating this mask was, but I didn’t find it very brightening like it advertised. . #abbeatthealgorithm #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #igskincare #365inskincare #abcommunity #skincareblogger #rasianbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #beautycommunity #torontobeauty #beautyblogger #sheetmask #beautyaddict #beautyjunkie #instaskincare #skincare
[Benton] Another new item from @bentoncosmetic ! It seems like every month, they release a new product! I love how they look for reviewers in the community to try out their products before they officially launch! Your reviews always keep me informed and help me decide if a product is right for my skin. So thank you for the thorough reviews, skincare community! . This product has actually been on the market for years. It’s their Benton Honest TT Mist! In a bigger and better bottle thanks to the renewal. It’s much easier to carry plus it’s a hygienic vacuum container!!! 😱 I have wanted to try the mist, but remembered you guys complain about the packaging. Now I get to try it (same formula) without dealing with a troublesome container! I have been using this at work when my skin feels dry throughout the day. . First of all, it contains tea tree as mentioned in the name. It’s perfect for my skin. It soothes my irritated skin and has antibacterial properties. Be gone, pimples! It also contains Sodium Hyaluronate to helps absorb moisture and keeping the skin plump. . And the results!!!!! What you’ve guys waited for through all my ramblings!!!! I wish the mist was finer. I find the products come out... bigger? The mist does spray out evenly and doesn’t ruin my makeup, but I wish it was a finer mist. Definitely so soothing! My redness has gone down, plus it hydrates my skin! The results were noticeable and I could feel my face drink up the mist through all the layers on top of my face. I can see why you guys love this mist! It doesn’t smell like tea tree which was a bit disappointing to me, but I know not everyone loves it. There’s no fragrance which is great for those with sensitive skin. . #abbeatthealgorithm #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #benton #bentoncosmetic #BentonHonestTTMist #BentonTeaTreeMist #TeaTreeMist #mist #naturalcosmetics #hyaluronicacid #teatree #renewal #kbeauty
[Empties] I forgot to post my empties from August until a few days ago! I was only able to post it today since I was able to go home early due to the strong winds. The power was out in my work area. Thanks, wind! Not a lot of product empties from this month. I would forgo the essences and serums at night since I was already masking every night. . . 💮= No; 🌺 = Maybe; 🌹 = Yes!!! . . 🌺 A month’s worth of masks: I’ve reviewed every single one of these masks and you can check out what I thought about them on my page! 🌹 Earth’s Recipe Stemwater Cleanser: It cleansed my face really well and my skin actually felt moisturized after each use! I really gentle and smells great! A gel texture that came out of the bottle quickly and smoothly. Lathered really well. 💮 Deciem The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil: With all the negative controversy of this brand, I won’t be repurchasing then for some time. Also I didn’t use this oil as often and it went bad. That’s my fault. It was opened for 8 months before it went bad. Which is pretty good. But I would like to point out that my Jojoba oil that I bought from a health food store before I purchased this oil is still okay. Plus it is in a clear plastic bottle. 🤭 . 💮 Lush Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly: I love love shower jellies. They’re less messy than shower gels and a little goes a long way. But I realize this one contains glitter which I find unnecessary and it’s going down a drain... I’ll still purchase the other shower jellies, just not this one. 🌺 Earth’s Recipe Moisture Light Cream: I love how light this cream was. It felt like a gel and made my skin much brighter! I hate the packaging though. I had trouble squeezing the cream out when there was so much left inside. When I cut the tube, I noticed that there was so much more inside! But now my cream was exposed! Ahhh! . #abbeatthealgorithm #koreanskincare #igskincare #365inskincare #abcommunity #skincareblogger #rasianbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #beautycommunity #torontobeautyblogger #beautyblogger #skincareblogger #beautyaddict #beautyjunkie #instaskincare #beautygram #skincarediary #amabiebeauty
[Reese] Thank you @influensterca for giving us some yummy Reese treats along with a cute USB in the shape of a peanut butter cup and Bluetooth speakers! The mini peanut butter cups were perfect for outings! Note to self: Don’t bring chocolate out when days are hot. The chocolate were sorta kinda melted 😓 but still delicious! . I’m honoured to be part of #reesesociety with my honourary #ressesociety doggie. . Received for free for reviewing purposes. #complimentary @reesecanada @influensterca
[Naruko] I lied when I posted the routine picture. I didn’t end up using the mask til recently. Ahhh! I’ve been so lazy in masking and reviewing lately. So here is my brief review of the Naruko Narcissus Repairing Mask. I got this as a freebie when I went to their warehouse sale last year. Or maybe it was two years ago. I forgot. . . 🌼 Claims: The mask specifically designed for prematurely aging skin. coordinating with high effective protective and hydrated formula, it cherished damage and weak skin, and radiate refined and healthy shine. . . 🌸 Scent: Indiscernible. It smells floral-ish? Not overly strong, but not subtle either. It’s a typical mask scent that is not noteworthy. 🌸 Essence: The mask was soaked in essence, but there weren’t particularly a lot left in the pouch. 🌸 Material: A cotton mask that has a light-medium thickness to it. Doesn’t seem as thin as the other Naruko masks I’ve tried or I’ve just gotten pickier. Hahaha. 🌸 Fit: Not as great this time. Maybe I was tired and didn’t want to waste any time, but I had a harder time fitting it around my face. But, it was still a pretty good fit. 🌸 Results: My skin does seem brighter after the mad plus some of the scars look faded. My face also did feel firmer. Though the mask was not as hydrating as it claimed. I still felt the need to use my hydrating serum afterwards. What a bummer. The mask had a matte finish at least! It didn’t feel heavy or gross afterwards 🌸 Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️/5. This was my least favourite Naruko mask that I’ve tried. I won’t get more of this mask. . #abbeatthealgorithm #taiwanesebeauty #taiwaneseskincare #igskincare #365inskincare #abcommunity #skincareblogger #rasianbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #beautycommunity #torontobeauty #beautyproducts #beautyblogger #skincareblogger #beautyaddict #beautyjunkie #instaskincare #beautygram #skincarediary
[Routine] I haven’t posted a routine in so long. Here’s tonight’s night time skincare routine. I realized I forgot to include my eye cream in the pic. . . 🌸 Nuxe Comforting Cleansing Milk 🌸 Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser 🌸 Nacific Real Floral Toner Calendula 🌸 CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster 🌸 Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment - Line Friends version 🌸 Blithe Vital Treatment 9 Essential Seeds 🌸 Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum* 🌸 Naruko Narcissus Repairing Mask . 🌸 Tia’m My Signature Parthenon Moist Cream* . . . *Given to me for reviewing purposes . #abbeatthealgorithm #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #igskincare #365inskincare #abcommunity #skincareblogger #rasianbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #beautycommunity #torontobeauty #beautyproducts #beautyblogger #skincareblogger #beautyaddict #beautyjunkie #instaskincare #beautygram #skincarediary #skincareroutine
[Haul] My @sephoracanada haul from the Beauty Insider Appreciation event. I fell in love with Amore Pacific at Nordstrom when the rep did a mini facial for my hand. Unfortunately I am too poor for most of the products she used on me and only got two products hahaha. One of which is the enzyme peel that made my skin so smooth. I also picked up some items I’ve been eying. But not all the products on my wish list! I made a budget for myself and didn’t go over it! With 15% off, I mostly saved on tax plus only a bit more! 😛 . . 🍁 @amorepacific.official Treatment Enzyme Peel 🍁 AMOREPACIFIC Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System . 🍁 @originscanada Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask to Rescue Problem Skin: I’ve seen this raved about and I’m excited to try this tonight! 🍁 @tartecosmetics Tartiest Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint - Exposed: I got a sample of this and loved the formula and shade on me. 🍁 @bitebeauty Agave Lip Mask - Maple: I have dry lips and I love products that can moisturize my lips while I sleep! 🍁 @maisonmargielafragrances Replica Memory Box: I love samples of perfumes to try before I commit to a full size product. Especially when a full size is $150+ 🍁 @commodity Style Guide Fragrance Discovery Kit: Redeemed this with my points! I’m so glad I was able to grab one before they sold out! . #abbeatthealgorithm #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #igskincare #365inskincare #abcommunity #skincareblogger #rasianbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #beautycommunity #torontobeauty #beautyproducts #beautyblogger #skincareblogger #beautyaddict #beautyjunkie #instaskincare #beautygram #skincarediary
[Wowyoubeauty] Now that the Anti-Hoard Challenge is over, I am back to my infrequent posting. I’ve missed a few hauls while the challenge was going on so hopefully they’ll be up soon. I got a few items from @wowyoubeauty. A new indie beauty brand based in the UK! Aside from their pretty packaging, they offer cruelty-free beauty that has fantastic ingredients at a fair price! I love that their site shows the prices in the user’s currency! It made making decisions easier when the prices are in CAD. . . First Impressions: . . 🍁 Z’est La Vie: Smells amazing. Easy to apply. Gentle as heck. No redness and no harshness. My skin is so darn smooth afterwards! 🍁 Super Serum: Haven’t tried it yet! 🍁 Ready to Glow Moisturizer: No added fragrance. Smells like nature. Mmmm. Comes out thick, but spreadable and absorbed by my skin like a dream. Not heavy and feels thin once applied. Hydrating and has antioxidants! I’ll give my full review at the end of this month! . #wowyouwin #abbeatthealgorithm #indiebeauty #cleanbeauty #igskincare #365inskincare #abcommunity #skincareblogger #rasianbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #beautycommunity #torontobeauty #beautyproducts #beautyblogger #skincareblogger #beautyaddict #beautyjunkie #instaskincare #beautygram #skincarediary
[#AntiHoardMaskChallenge ] Day Thirty First of the challenge hosted by @the_hazel_dragon is Carnival! The final day! It has been fun, but too many masks. I’m 90% sure my skin hated it. There were too many variations and my skin craves stability. Would I do another challenge likely this? Not for a long time. My skin needs to rest. I don’t know how some of you are able to do daily masking. I chose the @mediheal_official Carnival Sheet Mask Dress Code Brightening. This is not the first time I’ve tried this mask! My third time using this. I bought from Myeongdong at Pacific Mall then I received two more of the same mask from other people. What are the chances! I was so tired using this mask. I went to the Ed Sheeran concert at Rogers Centre, but I was determined to finish the challenge on time! I simplified my routine and just used my Nacific Real Floral Toner, CNP Invisible Peeling Booster, this mask, and Vichy Aqualia Thermal Cream. . . 🌼 Claims: Contains high quality berry oils and extracts that brightens and revitalizes skin. Effectively aids in treating exhausted and stressed skin. Hydrates and moisturizes skin with hyaluronic acid. . A floral scent that is medium strength. The mask is about medium thickness too. I prefer it thinner. I love the design of the mask. It’s pretty and I love how they keep the design on just the eye area without doing a whole face which I think would be too much. The fit is pretty good. Not too wide and the size of the holes allow for movement and the most important thing is that no essence would drip right into my eyes due to the size. . . ... continued in comments... . . #abbeatthealgorithm #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #igskincare #365inskincare #abcommunity #skincareblogger #rasianbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #beautycommunity #torontobeauty #beautyproducts #beautyblogger #skincareblogger #beautyaddict #beautyjunkie #instaskincare #beautygram #skincarediary #amabiebeauty
[#AntiHoardMaskChallenge ] Day Thirty of the challenge hosted by @the_hazel_dragon is Elusive! I chose @lherboflore Sweety Cocoa Moisturizing Mask. This mask isn’t difficult to find really, but not a lot of shops offer it. I find that Taiwanese masks are harder to get online than Korean ones. I dunno. This is one of the themes I had trouble with okay! I bought mine from @beautiusofficial during their Christmas sale and it was only $0.99 USD! 😱 Such a good deal when usually these masks aren’t cheap. . . 🌼 Claims: Rich with cocoa extract that moisturizes and tightens the skin that gives skin a rejuvenating lift. Sugar cane extract nourishes and softens dry skin to improve softness. . I get so happy when my mask smells like what their main ingredient! I was disappointed that the Benton Cacao cream smelt only faintly like chocolate. But this mask had a strong chocolate scent! It wasn’t too strong, kinda like hot chocolate. Yum. This mask was wet with essence that was thin. But not too thin! Because the essence didn’t drip down my neck! 😃 This mask was bigger than my usual Taiwanese masks 😞 But the fit wasn’t too bad. It was a bit big but their mouth hole was bigger than other masks! I could speak and eat a banana! It adhered to my face pretty well too. . Oh dang this mask was definitely moisturizing. And you know what the best thing is, it was a matte finish!!!! Usually for moisturizing mask, there’s this sticky finish. But this mask dried down without any stickiness. There was also a firmness to my skin that wasn’t there before with a touch of softness. I would repurchase this again! I am in love the moisturizing effect with matte finish! . #abbeatthealgorithm #taiwanesebeauty #taiwaneseskincare #igskincare #365inskincare #abcommunity #skincareblogger #rasianbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #beautycommunity #torontobeauty #beautyproducts #beautyblogger #skincareblogger #beautyaddict #beautyjunkie #instaskincare #beautygram #skincarediary #amabiebeauty
[#AntiHoardMaskChallenge ] Day Twenty Nine of the challenge hosted by @the_hazel_dragon is Hello Halo! I chose @anticanus Edelweiss Whitening Dream Mask given to me by @ineo.shell during Christmas! Thank you, Sharm! Halos are shiny and I chose a brightening mask to make my face shine! Plus the packaging reminds me of a halo with the gold and white. So pretty! . . 🌼 Claims: A cellulose mask contains Edelweiss extract which is one of the best anti-aging ingredients. The mask also leaves the skin brightened, soothed, calmed, moisturized, and radiant. . There’s a strong scent of citrus that came from this mask. It reminds me of Lysol. What’s with masks smelling like cleaning products? There was a bunch of essence as the mask was dripping and I got essence everywhere while trying to unfold the mask. The mask was soooo thin. You can see how clear it looks on my face. It’s really comfortable and stuck to my face like glue. I did not like the flaps around the eyes though. I had essence dripping down into the eye area. Laying down on my back solves that problem and at least the essence didn’t burn my eyes! . For me, it very satisfying when the mask I used does what it promises in its main objective. My skin did look brighter and alive. It’s a soothing mask that calmed down my irritations. My face felt firmer too with my lines looking a little bit less obvious. My skin did feel moisturized as well. One of the cons of this mask was that it did get too much for me when I had it on. For me, sometimes when a mask is too wet, I can’t have it on for too long. It feels like I’m drowning in essence. Hahaha! I know, when you have a mask on, you don’t want it to dry! Another con is that there’s a sticky finish! Noooo! Anyway, I would totally use this mask again! It’s a great mask, but unfortunately it’s hard to find a store that sells it. . #abbeatthealgorithm #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #igskincare #365inskincare #abcommunity #skincareblogger #rasianbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #beautycommunity #torontobeauty #beautyproducts #beautyblogger #skincareblogger #beautyaddict #beautyjunkie #instaskincare #beautygram #skincarediary #amabiebeauty
[#AntiHoardMaskChallenge ] Day Twenty Eight of the challenge hosted by @the_hazel_dragon is Free For All! I chose @tonymoly.us_official The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Mask Sheet. As many of you know, Jolse provides this as a freebie sometimes when you order from them! I’ve gotten this mask from them twice from separate orders! I love the idea of a free sheet mask and not samples! I have to too many samples! . . 🌼 Claims: Thy hydrating skin care contains the moisture of fermented green tea cultivated by sunlight, wind, and nature throughout four seasons . It smelt like wet naps. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my skincare products to smell like wet wipes that I use after eating wings. I thought it would smell like green tea since this is a green tea mask!!!! 😭 Like in the name, the essence is watery and plentiful. The mask was thick-ish and didn’t adhere that well to my face. It felt like I just applied a dry mask on my wet face. . There was only a minimal tacky feeling to the mask! After a bit it dried further down to a matte finish. Yes! This is a somewhat hydrating mask. It’s not a lot of hydration, but it’s enough especially since the air is humid here anyway. I wouldn’t use this in the winter, so save these for warmer weather! I think this mask also help fade my scars a bit! Wow! Did not expect that. This is a decent mask especially for a free one! I wouldn’t mind using this again if I obtain another from Jolse 😛 . #abbeatthealgorithm #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #igskincare #365inskincare #abcommunity #skincareblogger #rasianbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #beautycommunity #torontobeauty #beautyproducts #beautyblogger #skincareblogger #beautyaddict #beautyjunkie #instaskincare #beautygram #skincarediary #amabiebeauty
[#AntiHoardMaskChallenge ] Day Twenty Seven of the challenge hosted by @the_hazel_dragon is Best Ever! I chose @toocoolforschool_official Egg Cream Mask: Firming. The original is one of my favourite masks and I wanted to try the other varieties in the line to see how they hold up compared to the original. I got this from @cosmeticlovers when they were on sale! . . 🌼 Claims: Firming and nourishing ultra-fine microfibre mask. Soft microfibre adheres to the skin and helps deliver the active ingredients quickly and intensively. Highly concentrated egg yolk extract and enriched collagen deliver deep nourishment to sagging skin to increase elasticity and firmness. . The eggy creamy scent is there, but it lacks the warmth and smells more dull than the original. I don’t know if that makes sense. After having it on for a few minutes, the scent becomes more like what I expected. Maybe it builds up? Idk. The mask is a microfibre mask so it’s more tightly woven, but it’s not too thick. It stays on the skin really well and goes around the face smoothly. The fit is great as it’s not giant and the edges are perfect around the face. . There’s a slight sticky finish that feels a bit heavy. Definitely a nourishing and moisturizing mask. I felt another layer on my face that doesn’t seem too heavy. My face felt firmer after the use and brightened. I looked more alive after the mask! I love the firming version is the egg cream mask, but I find that I loved the original more. But I would definitely repurchase this mask! . #abbeatthealgorithm #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #igskincare #365inskincare #abcommunity #skincareblogger #rasianbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #beautycommunity #torontobeauty #beautyproducts #beautyblogger #skincareblogger #beautyaddict #beautyjunkie #instaskincare #beautygram #skincarediary #amabiebeauty
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