What happens on earth stays on earth ・ Duration of summer18: Ithaca, NY Purdue Ports by me @flowless.ports Anastasia Chapman 3/19/18

Be careful with me | photographer: @jayymanik I swear @iamcardib cheers me up like no others 😩
Happy birthday king, I’m so happy you are in my life, as you can tell by the rare smile 😬
Them: what are your sexual fantasies Me: #friyay | Photographer: @oliver.312
Happy Father’s Day to you if I’ve ever swallowed your kids or called you daddy. You are welcome. @daddymagazine Photographer: @alexruble
A wonderer but never lost | photographer: @elbugrafia
My biggest fear is that eventually you will see me the way I see myself. | photographer: @jayymanik
Can I swim in your ocean? | photographer: @timgrasint
Gmorning! You're gonna make mistakes. You're gonna fail. You're gonna get back up. You're gonna break hearts. You're gonna change minds. You're gonna make noise. You're gonna make music. You're gonna be late, let's GO
5’5 but my attitude 6’2 ;) . Had so much fun banging out this set in under an hour with @jayymanik ! Can’t wait for y’all to see the rest of the 🔥
My finger gun tattoo pointing at my head is how I feel about working Fridays and Saturdays 🙃🔫
Died last night in my dreams
And it was all a dream @inthedreammachine | photographer: @timgrasint
Come through drippin’ | photographer: @madebyglyde
Stars don’t live in the sky anymore. They are the prettiest sprinkled on earth | photographer: @willkyaw . *yes I was scared to be on that rooftop, not the height, just the fact I might get arrested
Happy pride 🏳️‍🌈 Being myself is not something I try to hide, and the journey hasn’t been easy. Cutting off groups of “friends” i thought I could trust, listening to hurtful remarks and passive aggressive insults from my culture and family is something I’ve learned to live with daily. But i can’t live a life hiding my true self and being bi is part of that. Be proud of who you are, love one another, treasure the gift of life. Pride was not born out of a need to celebrate being the way we are, but instead our right to exist without discrimination. If you wonder why there isn’t “straight pride month” or movement, be thankful because it is truly a blessing to have never needed one. P.s beautiful hand in post @camihardman
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