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Filmmaker from the @rodriguez show Rebel Without A Crew and Director of The Good Exorcist and Greywood’s Plot. https://youtu.be/s91OOeFBdXI

Building on yesterdays #filmmaking tips video, here’s some advice on how I personally get started when creating an independent project. - #indiefilm #directing #inspiration
Film Tip: JUST START People message me almost every day asking about how they can get their movie started or if there is going to be a Rebel Without A Crew Season 2. They wonder about what steps I take to make animations or even how I began my process on The Good Exorcist. Here’s the thing, you just need to start. What can you do right now on the idea? Write it. If it’s written, draw boards. Or figure out locations. Or start casting m. Or start hunting down props. Or just grab your camera and start filming something! Today is the perfect day to start. - #mondaymotivation #filmmaking #thefilmcommunity #filmphotography #start #makesomething #filmtips #filmmakingtips #fathergil #rebelwithoutacrew #robertrodriguez #ridewithelrey
Tune into Rebel Without a Crew tonight to see @skatechain blow chunks into @danieldegnan ’s face. @rodriguez must be so proud of the way we spent his $7,000.... you can see The Good Exorcist on Jan 25th at the @drafthouse in Corpus Christi
One hour until the marathon followed by one of the best episodes of Rebel! Tune into the marathon to watch all the insane filmmaking shenanigans. - #ontv #filmmaking #thefilmcommunity #videostar #behindthescenes #filmphotography #rebelwithoutacrew #tonight
DINGLE IN THE SHOT! - One of the tough parts of filmmaking on a reality show is working with the camera crew and producers to make sure the movie isn’t interrupted. Luckily, I had the best reality crew a guy could ask for. Yes, I had to digitally remove them from about 100 shots, BUT they were always there for me, never tried to trick me into drama, and were inspiring to watch. - #realitytv #filmphotography #thefilmcommunity #runandgun
Chillin’ with one of my favorite people! @piratanga is a helluva an actor and helluva good person. Now to make Father Gil and the Daughters of Lilith, am I right? This photo was taken during a recording session for The Good Exorcist! I was hungover... - #filmphotography #adr #austintexas #filmmaking
One of the best weeks of my life. The Troublemaker luncheon during @sxsw was a complete blast! I wish we could do it again this year! - #sxsw #filmmaking #thefilmcommunity #greenscreen #robertrodriguez
Who'd of thunk when Daniel Degnan and I met that 25 years later he'd be in a bathrobe, kneeling over the edge of a bed, while I filmed him and a Teddy Bear on reality T.V. To all my friends with kids starting in school, really pay attention to who your kid is becoming friends with. Don't make the same mistake our moms did... P.S. Kim Fagan, this is joke. I don't need a call from you telling me that you weren't such a bad mom.
Tomorrow is the Rebel Without a Crew marathon! Peep how you can watch on @elreynetwork ’s website. #thefilmcommunity #blood #vfx #rebelwithoutacrew
I brought my wife’s Teddy Bear and murdered it on reality TV. - WHAT PROP WOULD YOU BRING WITH IF YOU WERE MAKING A NO BUDGET FILM? - #teddybear #filmmaking #monster #hunting #vfx #specialfx
I shot The Good Exorcist on the Canon C300 (the 1080p one) and I’m shooting Greywood’s Plot on the Sony a6300. The Canon C300 Mark II, which I shit CHUM on is still probably my favorite camera, although I loved the look of the Black Magic Pocket too... - #canon #canonc300 #bmpcc #sony #sonyaseries #sonya6300 #filmphotography #thefilmcommunity
Who is your favorite person to collaborate with? - For me, it’s (obviously) @danieldegnan. He bought his own ticket and lived off the land (and by that I mean he slept at @starhillranch and took leftovers and table scraps to survive) to be a part of The Good Exorcist. He rolled around with a telephone and Teddy Bear, pretended to be in hell when it was 25 degrees out, and let me launch fake barf into his face... twice.... Everyone should find someone like this that they can get a second opinion from, ask advice, or just pontificate frustrations when things aren’t going right. 🙏 - #filmmakinglife #friendzone #guylove #thefilmcommunity #monstermovie #rebelwithoutacrew #robertrodriguez #indieartist #fathergil #canon #canonc300
Happy New Year, ya’ lunatics! What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done on a movie set? - Let’s make 2019 the wildest year yet. #thefilmcommunity #crazy #churchoutfit
My resolution for 2019 - #dontblink This was advice that @rodriguez gave @scarletinni . He said that when the stress gets too high or you fear what people are going to think, just don’t blink. Keep your eye on the final goal. Don’t take the time to even allow those doubts in. Don’t miss the moments as they’re happening. Thank you to @let eynetwork and Troublemaker for making 2018 the best year of my life. And thank you to my fam and friends for being so damn supportive. - Let’s make some good stuff in 2019! - #behindthescenes #filmmaking #newyearseve #resolutions #thefilmgang #indieartist #thefilmcommunity
So, todays question is, WHO INSPIRES YOU? It doesn't have to be film related. It can be anyone that makes you want to create or do something inspired. For me, it's a few people. Obviously my influences like @rodriguez , @thatkevinsmith , and @lol ydkaufman. They've not only given me opportunities but their work is the reason I got into filmmaking. My friends and family are also massively inspiring. Many of my ideas and motivation come from playing with my kids or bullshitting with my wife or messaging random ideas with @danieldegnan . And, although it hasn't even been a year since we wrapped production on Rebel, everyone involved is still inspiring me on a daily basis. Not just the Rebels (although you're all amazing, obviously), but every friend I made from the show. It was such an honor working with all of you and I learned so much watching the reality crew work that I've allowed to inspire me while working on Greywood's Plot. Thank you, everyone! - #filmmaking #independentfilm #inspiration
#WhatWouldDougDo - We all just want to do something different and fresh.... - #filmmaking #monstermovie #lynch #creep #universalmonsters #chupacabra #indiefilm
This is Miles. He’s scared. - #whatwoulddougdo #indiefilm #thefilmcommunity
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