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*Swipe left. With every movie we always start with the goals of entertaining and putting the audience first. Knowing that no matter what is going on in your life you can drop into a theatre and escape for a couple hours is what makes filmmaking so magical for us. When you can transcend that physical barrier of the screen between you and the audience to have a real impact on a person, well that’s one of the best feelings imaginable. Here’s video from the most special screening we’ve ever been affiliated with — an early #SKYSCRAPER screening at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation at NYU Langone Hospital. The theme of our movie is that “the only limitations we have are the ones we place on ourselves.” Our magnanimous star @therock and writer/director @rawsonthurber surprised the audience at the end of the screening to chat and hear what this audience had to say. And you know DJ always brings goodies, so the last surprise was the brand new customized Skyscraper XBox One X for each attendee with their brand new adaptive controller. It was one of the proudest moments of our career to hear the audience praise @therock ’s accurate and heartfelt portrayal of Will Sawyer, the positive image of his character as an amputee, as well as the inspirational message of the film crafted delicately and thoughtfully from the mind of our writer/director @rawsonthurber. Will Sawyer doesn’t have to overcome any physical limitations in this story, as Rawson says, “his problem is between the ears.” @therock in his own personal life exudes a similar message to this film and inspires all of us - no matter the hand we are dealt, we are truly capable of achieving anything we put our minds to... all it takes is dedication, believing in yourself, and hard work. #CourageHasNoLimits #RuskInstitue #ThankYouNYULangone #ChangingTheLens #ThePowerofCinema 🌆🔥💪🏻💗 @therock @rawsonthurber @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @sevenbucksprod @ms.wendyjane @universalpictures @legendary @skyscrapermovie @nyulangone
Special magic hour moment in NYC 🍎 with @rawsonthurber to close out the #SKYSCRAPER World Tour as we head into opening weekend. He is one of the rare creator/writer/directors in Hollywood and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who works harder or is more talented. On top of that, he is also incredibly humble, very thoughtful, has a sharp sense of humor and is a great partner- plus, as you can tell by his marquee looks, he looks like he just walked right off the set of Days of Our Lives 🤣. Proud of you brother Rawson. Can’t wait for the world to check out our movie this weekend. Was a blast working with you and looking forward to #RedNotice + your next 10 films (at least). #SKYSCRAPER #InTheatersNow #DontLookDown #OriginalIP #REDNOTICE2020 🌆🔥🙌🏼 #NoFilter @therock @sevenbucksprod @skyscrapermovie @ms.wendyjane
AND we’re off to the races...with a great start. Thank you audiences for showing up last night at the theatres around the U.S. to watch @therock in SKYSCRAPER!! It’s a performance from him like you’ve never seen. Your reactions to the movie have been incredible and beyond enthusiastic. Love how much fun you are having on our intense, nonstop, edge-of-your-seat thrill ride. And sorry for the sweaty palms & 100+ BPM sitting heart rate — but certainly makes for an experience you will never forget! #DontLookDown #FitBitPhenomenon #InTheatresNow #Skyscraper @hhgarcia41 @danygarciaco @ms.wendyjane
Thank you @wsj and @joemorgenstern for taking the nonstop, edge-of-your-seat, thrill ride #SKYSCRAPER and letting the world know that you survived — and how much you enjoyed both the movie as well as our generation’s greatest action star @therock !! Can’t wait for the world to experience #Skyscraper tonight and this weekend. #DontLookDown #BringAFriendInCaseOfVertigo @nevecampbell @hhgarcia41 @danygarciaco @ms.wendyjane @sevenbucksprod @universalpictures @legendary
⚠️ Warning ⚠️ Watching #SKYSCRAPER may cause increase heart rate, sweaty palms, and involuntary gasping, squeezing and/or pinching of moviegoing neighbor. #Repost @therock ・・・ IT’S HERE - SEE IT TONIGHT 🔥🚨 Critics and audiences loving SKYSCRAPER! Now it’s your turn. *Click the link in my bio for movie tickets and it’ll take you directly to your nearest theater. Enjoy the movie tonight and if you’re afraid of heights... don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉 #SKYSCRAPER TONIGHT 🔥
When you’re jet lagged on the homestretch of the press tour, it’s time to throw down at the traditional team dinner 🤪🤪 Ready to bring this movie home to the USA 🇺🇸 and finally share it with all of you!!! #SKYSCRAPER #DontLookDown #July13 #LoveThisTeam @therock @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @sevenbucksprod @daverienzi @simonegjohnson @laurenhashianofficial @rawsonthurber @sarahkthurber @marleyshelton @ms.wendyjane @bslater9 @universalpictures @legendary
Two thumbs up = two out of three legs completed of the #SkyscraperGlobalTour ! Now we are on our way on a midnight flight ✈️ from Hong Kong 🇭🇰 to the magical city of NY 🍎 for our US 🇺🇸 premiere 🍿of SKYSCRAPER! Been an epic and successful trip 🌎 so far and we are hearing from our first audiences ever that they are on the edge of their seat — loving the movie, having a total blast! Very humbled by the early reactions thus far. Let’s hope it continues in our home country. Pictured here with my travel brother and producing partner @hhgarcia41 and a huge thank you 🙏🏼 to @therock for lugging these two FLA local boys around the world this last week. We “may” have brought some tequila 🥃 that we can sip at 42k feet 🤷🏼‍♂️ — fair cost of admission! @rawsonthurber @danygarciaco @ms.wendyjane @sevenbucksprod #AudienceFirst #GetReadyAmerica #TheSkyscraperSquadIsComingInHot 🔥#DontLookDown #SupportOriginalEntertainment #305Represent
Don’t ever underestimate @therock ! Thank you Professor Costas Efthimiou for proving that when it comes to saving your family anything is possible. Link to full article in our bio 👆🏻@rawsonthurber @hhgarcia41 @danygarciaco @ms.wendyjane @skyscrapermovie @universalpictures @legendary #DontLookDown #SkyscraperWorldTour2018 #July13 🌎
The super hip and darn good looking stars ✨ 🌟⭐️ @therock @nevecampbell of #SKYSCRAPER kicking off a full week (!) of @goodmorningamerica ... live from #HongKong ! Here they are in Ozone— The tallest bar 🍾🍹🍸🥂🍷🍻🍺🥤on the planet 🌎🌍🌏. 118 stories high. Fact. ✅ #DontLookDown #HopeYouArentAfraidOfHeights #BringAFriend #MayInduceInvoluntaryPunchingBitingSlapping #SkyscraperGlobalTour2018 #July13
On the Skyscraper Global Tour flanked by these two genuine, thoughtful and loyal gentlemen. I’ve had the incredible pleasure of making Dwayne Johnson tentpole event movies with them for over ten years. There is nothing better than collaborating with top minds that you respect while also truly enjoying their company and having some laughs along the way. On my direct left is the ultimate ninja assassin @bslater9. He is an out-of-the-box thinker who runs the talent dept at WME and reps the one and only @therock. On my far left @hhgarcia41 is another very special person who has some of the best creative instincts in the game. He has really come into his own as a brilliant producer. I’ve watched him grow at such an exponential pace and now (at times!😉) I find myself learning from him. It’s critical we keep ourselves open to learning. The fact the three of us can carve out the time to travel ✈️ on tour 🌎 together is very rare, and I truly treasure these moments. It makes all the hard work and effort disappear and allows us to simply enjoy the moment. Together. A special feeling. 📷:@ms.wendyjane #BrothersOfBeijing #SomeDapperDudes #TheirFashionGameOnPoint #DontLookDown #SkyscraperGlobalTour2018 #July13
Thank you Hong Kong 香港 for the incredible press conference today for #SKYSCRAPER . We are loving this beautiful city and having a blast on this stop of the world tour! Thank you for being such great hosts. Here we are standing with these amazing and generous gifts of individualized portraitures from a local artist. Really appreciate all the love and infectious energy today. Excited for what we’ve got in store this week! #SKYSCRAPER opens worldwide 🌍🌎🌏 #July13 .
Talk about nonstop! 🚀 @therock ’s wild and jam-packed schedule gets even more relentless… We leave set from Atlanta, fly 16 hours straight to Beijing, arrive to the hotel at 815p CST, Dwayne goes immediately to a local gym (his "never break ritual"), while the producing team gets gussied up (I in particular need lots of work 😉) for a cocktail/dinner hosted by Legendary and Wanda, our intelligent, savvy and loyal partners. We discuss strategy of the upcoming, world premiere of #SKYSCRAPER which is here in Beijing. 🙌🏻 We also raise a glass of Maotai (a powerful Chinese liquor!) to pay respects to John Zeng of Wanda, Wayne Jiang, Josh Grode and Mary Parent of @legendary. Very honored and excited to kick off the SKYSCRAPER GLOBAL TOUR 🔥🔥 with our filmmaking family of @therock , @hhgarcia41 , @ms.wendyjane , @bradslater , and of course, our creator, writer and director @rawsonthurber as well as @nevecampbell (both not pictured here, as we sent them to the room to get some well needed rest). They need to be on point for all the upcoming press and interviews. Here we come Beijing 🇨🇳 ! Ready to embark on the #SkyscraperGlobalTour #DontLookDown #ChinaOurSecondHome #FirstLegOfTheTour 我们爱中国! #Repost @therock ・・・ Almost midnight and cheers to SKYSCRAPER and all the brilliant, hard work our LEGENDARY/WANDA partners have given to make our movie as successful as possible here in China and deliver something great for the Chinese audience. If you look closely, my sweatshirt is drenched in sweat because I had to come directly from the gym. If you look even closer, I was considerate enough to place a towel on my chair so I wouldn’t get it wet. I do believe that me drinking this special Chinese vodka is a great substitute for my post workout protein/carb mix that’s in my shaker cup that’s on the table in front of me 😂🥃 cheers. #ThankYouTeam #Legendary #Wanda #SkyscraperGlobalTour #BEIJING
FPC's priority when making a movie is always, first and foremost, to satisfy the audience, and therefore we are always driven by the creative and work hard to conceive and execute on high-concept ideas with the goal of entertaining the entire world. But filmmaking is a business as well, and it’s critical to us to be fiscally responsible while shooting and to always try to garner a return on the investment for our studio partners. That’s a key tenet to all business. No one does that better than @therock. Having done billions at the global box office, his track record is unparalleled. SKYSCRAPER was made very responsibly and for the half the price of most studio tentpoles, but we never sacrifice quality, scope or scale. As in any business, it’s always easy to throw money at a problem, but we pride ourselves on using ingenuity and finding creative solutions with our amazing producing partners and skilled crew instead. As a result, this is what we call “putting all the money on the screen,” and that’s what is going to give the audience the best experience, and therefore drive a successful return for our partners. Opening projections from Scott Mendelson @forbes of $30M+ is a great start for us, but remember the US is just one territory of many in the world 🌎 . We measure success by audience satisfaction which directly correlates to global box office and our fans around the world having a great time at the theatres. Can’t wait for everyone to check out SKYSCRAPER when it hits theatres worldwide on #July13 . The SKYSCRAPER EXPERIENCE may induce vertigo, sweaty palms, high tension and an adreline rush that demands to be seen on the big screen 🎥 ! Keep us posted on your feedback, and we will keep you posted on the results. #AudienceFirst #DontLookDown #HopeYouArentAfraidOfHeights #DwayneJohnsonBravuraPerformance #OnlyOriginalMovieInASeaOfSequelsAndIP @therock @rawsonthurber @hhgarcia41 @danygarciaco @ms.wendyjane @sevenbucksprod @universalpictures @legendary #Repost @therock ・・・ Off to a good start on tracking w/ a $30M U.S. number for our SKYSCRAPER debut...
Many a filmmaker or actors' dream would never, and could never, be fully realized without their agent. It’s a common misconception that the Hollywood agent's job is solely to make the best possible deal for the client, but it’s really so much more. They familiarize tastemakers, executives and producers with their clients and material; they read voraciously and track the best scripts and roles; they know their roster so well, they connect the dots to set up their clients with the most compatible filmmakers, talent, and executives- setting the table for the birth of many tv and film projects, entrepreneurial endeavors, and long-lasting working relationships. They may not be on set everyday, but the key roles they play in bringing creative projects to life are a vital part of the process, one you don’t always see on the red carpet or in magazines. They fight for their clients and projects day-in and day-out, mostly behind the scenes where they may not always be visible. Well, today we solute you! (But only today, tomorrow, you get back to work!) And we give a special thanks to the WME contingent of the Cohen-Mendelson wedding for adopting @ms.wendyjane this weekend. This group put so much energy and love into celebrating their fierce agent warrior bride in style, you’d think they were getting 10%! 😉 Mazel Tov @tanzcohen & @hoonty33 ! 🥂🏝🌸💕 May you have a blessed union and many blessed FPC-WME projects to come! #Agents #Agenting #DidIJustGetAgented #Probably #StartedAboutAgents #EndedAboutAWedding #JustinTimeForTanya #Brock #HeyFriend #Tenya
WOW! What an amazing honor for RAMPAGE to cross the very rare 1billion RMB milestone in China! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Thank you all so much for the love and support!! 🦍🐺🐊 We’re so passionate about making movies for the global audience, and it’s the ultimate joy when our films connect with our fans around the world! #谢谢中国 !! We’re incredibly thankful and humbled by all your loyal support dating all the way back to JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH 🌏🌋 and JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND. 🏝🦎🥚Fun fact: That movie was particularly special for us because, on top of being so well-received in China, it was our first project ever with our longtime collaborator, the best partner we could ever imagine, the one and only global icon (plus don’t forget extremely handsome and massively talented actor!) @therock ! Sending sincere gratitude and respect for all the fans in China!! Looking forward to continuing to bring you epic experiences at the theatres! 🇨🇳 🇨🇳 🇨🇳 #Repost @therock @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @wrigleypictures @ms.wendyjane @peytonology #NewLineCinema @warnerbrosentertainment ・・・ Wow THANK YOU CHINA and I’m TRULY blown away and humbled by this monumental news. RAMPAGE becomes my highest grossing film of all time in the Middle Kingdom. RAMPAGE becomes the 2nd highest grossing Warner Bros film of all time. This stat is mind boggling considering we’ve now surpassed, HARRY POTTER and BATMAN just to name a few. RAMPAGE has officially hit the rare $1BILLION RMB mark and has become a TOP 20 all time grossing international film. I’m extremely grateful to the people and culture of CHINA for embracing me and my films the way they have over the years. THANK YOU for your love and support - and as always, I look forward to coming back! #RAMPAGE #CareerAllTimeHigh #CHINA 🇨🇳
@therock couldn’t have said it better. You don’t want to miss this hair raising, nail-biting thrill ride ONLY IN THEATRES on July 13. 🙌🏻 Plus @nevecampbell is such a strong, formidable presence—-In other words, she is no damsel in distress, she is a legit badass!! 👊🏻 #NoCapes #OriginalIP #CountdownBegins @therock @nevecampbell @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @sevenbucksprod @ms.wendyjane @universalpictures @legendary @skyscrapermovie #Repost @therock ・・・ 3 WEEK COUNTDOWN IS ON. Most anticipated “terrorizing, nail biting fun you’ll have three thousand feet in the sky” this summer. And @nevecampbell is a straight up bad ass 💪🏾 #YourTheaterWillShake #DontLookDown #SKYSCRAPER JULY 13th
Welcome to The Pearl: the tallest, most advanced building in the world, hatched from the visionary brain of Zhao Long Ji, beautifully portrayed by @thechinhan. Standing at a staggering 3500 feet, it’s approximately 3 times taller than the Empire State Building. It’s redundant fire and safety measures also make it the safest building in the world... A virtual city in the sky, what could possibly go wrong? . Learn about this megatall smart building, inspired by conversations with the world’s foremost architects at And catch The Pearl in theaters in all its bigscreen glory when #SKSYCRAPER debuts worldwide #July132018 . 🌇 @therock @nevecampbell @rawsonthurber @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @sevenbucksprod @ms.wendyjane @universalpictures @legendary @skyscrapermovie @thechinhan @roland_moller @byronmann1 @officialpabloschreiber @noahtaylorart @mckennarroberts @noah.cottrell @hannah_quinlivan
We really enjoy the research process that goes into all of our films. 🤓👨‍🔬👩‍💻👨‍🏫👩‍🎓🕵🏻‍♀️📚🔎 We take great pride in seeking out the world’s foremost experts in all their fields to make sure our movies are grounded in real, cutting edge technology and science. #SKYSCRAPER was no different, and it was a true honor to work with Adrian Smith in conceptualizing #ThePearl 🌇 Adrian is the architect and designer of the world’s current tallest building, The Burj Khalifa, and, soon-to-be world’s tallest building, The Jeddah Tower (when it’s completed in 2020.) Very cool to hear about Adrian’s dreams, inspirations and ambitions- in many ways they were very similar to ours as filmmakers who are always reaching for new heights. #SKYSCRAPER opens worldwide July 13, and you need to see these jaw dropping visuals in a theater! Apologies in advance for the vertigo! 🙊🙈#HopeYouArentAfraidOfHeights #DontLookDown @therock @nevecampbell @thechinhan @rawsonthurber @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @ms.wendyjane @universalpictures @legendary @skyscrapermovie #Repost @therock ・・・ Cool SKYSCRAPER movie fact/ We hired Adrian Smith - one of the most notable architects in the world to help us consult and design the tallest and most advanced building on earth. THE PEARL. Adrian famously designed the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (legit tallest building in the world) as well as the building that will eventually surpass that - the Jeddah Tower, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Get ready for the most anticipated original action movie of the summer. #ThePerfectBuilding #SKYSCRAPER 🔥 JULY 13th 🌎
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