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And off we go into the wild blue yonder ⛅️ toward a new adventure - traveling with these two sharp-dressed, wildly talented and damn handsome gentlemen @therock @hhgarcia41. We’re headed to location for our next film, Walt Disney’s “Jungle Cruise.” Proud to say this is our seventh film together! And we are just getting warmed up. 🔥Expect to see a lot of “Jungle Cruise” and special behind the scenes shots here as we start production next Monday. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 It’s always very special to fly on the Global Express 6000 (thank you Dwayne!), but the best part is rolling our sleeves up and having five hours of uninterrupted time to catch up on all our business… plus waking up to the smiling face of Hiram is a true sight to behold. 😁 (Literally, imagine seeing that first thing when you wake up! It’s close quarters in there 😉) Okay, sharing the Don Julio 🥃 and having some big belly laughs along the way ain't too bad either! Here we gooooo... ✈️🌞🏝🌋🐟🌸 @hhgarcia41 @danygarciaco @scotify @disneystudios @sevenbucksprod #AdventureOfALifeTime #LaFamilia #LaQuila #AlohaHawaii #Fall2019 📸: @billsinaz @hhgarcia41
Thrilled and honored to welcome Emmy winner, Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti aboard our river expedition! After battling magnitude 9.5 earthquakes together in SAN ANDREAS, Paul reunites with @therock for another epic adventure. This time on the rivers of the Amazon where a sassy parrot might just try and steal the spotlight away from these two iconic legends. Paul joins #EmilyBlunt @edgarramirez25 #JessePlemons and @jackwhitehall Our #JungleCrew is almost complete! Cameras roll in one week. #ItsAJungleOutThere #Rosita @jcolletserra @sevenbucksprod @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @scotify @disneystudios
Wishing a Very Happy Birthday to the one and only 👑 Dwayne @therock Johnson! 🎂🍾🥂 We are so lucky to not only call you our fearless general, our partner and our colleague, but even more honored to call you our true friend. 🙏🏻☺ Let us count the ways we are inspired by you: Your unparalleled work ethic and dedication to your craft; your commitment to and genuine love for your fans around the world; living your life by the principles of humility and gratitude; your devotion to your many philanthropic causes; and always putting family first— on top of the way you love and enjoy life and somehow always manage to keep everyone around you laughing. Our hats off to you DJ. Thank you for entertaining the world like no one ever has and setting an incredible example of what we can make of ourselves with hard work and our own two hands- and how we each have the ability to make the world a better place. We 💗 you!! Now...back to worshipping at our shrine of your used floss sticks and toe nail clippings we’ve been collecting all these years 🤣🤣 That’s not creepy, right? HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DJ! 🎉 🎈 🎊 Hope it’s your best one yet! You certainly deserve it! We are so humbled and blessed to share all these incredible memories with you. And these are just a handful. 📷 #HBDDJ
Thrilled to share this brand new motion poster from our upcoming film #SKYSCRAPER 🌆 which perfectly encapsulates the depth of @therock ’s incredible performance in the film, certainly the best of his career (at least in our humble opinion!) The sheer intensity to fight for his family is rivaled only by the beautiful and subtle vulnerability he brings to the role, brilliantly crafted by triple threat writer/director/producer @rawsonthurber. How far would you go to save your loved ones when the stakes are sky high? The truth is there are no limits to what we can achieve. Believe in yourself and reach for the sky! 🌤#SKYSCRAPER #CourageHasNoLimits #DontLookDown #July132018 @therock @nevecampbell @rawsonthurber @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @sevenbucksprod @ms.wendyjane @skyscrapermovie @universalpictures @legendary #Repost @therock ・・・ My new SKYSCRAPER poster. Nice to feel everyone’s excitement building for this one coming out this summer. Inspired by films The Fugitive, Die Hard & Towering Inferno. I can’t guarantee I’ll save my wife and kid’s lives, but I guarantee I’ll do everything I can for the rest of mine. #SKYSCRAPER THIS JULY.
Place your bets! Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt Vs. #JessePlemons (😬 Good luck adventurers!) From FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS 🏈 to BREAKING BAD 👨🏻‍🔬 to BLACK MIRROR 🛸 to GAME NIGHT 🎰, Jesse is the master scene stealer and flat out one of the greatest actors of his generation (and we don’t say that lightly). He joins @therock #EmilyBlunt @jackwhitehall and @edgarramirez25 on a spectacular and wildly dangerous jungle cruise. More to come! #UBoatCaptain #KeepYourArmsAndLegsInsideTheVehicle @disneystudios @jcolletserra @sevenbucksprod @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @scotify #DavisEntertainment
Welcome @edgarramirez25 to our JUNGLE CRUISE family! We have been determined to work with Edgar for years after watching him light up the screen in THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM 🔫, THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN 🚊, JOY 😊 and most recently a knockout performance in THE ASSASSINATION OF GIANNI VERSACE 🕶. Edgar joins our already stellar cast that includes @therock #EmilyBlunt and @jackwhitehall. Production begins in just a few short weeks. #AllAboard @disneystudios @jcolletserra @sevenbucksprod @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @scotify #DavisEntertainment
Los Angeles & Burbank thank you for showing up to #RAMPAGE opening weekend!! And thank you so much to those around the globe 🌎 🌍🌏 who made us #1 in the world this weekend. We are blown away and completely honored by your love and support. 🙏🏻🙏🏻Especially for an original movie based on a giant mutated gorilla, wolf and crocodile!! 🦍🐺🐊 We always aim to entertain, so we are beyond thrilled you enjoyed!! Let’s keep the RAMPAGE thrill ride going! #TimeToUnleashTheBeasts #AndNoWereNotTalkingAboutJustTheRock #AGiantMutatedGorillaWolfAndCrocodile #WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong @therock @naomieharris @jeffreydeanmorgan @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @sevenbucksprod @wrigleypictures @ms.wendyjane @peytonology @wbpictures @rbpix @carblackwood @blairrich @sdeephillips @msionj #NewLineCinema #Repost @therock ・・・ As promised I surprised two sold out theaters in LA to show the fans my deep gratitude and love for making RAMPAGE the #1 MOVIE IN THE WORLD (including the US). We had a blast!! Love y’all worldwide and enjoy the fun ride that’s RAMPAGE! 🤟🏾🦍🐊🐺
Get ready Los Angeles! @therock is in a great mood and on the move in his big, badass truck. The audience is having so much on the #Rampage thrill ride 🦍🐺🐊that he wants to check it out for himself. So keep a tight eye 😳 for a very large, brown, bald, smiling and tattooed man in your movie theatre or theatre lobby. You never know! #WillyWonkaIsOnHisWay #TheValleyCountsAsLA #YouMayGetABigRockHug #GetExtraButterOnYourPopcorn #TotalBlastAtTheMovieTheatre #SaturdayNightSpecial #MoviesAreLit 🔥🔥🔥 @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @ms.wendyjane @scotify @sevenbucksprod @peytonology @wrigleypictures @blairrich @rbpix @carblackwood @wbpictures @rampagethemovie #NewLineCinemaRocks
The fans have spoken!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 We are so grateful and thrilled audiences are loving the film. Thank you for the A- @cinema_score !! 🙏🏻 All the hard work and passion we put into making these films truly means nothing if you, the fans, don’t enjoy the movie. We set out to make an entertaining, nonstop thrill ride full of heart and laughter, and we did just that! If you like having fun, you’ll like this movie! #RAMPAGE 🦍🐺🐊#GeorgeHasATwistedSenseOfHumor #AGiantMutatedGorillaWolfAndCrocodile #WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong @therock @naomieharris @jeffreydeanmorgan @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @sevenbucksprod @wrigleypictures @ms.wendyjane @peytonology @carblackwood @rbpix @jmackd @blairrich @sdeephillips @msionj @wbpictures #NewLineCinema
Audiences have spoken!! They are loving #RAMPAGE and our brilliant cast led by @therock @naomieharris and @jeffreydeanmorgan !! But they also especially love George! We don’t blame you, that gorilla does have one wicked sense of humor! 😂😂 For a great time and fun for the whole family, go see #RAMPAGE this weekend! 🦍🐺🐊 And through Sunday @atomtickets is giving you $5 towards your ticket just because @therock is feeling extra generous! 💰Use code: ROCKRAMPAGE @therock @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @sevenbucksprod @wrigleypictures @ms.wendyjane @peytonology @carblackwood @rbpix @blairrich @wbpictures #NewLineCinema
You know @therock would never leave you empty handed!! Check out @atomtickets for $5 towards your ticket to #RAMPAGE !! Use the code: ROCKRAMPAGE. Available through this Sunday only so get them while they last! And congratulations to the winners of @hqtrivia ’s biggest cash prize ever last night!! #RAMPAGE in theaters worldwide THIS FRIDAY #April13 🦍🐺🐊 Link to buy in our bio 👆🏻#Repost @therock ・・・ 💰EVERYONE WINS! As I promised as a consolation prize for the millions of you who didn’t win the record breaking $300K today on @hqtrivia - I’m giving you $5 bucks towards every ticket you buy to see RAMPAGE this weekend on @atomtickets ! Use the code: ROCKRAMPAGE. *LINK TO BUY NOW IN MY BIO. Enjoy the movie & HAVE FUN! #EarthsGonnaShake
Thank you Shanghai 谢谢上海!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻What an electric epic launch of the #RAMPAGEWorldTour ! 🔥🔥🦍🐺🐊🌎🌍🌏 It was the first time we’ve visited your beautiful city and we were blown away by the people, the energy and of course, your magnificent skyline. ⚡️🌆 We are still feeling the love you gave us and we love you back! ❤️🙌🏻🇻🇳🙌🏻❤️ #DreamingOfThePudongSkyline #我们爱上海 #Shanghai #RAMPAGE in theaters worldwide #FridayApril13 . Advance tickets on sale now. 😎 @therock @naomieharris @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @sevenbucksprod @wrigleypictures @ms.wendyjane @peytonology @blairrich @carblackwood @rbpix @wbpictures #NewLineCinema
One, actually two ✌🏻of the highlights of our day at FPC is playing @hqtrivia. Our office is obsessed! And it’s not just because of my longstanding passion for gaming 🎮🕹or my status as the undisputed 1978 Pong champion of Miami. 😎 You can play live with friends around the globe and win some real 💸💵💰money! And we have BIG news, like #BigMeetsBigger News! This Wednesday the one and only Don Quizote himself, @therock is hosting with Quiz Daddy @scottrogowsky for a chance to win $300,000.00!! You heard it right! $300,000.00!! HQ’s biggest cash prize ever!! 🤑🤑 Download the HQ App and stay close to your phones WEDNESDAY for a push alert telling you when the game is on! #RAMPAGE #ItsGameTime #ItsGoTime #TheGameIsOn #LetsQuizThisThang #Apr132018 #Repost @therock ・・・ I want you to win💰!! I’m going BIG and GIVING AWAY $300,00 THIS WEDNESDAY LIVE ON YOUR PHONE. This is @hqtrivia ’s biggest prize ever so download the HQ Trivia app now, keep your phone close and be ready for the push alert this WEDNESDAY. You’ll be playing LIVE against the world so get ready to take home your $300,000!! I’m pumped to host the game this Wednesday with my twin Quiz Daddy, @scottrogowsky. Download the HQ app and buy advance tickets for RAMPAGE available now. #HQTrivia #BiggestGameEver #300K #ThisWednesday #LIVE
In the middle of the most nonstop, jam packed US and international press tour you can ever imagine...@therock still manages to find the time to be honored by the amazing Event Chair @blairrich and Los Angeles Family Housing @lafamilyhousing with The Inspiration Award. His heartfelt and emotional speech made sure there wasn’t a dry in the house. LAFH is such a worthy and noble cause. As you can see by them providing housing to thousands of families like Ryan, Priscilla and Joshua. And teens like Precious. This lands very close and dear to Dwayne’s heart because he and his family also lost their home when he was 14. They had to leave Hawaii...moving all around the US, praying for a bed. Any type of security. Dwayne and his family never gave up hope and eventually pulled through. LAFH would’ve been able to help back then. Because of that traumatic experience Dwayne is dedicated to giving back whenever he can. That’s the person who he is and what he is all about. Through all of his incredible success and achievements there is nothing more important to him than paying It forward. And he does it on a daily basis in so many ways. I’m incredibly fortunate to witness it constantly and learn from it. Especially during our productions. His humility and gratitude only continues to grow and it’s why he is so beloved by the world and is a true national treasure. We all thank you Dwayne Johnson! You are truly one of a kind. Please follow @lafamilyhousing and learn more about this wonderful organization. #TimeForLAToMobilize #WeCanWinThisFight #ItTakesAVillage #TheyBrokeTheMoldWithDJ #IHadDirtInMyEyeThatNight #ThankYouForAllYouDoBlair
So proud to kick off the Rampage World Tour 🌏 with my brother and top global producer @hhgarcia41 — See that handsome smile on him...that’s all you will ever see 24/7. He is one of the happiest, passionate and most decent people you can ever know. Not to mention one of the best creative minds in our business. He loves movies 🎥 and works his ass off in an effort to entertain the world. Honored and grateful to be by his side as well as share producing credit with him on @rampagethemovie. There is a reason why @therock & @danygarciaco hand picked him to be president of production at @sevenbucksprod Let’s keep it rolling my friend! #UpNextShanghai 🇨🇳 #ThankYouDJForTheVeryGenerousAndSexyLift 🙏🏼🛩#GetReadyChinaForEdgeOfYourSeatFunAndThrills 🚀 #April13Worldwide 🦍 🐺 🐊#NoJudgementOnTheUggs @mswendyjacobson @peytonology @wrigleypictures @naomieharris @jeffreydeanmorgan @malinakerman @joemanganiello @misterjakelacy @marleyshelton @realmattgerald 📷 credit: @billsinaz
Biggest red carpet in history ✅ Live streaming across the globe 🌎 ✅ Epic intro from the biggest movie star on the planet and icon @therock in front of 4000+ fans ✅ Electric screening of #RAMPAGE filled with laughter, heart, and applause ✅ What an unforgettable night ✨🌟 celebrating the work of everyone who brought this movie to life for YOU to enjoy!! So excited to share this movie with the rest of the world #April13 . A giant mutated gorilla, wolf, and crocodile?! 🦍🐺🐊 What could possibly go wrong?! #BigMeetsBigger #GeorgeHasATwistedSenseOfHumor #LetTheRampageBegin #UnleashTheBeast #MikeJoooooonneesss #April13Worldwide Thank you @blairrich @sdeephillips and the entire @wbpictures team for such an incredible premiere!! @therock @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @bslater9 @sevenbucksprod @wrigleypictures @ms.wendyjane @peytonology @rbpix @carblackwood #NewLineCinema @naomieharris @jeffreydeanmorgan @malinakerman @misterjakelacy @pj_byrne @marleyshelton @thejasonliles @jack_quaid @breandyou @demetriusgrosse @realmattgerald @urijahfaber @willyunlee
Happy Birthday Poppy!! 🎂Gorillas are beautiful, intelligent and peaceful creatures who we share 97% of our DNA with! 🦍✌🏻🤝 They are critically endangered, and there are only 880 mountain gorillas left in the world. Thank you #DianFosseyGorillaFundInternational for dropping some eyeopening 👀 knowledge during our research for #RAMPAGE . 🦍🐺🐊 What an incredible organization, founded by one phenomenal woman and her singular vision. 🙌🏻 Visit @savinggorillas to learn more. #Repost @savinggorillas ・・・ Happy 42nd Birthday to Poppy! 🎊 🎁 She is the oldest gorilla monitored by the Fossey Fund, the last of the gorillas who was originally studied by Dian Fossey, AND the oldest gorilla we’ve ever observed to give birth. Learn about the incredible life of Poppy and see the most recent photos of her infant on our website.
Why are we protecting guns more than our children? We need common sense gun regulation. Now. #EnoughIsEnough All change begins with one small step. It’s time to march. #MarchForOurLives #Parkland17 #ProtectOurYouthProtectTheFuture #Giffords 📷 cred: @abcnews
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