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Happy Birthday USAF, we’ll leave the flying to them. You can leave the cooking to us! #fnquotester #fnb #scottsdale #arizona #restaurants #cooking #veggiewhisperer #USAF
It’s Sunday, we’re open! Come and see us!!! By the way we have falafel 😊 #fnb #fnbscottsdale #sundaydinner #falafel #summerhoursareover
Grilled summer squash, heirloom tomato, neonata, basil! #nowserving
Lagniappe brought to us by @skilletdoux ! Thank you so much for the inclusion. All of us at @fnbrestaurant are very grateful.
We are so honored and proud to be part of only three restaurants in Arizona on this listing. @veggiebadman is a champion of positive change through food. She believes in personal responsibility and leaving the world a little better than we found it. Congratulations to @thebreadfruit and @snoozeameatery
Tonight @veggiebadman makes her once a year dish to celebrate Junior’s life.
A little heads up. Our annual tip of the hat to Junior. On Tuesday September 11th @veggiebadman will prepare a triple decker with lobster, slaw, bacon, lemon mayo, on brioche and served with Plantain chips.
Hello all! We are back to our regular hours: Tuesday-Saturday 3pm-10pm. Sunday 3pm-9pm! C’mon on down and let us take care of you!
Summer hours are over and this is our first Sunday back! Hellooooo September😍🍷🍴✨ #sundaydinner #sundaylove #itsalmostfall #endofsummer #scottsdale #arizona #eatlocal
Peach semifreddo, pistachio crumbs, lemon verbena, wild blueberries!
Roasted honey nut squash served with a pepita sauce, cumin, cotija, and a fried egg!
Peruvian Chicken Spring Rolls!
Pork Schnitzel served with a corn and peach salad with roasted almonds, basil, and a little mustard!
Life’s simple pleasures: roasted beefsteak tomato, oregano, olives, pepperoncini, and feta.
Today’s class by @veggiebadman : teaching kiddos all about seafood sustainability!
Guinea hen, pork, and quail terrine with fixins’
Grilled sardines with, slivered almonds, herb salad and savory crumbs!
Grilled Rocky Point wild shrimp, pumpkin noodles, mango, slaw, fish sauce-sauce!
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