Francis Neil Gico Jalando-on

Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem!
Birds @cpueduph
Good evening from Central Philippine University!
Praying in the Wailing Wall (Western Wall of the Temple Mount) is a feeling that you cannot explain. I invite you to join me in the upcoming trip to Israel on October 26 to November 3 2019. Send me a message for more information. Thanks!
For those who dare! #Ajuy
God's love is steady no matter how many cycles of the moon.
The cross is a reminder of what Jesus Christ did for us!
Lord, please surprise me! I pray to be ready for it. Amen.
No matter what the situation, the light will find a way. This is the same with God -- wherever you are right now, God will find a way to reach you.
The heavens declare your glory Lord.
Great city to just chill and relax!
Great to see up close the once tallest building in the world!
Praying to be back here soon! Sunrise in the Sea of Galilee.
Someday I hope go in the waterfalls. For now, I will look at you from afar.
Dear friends, I hope that you will consider a study tour of Israel as one of your 2019 New Year Resolutions. Kindly send me a message so that I can send you the details. Thank you!
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