Francis Neil Gico Jalando-on

These ancient stones have a story to tell. They witnessed Paul presenting the case of Christianity in front of King Agrippa.
Morning meditation at the prayer garden. Lord Jesus you are indeed good, faithful and merciful.
Happy Thanksgiving! We have so many reasons to thank God!
The Tomb is empty. Jesus is alive.
Swimming at the Jordan River after the symbolic baptism!
Are we ready for Armageddon?
Proudly wearing the Philippine flag in Israel.
The sky in Israel is always this blue.
The Sea of Galilee was where Jesus called His first disciples to become fishers of men!
The place where Paul stood and defended his case in front of King Agrippa in Caesaria.
The design of the arc in this church resembles the thorns in the crown of Jesus in the cross.
Religious art in a 3rd century Coptic Church at the back of the Holy Sepulchre Church.
The closest proximity to the Holy of Holies. The Jews believes that the presence of God resides in this place.
An authentic rendition of the Last Supper. This is close to what really happened.
Literally where Jesus walked in the Via Dolorosa!
Praying at the Wailing Wall!
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