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Contemporary art gallery in #Southend #Essex | Forthcoming exhibition: 'Every Thought There Ever Was', Lindsay Seers. 8 September to 23 December 2018

Good luck and congratulations to current @bigscreensouthend artist Sophie Hoyle who has been shortlisted for the Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary 2019, @shapearts flagship annual art award. Now in its eleventh year, the bursary supports mid-career disabled artists, offering the successful recipients an award of £10,000 and an accompanying three-month residency @balticgateshead
Lindsay Seers, 'Every Thought There Ever Was' @focalpointgallery continues until 23 December. #Southend #Essex #FPG #LindsaySeers @mattsgallerylondon @southendbc @aceagrams
If you're joining us for Saturday's discussion, be sure to catch Emily Richardson's film 'Spender House' on @bigscreensouthend which will be screened daily until 25 November ------------------------------------------The Spender House, Essex was designed in 1968 by Richard and Su Rogers (Team 4) for photographer and artist Humphrey Spender. It was a prototype and precursor to the iconic house, Parkside, designed for Rogers’ parents the following year, making it the first example of hi-tech domestic architecture in the UK. Spender died in 2005 but his spirit is still very present in the house and studio. The film explores the unique architectural qualities of the house and studio and provides a glimpse of its former inhabitants life and work as a painter, textile designer and photographer of British life in the 1930s for Mass Observation. Spender House is a temporal exploration of place, an exploded portrait of architecture and inhabitant aided by the use of archival sound recording of interviews made with Spender for the British Library. Connections are made between the place and the person, the place and the archive. There are many rich narratives contained here. To represent the architecture, its interior, the studio and its contents, its position in the landscape and its inhabitants demonstrates the significance of the place. @radicalessex @luxmovingimage @southendbc @aceagrams #Spenderhouse #Essex #RadicalEssex #Themodernistcounty
Join us for this on Saturday at 2.00pm. 'A Place of Sanctuary: #Essex as a landscape for mental health and well-being' - A panel discussion with Graham Burnett, Jessica Russell and Ken Worpole. To book your free ticket please visit @radicalessex @burnett.graham @southendlam @southendbc -------------------------------------------- With its many land settlements and self-sufficient communities, Essex in the early twentieth century provided an escape from the poverty and mental distress of the slums of East London. From retreats such as Greenwood in Stock, The Othona Community at Bradwell and the work at Runwell Hospital, Essex has long been a home for new approaches to mental health and well-being – a tradition which continues to this day in the work of Trustlinks, Spiralseed and others. Essex as a landscape for mental health and well-being will form the starting point for a panel discussion with Graham Burnett, Jessica Russell and Ken Worpole.
Next Saturday 10th November at 6.00pm, former @bigscreensouthend artist @mariannecrmurray has a new sci-fi mockumentary on the redevelopment of #Laindon Shopping Centre premiering @icalondon ! ---------------------------------------------'Laindon' is a camp exploration of the political landscape of the New Town. A portal has opened in #Basildon , #Essex on the site of Laindon Shopping Centre: a half demolished brutalist plaza earmarked for redevelopment. A young journalist enters an alternative reality Essex, where the synth pop scene pioneered by Basildon natives Depeche Mode and Alison Moyet flourished, and collective action defeated Thatcherite individualism to create a queer luxury communist Essex utopia. The human creatures from the portal world move between the two Laindons via the unmanned border of the portal, calling in to question the discrepancy in representations of the movement of migrants and of gentrifiers. Essex Mums become freedom fighters challenging top down racist policymaking and rejecting the delusion of white working class sentiment. Narratives blur as the portal people run to save their home from destruction while Basildon Gospel Choir sing an ode to the town’s future. @radicalessex @c4randomacts
Thank you to everyone that joined us for an incredibly fascinating talk by Lindsay Seers today. If you missed it, Lindsay will be in conversation with Anil Seth @focalpointgallery on Saturday 24 November at 2.00pm. #lindsayseers #everythoughtthereeverwas
Join us today at 2.00pm to hear Lindsay Seers talk through the making of 'Every Thought There Ever Was', currently on view @focalpointgallery until 23 December. To book your ticket visit - Not to be missed! @mattsgallerylondon @aceagrams @southendbc #Southend #Essex #FPG #lindsayseers
Our #Free Family Arts Day has begun! Come to experiment with drawbots, mark-making and clay, with workshops led by artists Damien Robinson and Hannah Rose Whittle. Join us at anytime until 4.00pm @focalpointgallery - Free and all ages welcome! #halfterm #southend #essex @southendbc @visitsouthend @radioessex @aceagrams @fpglearning
Next Saturday 27 October from 2.00 to 4.00pm, Lindsay Seers will give a talk on her practice and journey to the making of the current installation 'Every Thought There Ever Was' @focalpointgallery - For anyone travelling from London, @c2c_rail have kindly provided half-price return train tickets for travel between London Fenchurch Street and #Southend Central. To book, please visit our website: @mattsgallerylondon @aceagrams #Southend #Essex #LindsaySeers #everythoughtthereeverwas
Join us this Wednesday @twentyone_southend 4.00 to 6.00pm for a public feedback session with 'We Are Publication' to test out and discuss innovative forms of contemporary art publishing. -------------------------------------------- 'We Are Publication’ is a research group based @kingstonschoolofart Contemporary Art Research Centre which seeks to test out innovative forms of contemporary art publishing. The group consists of a fluctuating number of staff and current and past research students, brought together by a shared sense of experimentation and the possibilities inherent in collaboratively conducted research. To date the group have produced speculative publications in the form of a launch event (ICA, London, 2015), a 5 minute video (Stanley Picker Gallery, 2015), the 60 minute radio broadcast Diagram of an Hour (Resonance FM, London, 2016) and a vinyl record documenting the broadcast event (Curved Pressing, 2017). -------------------------------------------- We Are Publication’s latest project, Notes on a Carpet has taken the shape of a rug presented alongside a series of readings and performances at Five Years, London in April and at Black Tower Projects, London in June 2018. We Are Publication took part in the London Art Book Fair at the Whitechapel Gallery in September 2018 and will present Notes on a Carpet at Pratt Institute, New York in February 2019. #Southend #Essex #wearepublication #printedmatter
This Saturday, 2.00pm to 4.00pm. Join us! ---------------------------------------- Part of the New Geographies public programme, a group discussion with artists' Maria Anastassiou, Elsa James and Ren Steadman (chaired by Fanny von Beaverhausen) to consider identity in its many forms; from international displacement impact to class, gender and sexual identity. ---------------------------------------- Maria Anastassiou is an artist/filmmaker based in Essex. As part of New Geographies, she is working with Art Exchange on a film response to Tilbury, historically a point of entry for immigrants coming into the UK. Anastassiou intends to connect with local refugee and migrant groups to explore what 'Life in the UK' (the title of the booklet required to be studied by those seeking UK citizenship) means to them. ---------------------------------------- Elsa James is a Southend-based artist, producer and creative activist. Her interdiscplinary practice spans performance, text, language and socially engaged art. Recent solo projects include 'Forgotten Black Essex', a personal aural and visual reflection concerning the historical accounts of two distinct black women in Essex. ---------------------------------------- Ren Steadman is a singer songwriter from Essex. Described as "a fierce, fable wielding force of acoustic punk poetry" Ren has performed as a featured artist on the London News, Made with Pride TV and been featured in Gay Times Magazine, Diva Magazine, and newspapers across the country. --------------------------------------------Free and all welcome! For more information visit @southendbc @newgeog @aceagrams @metalsouthend @renstedmanmusic @thisiselsajames #Southend #Essex #Identity #belonging
Back on #CanveyWick today with @rspb_love_nature and @david_blandy_ discussing his forthcoming @newgeog commission
This week @focalpointgallery ---------------------------------------- Tuesday 9 October, 5-8pm: Gaming Workshop with David Blandy. Come, make and play a new fantasy game inspired by #canveyisland #Essex ---------------------------------------- Tuesday 9 October 6-8pm: 'Circle of Support', the launch of a new short film @bigscreensouthend on the importance of mental health support networks in Southend by WellbeingMatters. ---------------------------------------- Saturday 13 October 2-4pm: 'Who am I? Identity & belonging', a group discussion on identity; from international displacement impact to class, gender & sexual identity. With Maria Anastassiou, Elsa James & Ren Stedman. ---------------------------------------- Sunday 14 October 2-4pm: Artist Workshop with Sally-Ann Ashley, experimenting with expressive painting techniques in the context of our current exhibition 'Every Thought There Ever Was' -------------------------------------------For more information please visit #Southend #FPG #Essex #FreeEvents @southendbc @visitsouthend @aceagrams
Wonderful to hear @joeybambinodrag perform @twentyone_southend this afternoon as part of @sece_mind ’s HED Talks, a place for stories and conversation about our personal and collective mental health. For more events in our current exhibition public programme, for Lindsay Seers’ ‘Every Thought There Ever Was’, check out our website
Lily van der Stokker @southlondongallery
Great to see the work of #Southend artist Paul Anthony Harford at the @sadiecoleshq booth this year @friezeartfair - Paul's work was discovered following the artists' first solo exhibition @focalpointgallery earlier this year #friezelondon #friezeweek #friezeartfair #paulanthonyharford
Join us for the first in a series of gaming workshops tomorrow @focalpointgallery from 5-8pm led by @david_blandy_ to create a new fantasy game inspired by the the wildlife and landscape of #CanveyWick on #CanveyIsland , #Essex - Free to all. @newgeog @aceagrams @southendbc @radicalessex #TheWorldAfter #davidblandy
#Repost @sallyanneashleyart (@get_repost ) ・・・ Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed today's workshop and think everyone else did too. It was filled with intuitive mark making, expressive painting techniques and shared stories about our own creative journeys 💕 - all wonderfully nurturing stuff... only wish we'd have had more time . I didn't take nearly enough pics but here's just a few snaps of the session - thank you again to those who attended, I'm super grateful to have shared the time and space with you 🙏🙏 xx Thank you also to @focalpointgallery for inviting me to do this - I'm very grateful 🙏 . #southendonsea #focalpointgallery #artistworkshop #creativespace #creativejourney #doitfortheprocess #sundaypainting
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