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We will be hibernating in this bowl of green curry until further notice. ✌️ | 📷: @pinchofyum
Inspired by the iconic, barely-sweet butter cookies at @painpoilane in Paris, these little rays of sunshine are the platonic ideal of a butter cookie. ☀️ They're not too sweet, nor too heavy. The dough comes together quickly, and with a quick roll-out (use our Lovely Rolling Pins for instant accuracy) they can be yours in just over an hour. Plus, they freeze like a champ, meaning you can make a batch now and keep them on hand throughout the holidays to serve as a quick, elegant dessert, an accompaniment for afternoon coffee, or a late-night treat for guests, or family, or just yourself. 🤗 Head to the link in our profile ( for the recipe and our best-selling rolling pin.
Under those powdered-sugared peaks lies a buttermilk cake starring an unlikely and, frankly, underrated spice. 🏔 This mysterious spice has a delightfully bright, citrusy, floral flavor, yet it doesn't appear regularly in Western baked goods. Any guesses? 🧐 Head to the link in our profile to find out how @alicemedrich has been experimenting with it (and the recipe for this showstopper). 📷: @rockyluten
One more spoonful should do it... 😜🍜 Chilly weather outside calls for chilis inside, so let’s warm things up, shall we? Tag all the dishes heating up your kitchen (and tastebuds!) with #f52spicy , and we’ll share your concoctions all week long. 🌶 (📷: @foodsofjane )
We're going to warn you in advance—these cookies may ruin you for all other gingerbread desserts this holiday season. 😳 Riffing off of @karliekloss ' recipe, @equittner 's take on the fan fave is deeply, irresistibly spicy thanks to a one-two 🥊 of ground ginger and homemade candied ginger, and topped off with a deeply-rich dark chocolate ganache. Even better? They're vegan + refined-sugar free, so make that list, check it twice, and share with everyone to make the holidays oh-so-nice. 🤗 Recipe via the link in our bio! 🍫 (📷: @rockyluten ) #f52partner @hukitchen
Look deep into the salty pools of dark chocolate and answer the following question. 👁 Oatmeal in chocolate chip cookies, y/n? 🍪 | 📷: @thesweetandsimplekitchen
We might be a little biased, but we think @amandahesser knows her way around an egg or two. 🐣 Which is why we're going to tell you to do yourself a favor and make her baked eggs with rosemary olive oil toasts. Nestled in a mini ceramic cocotte they cook up beautifully; think firm whites and jammy, highly-dippable yolks. 🙏 The recipe is endlessly riffable: change up the spices, add meat (did somebody say chorizo?), veggies, and whatever cheese strikes your fancy. 🧀 Get the recipe—and snag a trio of Staub Mini Ceramic Cocottes (only $59, for a limited time)—through the link in our profile.
What we hope when the forecast calls for snow. ❄️ ‘tis the season for dozens and dozens of cookies and we want to see what you’re whipping up. Show off your baking prowess by tagging #f52holidaycookie and we’ll share your concoctions all week long. 🍪 (📷: @beeandthebaker )
The only thing that can make homemade garlic butter naan even better is a bowlful of soup to dunk it in with a *generous* amount of toppings. 🍲 Our favorite toppings include a blob of something creamy and cool + something crunchy + something spicy + a splash of acid for a little contrast. @theoriginaldish nailed it, as demonstrated above. 🙌
We have a 🆒🆕 idea for how you can practice self-care today... ⠀ ⠀ 1️⃣ Make a squidgy, Yorkshire pudding recipe for one. ⠀ 2️⃣ Pour a glass of wine (or another beverage of your choice). ⠀ 3️⃣ Crack open a book you've been meaning to read.⠀ ⠀ Hey look! You just #selfcaresunday 'd! 🧖‍♀️ Read editor @ericjoonho 's latest #TableForOne column and get the recipe (adapted from @nigellalawson ) through the link in our profile. 📷: @goodcomag
Leave it to @emcdowell to figure out how to turn a glass of spinach juice into a springy, loaf of ciabatta. 🌱 However, don't mistake this "green bread" as a cleanse-worthy snack. The juiced spinach produces a really lovely loaf of bread with a crisp outer crust, and a tender, chewy crumb. It's excellent for serving on cheese boards, is great dunked in olive oil, and makes the perfect pairing for hot dips. 🔥 Head on over to the recipe through the link in our profile—and swipe right for that crumb shot. 👀⠀ ⠀ 📷: @rockyluten
A little ube, a lotta color. 💟 ‘tis the season for dozens and dozens of cookies and we want to see what you’re whipping up. Show off your baking prowess by tagging #f52holidaycookie and we’ll share your concoctions all week long. 🍪 (📷: @hummingbirdhigh )
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