Pakistan's Biggest Food & Music Festival! It is going to happen at Beach Park, Clifton Karachi on 9th, 10th & 11th of March!

Quality brings quantity! . . #CokeFest . . #EatToTheBeat
Zoe Viccaji swoons them over at #CokeFest ! Catch a great line-up on Day-3 as well at Beach Park next to Dolmen Mall! . . #EatToTheBeat
Head to Beach Park today, next to Dolmen Mall to enjoy Day-3 of #CokeFest ! . . #EatToTheBeat
Strings do what they do the best at #CokeFest ! Stun the crowd with their performance! . . #EatToTheBeat
#CokeFest happening next to Dolmen Mall at Beach Park has a range full of traditional and exotic food items for you to try! . . #EatToTheBeat
#CokeFest Day-2 is every taste of toothsome! . . #EatToTheBeat
Come to #CokeFest because you want to #EatToTheBeat ! . . Head to Beach Park next to Dolmen Mall!
Come by #CokeFest at Beach Park near Dolmen Mall on Day-2! . . #EatToTheBeat
Fans meet @asimazhar after his stunning performance at #CokeFest See you all today at Beach Park, Clifton Karachi! . . #EatToTheBeat
Few unforgettable moments from Day 1! We have scrumptious food in stores and all your favourite artists; Strings, Zoe Viccaji, Vahaj Hanif, Quadrum and Sahir Ali Bagga to perform on Day 2! . . #CokeFest #EatToTheBeat
@sophiyanjam has a special message for you all! Day-2 performance line-up of #CokeFest is just going to hit it out of the park!! We have Strings, Zoe Viccaji, Vahaj Hanif, Quadrum and Sahir Ali Bagga to perform! . . #EatToTheBeat
Fuzon ends #CokeFest Day-1 in style! . . #EatToTheBeat
Fuzon takes stage on fire! . . #CokeFest #EatToTheBeat
Beach Park packed with Karachiites as #CokeFest unfolds! . Now you know where all the fun is! . . #EatToTheBeat
Crowds are picking up! Drive down to #CokeFest this time around at Karachi's Beach Park to find out what makes Fry Guys lit! #EatToTheBeat
Al Hassan's Gol Gappas at #CokeFest are making mouths water! You don't want to miss out on this! Head to Beach Park now! #EatToTheBeat
Dip Shop at #CokeFest in Beach Park near Dolmen Mall has cones and everything icy to break some ice with Karachiites! . Flock the place peeps! . . #EatToTheBeat
Fuzon have their Coldplay moment, step into the crowd!! . . #CokeFest . . #EatToTheBeat
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