And to all a good etc
Back To School Notes Dept
Leader of the pack
Home early after a misadventure-bedecked lunch. Thank you USPS for delivering early and sorting out the afternoon's listening.
Get yours now!
Surely slicing would be more practical? Also, is that an electric peach?
Well, hello!
Afternoon work soundtrack
I may have lost my space
Her pensive 70s singer-songwriter phase.
Resting Muffin Faceā„¢
Shall be busy this evening, I fear. And by fear, of course I mean thrilled and delighted. Flute Rock!
Au 'voir
Rockets' mostly reddish glare
Exit Stage Left
Pillow pup, pals.
This just in...
Is that thunder? You know I don't like thunder. Why are you making it thundery? You can stop being thundery now. Srsly. You can. Please?
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