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Summer campers are arriving today! Middle schoolers participating in this free week long overnight camp, offered in partnership with the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, will be spending the next two nights inside the fort, where the Bachelors Quarters was located in the 1840s. ⛺️ #summercamp #FindYourPark #FortVancouver #VanWA
This “breakfast cup” (slightly larger than a teacup) was found by @nationalparkservice archaeologists at Fort Vancouver. It’s pattern is called “Warwick” and it was manufactured by the British Spode company between 1847 and 1860. #FortVancouver #archeology #archaeology
Sometimes Fort Vancouver National Historic Site can feel like a natural oasis in the middle of the bustling city of Vancouver. Check out what we spotted blooming along the Spruce Mill Trail! #vanwa #findyourpark #nationalparks
‪Looking forward to tomorrow’s royal wedding? This 1840 engraving showing the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert hangs in the Chief Factor’s House mess hall at Fort Vancouver. Many employees and officers of the Hudson’s Bay Company were British subjects, and the historic engravings on display at the house represent the ties between Great Britain and far-flung outposts like Fort Vancouver. #FortVancouver #VanWA #royalwedding #victorian
As the days get longer and warmer, why not come sit for a spell in the gorgeous #FortVancouver garden? 🌿 #VanWA #FindYourPark
This early 20th century Bayer aspirin bottle was found by @nationalparkservice archaeologists at Vancouver Barracks. The multicolored patina comes from imperfections in the glass breaking down as the bottle aged underground. #archeology #archaeology #VanWA #VancouverBarracks
Smells like lunchtime in the #FortVancouver kitchen! Our volunteer chef is cooking up chicken stew and fried potatoes with kale! Yum! #FindYourPark #vanwa
It’s going to be a beautiful day at your local national park! ☀️ #FindYourPark #FortVancouver #VanWA
Looking for a way to get outside and enjoy this week's sunny weather with little ones? Caregivers and children ages 3 to 6 are invited to join us tomorrow at 10:30 am in the Fort Vancouver Garden for this month’s Little Learners program! Learn about the history behind the fort's #garden , see #archaeological artifacts, listen to a story, meet our team of volunteer gardeners, embark on a plant scavenger hunt, and take home a seed from our garden to grow at home! 🌿 #VanWA #FortVancouver #FindYourPark
Happy World Book Day! The Fort Vancouver National Historic Site #museum collection is home to many historic #books , including books from the Columbia Library, the region's first #library , which was located at Fort Vancouver. 📚 #WorldBookDay #VanWA #FortVancouver
This insignia was worn by a soldier or officer of the 7th Infantry Regiment. The 7th Infantry arrived at Vancouver Barracks in 1922 and remained here until the outbreak of World War II, becoming the Regiment with the most time spent at Vancouver. The motto on this crest - “Volens Et Potens” - translates to “Willing and Able.” This artifact was found by archaeologists during excavations in the East Vancouver Barracks and is now part of our museum collection. 🇺🇸 #USArmy #VancouverBarracks #VanWA #museumcollection #archaeology #archeology
What a great day for a field trip at Fort Vancouver! ☀️ #FortVancouver #FindYourPark #VanWA
This artifact, found by archaeologists in Vancouver Barracks, is part of a ceramic “president pipe.” These 19th century pipes were sold in the United States to commemorate the election of a president. On what remains of the base of this pipe’s bowl, you can see the words “President” and “Fillmore.” The US Army soldier or officer who smoked this pipe, was likely a supporter of President Millard Fillmore, who became president in 1850. 🇺🇸 #VanWA #VancouverBarracks #archaeology #archeology
‪Join us today to discover women’s history at #FortVancouver ! Programs will be taking place at the fort & Visitor Center throughout the afternoon, 12 pm to 4 pm. #WomensHistoryMonth#womenshistory #FindYourPark
#FortVancouver is a great place to experience Northwest history! This week, over 320 local students came to the fort on field trips! #FindYourPark #VanWA
It may be cold and rainy, but we’ve found some signs that #spring is on its way! #VanWA #FindYourPark
Good morning from #FortVancouver ! While it’s not raining, why not stop by today to #FindYourPark with us?
With spring-like weather on the way, we love to see dogs and their owners out for walks at Fort Vancouver NHS! As a reminder, dogs must be on a leash at all times at the national park. For more info & dates for upcoming #BarkRanger tours, visit the link in our profile! 🐶 #dogsinparks #FortVancouver #FindYourPark
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