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This year, our gift to you is an undeniably cute pun. 🐑
Hands-free payment for when your hands could use a hand.
Tag a friend who slipped on ice and tried to play it off like nothing happened!
A bag that’ll get you into the holiday spirit to gift holiday spirits.
When is it officially acceptable to bump holiday tunes? Cause we started in November...
Willing to brave five minutes in a blizzard for the gram.
The invite did say Plus One so you brought your little arm candy. Oh, and your actual date too.
Even if your head is in the clouds, you’ll never miss a flight back home again.
A first: your mother-in-law just thanked you for the wonderful gift. Chalk that up as a holiday miracle.
When someone asks if you’re excited to catch up on sleep.
Nothing like hearing your echo and realizing that that’s what you sound like.
Being able to skip any cheesy song your sister puts on is truly the greatest gift of all.
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