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Who said briefcases are just for boys? . . . Photos via: @closetvomitfashion @jonathankemp & @freckledredfox
#FallStyle starter pack. . . . Photo via: @minileelo
Carlie, you’re doing amazing sweetie. 📸
Is it too early to start our Holiday wish-list? Asking for a friend.
Rise and grind, let's get this bread. (and by bread we mean brunch)
Cloudy with a chance of cancelling plans to stay home.
Is it just us, or is this art piece telling you to leave work early too? . . . Photo via: @ericjess
Hear them roar! Check out our IG stories to see powerful girls from around the world. #DayOfTheGirl
Would rather be here than doing Wednesday. . Photo via: @annamaretski . #NationalHandbagDay
How every great relationship begins. #CurrentMood . . Pick up your Mood Watch at a Fossil store near you!
When someone asks if I have plans tonight. #CurrentMood
When your Friday look calls for something a little extra. #CurrentMood
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