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#RunCBD #Foxtractscbd #Gopurepressure

Got to check out this amazing local shop @solace.fineespresso I cannot stop saying how much I love supporting local businesses! Had a wonderful chat with Moose and Zane on top of a impressive list of coffees and amazing goodies for you to enjoy they support local artist and have some of the coolest stuff. Go follow them and check them out!!
Oh Seattle ❤️
28:1 CBD caps
Congrats on the first batch of cannabis concentrates dropping for FL medical patients. Small step forward
Pull up and mind your own. To the person who keeps reporting my post. Lmfao why are you so sour? Just leave. I’ll be starting a new private page for all product/genetics inquiry
#Repost @bobbynuggz_official ・・・ "Farmers have been wielding neem oil against fungal and insect pests for centuries. When done properly, very little azadirachtin ends up in the food, because most plants can't take it up through their roots. Cannabis is one of the best phytoremediators known - when grown in contaminated soil, it "cleans" the soil by uptaking heavy metals and other toxins. So it DOES uptake azadirachtin, especially during vegetative stage, then deposits it with resins into the flowers, which may be dried for smoking or made into concentrates. Many (even organic) growers don't know this, and continue to use neem oil with cannabis. Yes, it's organic, but organic doesn't mean safe. Azadirachtin is definitely poisonous. As much as HALF of all cannabis, including in dispensaries, is contaminated to some degree with azadirachtin! What Azadirachtin does to Humans The early symptoms of azadirachtin toxicityare intense nausea, cyclic vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, muscle tension, fatigue, and dehydration. Symptoms can be reduced with Benadryl (diphenhydramine) or a hot shower/bath. Those who are particularly sensitive to azadirachtin, those who are otherwise weakened or immunocompromised, and those who get the highest doses get the sickest. If levels get high enough, stupor, seizures, and organ damage result. When the patient abstains from cannabis, or switches to a clean source (grown without azadirachtin), symptoms gradually clear up." Full article via @steemitsupport #neemoil #cannabisfarmers
Seriously it’s disgusting and kind of makes me sick to my stomach to learn some of the true colors of the people in this PDX cannabis “community”. All of these states visited and it seems there is a abundance of shit here. I could of done the whole post screenshots don’t support blah blah blah. Fuck all of that. The next time you see me or mine out and about I will be happy to let you know face to face what and who I’m talking about. Don’t say you fuck with me if your the kind of person to threaten people over the color of their skin or their status as a citizen and person in this country . Look around and make sure your untouchable first. Fact is , your not. People like this should just disappear. Get along or move along. Someone tried to instill a very good point when I reached out to them about this.. you can only take so many threats before you stop turning the other cheek. People get got for less IMHO.
What a load of SHIT
You know who you are 😂👏 #Repost @thestonerwithnojob ・・・ You still gonna like this too...
Former school grounds keeper got TERMINAL cancer from the weed killer “Round Up” was just awarded 250 Million to be paid out by Monsanto ( I don’t hate, but if I did these fuckers would be at the top of my list) and another 40 million in damages.. in my opinion that’s still not enough. I can walk into any store, find this same product on a shelf, and I can still purchase it. In my honest opinion the product and it’s entire line should be pulled and banned. That poor guy, that money can’t buy life, hopefully something good can come of this. I hope more people come out with their experiences. I literally saw this article pop up as I drove by a groundskeeper spraying for weeds. 🤦‍♂️ we can do better
Cherry wine FTFuckingWIN
Airlines are the fucking worst, who’s out here ?
This is pretty much every day for me but what the hell! How has cbd helped you?! Drop a comment below ⤵️ I want to hear from everyone!! I’ll start, CBD cannabis has helped me not only personally , it’s helped me educate , reach out and help others. Every day has been a crazy adventure which has only led to more questions which leads us to more answers, Every single day I learn something new and amazing about this compound along with the 100+ we really are just scratching the surface, working with CBD and seeing how many it’s helped in our community in the epilepsy and autism community as well, it’s blown my mind how much this has grown and what it’s become. Studying this compound led me to be curious about the rest of them. Working with CBG, studying the differences in using CBD/THCA treatments, to looking at CBN and THCV as well as CBC and CBT, again we truly are just beginning this learning process! It’s exciting and humbling and I couldn’t be happier doing the work that makes me feel most at home. In a crazy way cannabis and this compound help me find myself when I couldn’t see 3 steps in front or behind me. I am beyond grateful for that. So again I ask, How has CBD helped you?
Do me a huge favor and go follow my friends over at @purepressureusa as their account got deleted. Go show them some love! #gopurepressure #purepressureusa #Repost @purepressureusa ・・・ Pure Pressures account got deleted! We're back and stronger then every we won't let the hate bring us down! #solventless #rivers #waterhash #purepressure #purepressureusa #gopurepressure #rosinrevolution #hashrosin #rosin
@indoexposhow day two was awesome thanks to everyone we saw!
First day of @indoexposhow was great hanging around with @behindblazedeyes ! Well be there bright and early tomorrow !!!
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