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#Repost @missradreefer ・・・ One cannot really expect to succeed if we only put in work on days we *feel* like it because being productive is not the same as being busy 💯
#Repost @_jinxproof ・・・ U know what to do.....
Grateful things have changed. I can remember a time when they weren’t this way. It’s humbling and exciting. Cheers
I ended up here following my heart, ended up a part of a family 💜🥳🙏much love to @nwcannabisclubs and all involved.
#Repost @willsmith ・・・ Somebody asked me the other day How did I define Love? I didn’t have a good answer. I thought about it a little... Here’s my first attempt. :-) . How do Y’all define Love? . 🎞: @westbrook @pursuethedelicious
Every damn day. I’m still catching my breath and planning the last portion of our fundraiser through our online auctions (peep our story !) regardless of what month it is, it’s #fuckepilepsy and #RunCBD forever! I’m trying to find the space to thank all of our amazing sponsors and I’ll try not to make that post too sappy I promise 😂🙏 Thanks to everyone who came out and supported! Without you guys this simply would not be possible!
UPDATE for our @nwcannabisclubs Shake It Off Event! Pretty much how I feel after going non stop for this event! I’m happy to say that even with the 4+ items that didn’t make it, including a @sonnumberfour piece will be auctioned on my page (TBA) we are well on our way to beating last year’s donation ($3100+) with close to more than half coming directly from all the funds we raised on Saturday ! @mutant_glass and I are currently waiting on the rest of the items, which I will be posting for auction as well. I am currently catching up on all things @foxtracts related - while I’m on the subject I will only address this once, if you have anything negative to say or would like to voice your opinion your probably better off being direct instead of sliding in people’s DM. Even when you try to help people, someone is always going to be upset. I’ve made it through things that would kill most others. Trust that there’s nothing you can do over a keyboard to affect change the way we did Saturday night. Be the change you want to see in the world. Thank you all for helping us I will be making a post later today thanking EVERYONE
Mood AF after the amazing event tonight @nwcannabisclubs #FuckEpilepsy #cannabiscommunity #pnw #family
CBD bar been poppin ALL night
Thank you all so much ! Today @nwcannabisclubs 4pm- come on down.
im a little late for my #TBT but here we are lol! A little over 4 years ago I wanted to set out to really try and be a voice for Epilepsy Awareness in our #cannabiscommunity So I decided to put together the first Cannabis Kid friendly consumption free event where we shared each other’s stories, our children’s stories. It was where I first met Loralai and @my_lifeandlove , my good friend @teamlandonandcannabis was on board to help me with this and her and Landon played a huge part in helping me raise awareness for our cause, @lexihatesepilepsy birthday was that day we had cake 😊 the whole room wished her a happy birthday @coltynscrue was there to share their sons story of how cannabis saved their son from Crohn’s disease, we had patients sharing stories, @bearmountainstudios @pyrologyglass and @pukinbeagle and @cannapages really helped make it a day to remember. November has always held a big place in my heart because of how life turned out for me, Epilepsy Awareness is so important to me, showing and taking to others about how amazing this plant can be and how much more we are discovering every day is what keeps me going. People ask me all the time how someone copes with those things , all I can say is find something close to your heart and run with it, no matter what. Looking back this picture almost seems like yesterday.. I’m truly grateful and blessed to be able to continue the work. Thank you all for you help , your support and your kind words. I am not defined by my loss , you are not defined by your condition, your illness, your situation. We all have it inside us to reach for what is in our hearts and dreams. I urge you all to follow your heart, be passionate and love one another, love what you do, love the process. I wouldn’t trade a single second of this life. The good, the bad, the ugly. I’m only hopeful that I can continue to humbly do what I feel I must. Thank you all 💜🙏
#Repost @foxtracts ・・・ I’d like to take a second to thank every donating sponsor and artist I’ve reached out to. Give them a follow and know that this comes from all of our hearts 💜 #Repost @nwcannabisclubs ・・・ Saturday December 1st 4pm. Come join us at NW Cannabis Club for the 2nd Annual "Shake It Off" Epilepsy Awareness & Charity Event to benefit The Southern Oregon Epilepsy Group. Live local art glass auctions, Raffles throughout the day, Silent Auctions, Live Music. Come sesh with us and visit the following sponsors @future4200 @sonnumberfour @mutant_glass @goilath @thejamhole @_jinxproof @beeskneescbd @concentratedgenetics @cascadebotanical @dannybglass @morningstarglass #goodlifegang @tdizz_doesig @tastebudglassdesigns @kdubsglass @kerby_glass @fortunate_glass @habitat_glass @brucewayneglass @glass_by_blake @slabtownboro @sketchandburn @trippiehippie_smokeshop_ @newglassman @starfishglassdesigns @peli_saver @zitzglass @sparklepantsranch @alphakronic @anytimepdx @sidco_cat @runcbdco @francosfamilia @foxtracts @grimnonsense @brian_baker151 @renaleephotography @alphakronik @glasstro
Thank you all for making this a reality again this year ! 🙏💜 come join us tomorrow @nwcannabisclubs December 1st 4pm for our Epilepsy Awareness Fundraiser “Shake it Off” all proceeds shall go to The Southern Oregon Epilepsy Group in Medford,Oregon! Thank you all so much !
Broad spec ALL DAY #Repost @future4200 ・・・ Broad spectrum beats isolate all day. • @sidco_cat
I don’t even have the words right now, just to see others who I know are truly passionate about helping others it means the world to me, from the bottom of my heart thank you @_jinxproof @missroseiam @nwcannabisclubs Saturday 4pm Join us!
@__goliath__ 🥳🥳🥳🙏💜 thanks to everyone that is taking a part in what we’re doing with our epilepsy fundraiser, our benefactor The Southern Oregon Epilepsy Group in Medford,Oregon is actively our jere trying to better the lives of the children and families here who need a helping hand. This means the world to me. Thank you all so so much!
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