Nightlife & PrivateJet🛫Hospitality/ Luca’s Dad💙 18+

Double Breasted x No Stylist ✂️
Truth of the matter is I Have never Been Successful by myself. I have Always tried to put together or be a part of Teams whom all Equally play their part at a extremely high level of production. Grateful @eastnewyork Brought @misterwelive To Brooklyn 1 day and I knew immediately He had massive untapped potential. Growth and Well connected, More success in 2019. It’s just the start
Family Ties👌🏽 @silkcitygentlemenslounge Arrived in Queens & Made a Mess🍾🍾💸💸 Thank you !!!!!!
#mondaynightmusic 🎶 Different Bag💰 @privilegedny_
Lot of Hair Flippin, Milly Rockin, & Shmoney💸Tossin’ #moneybagwed 💲 @privilegedny_ With a Sturdy Startin’ 5
#Repost @mxdrprincess with @download_repost ・・・ It’s a vibe whenever we link up 😏 pull up @privilegedny_
Doors Open🙌🏽 Couple Trophies🏆 in Queens @privilegedny_ Pull🆙
Bags💰 are Bigger In Woodside NY🙌🏽 2️⃣nite @privilegedny_ @strikesinatra x @misterwelive x @eastnewyork PRESENT #superstarsaturdays 🌟‼️ Hosted by @itzzbillytruee 🎙 🎶 @djfortnox #TrappinAllNite
Tell HOV the call ain’t Goin Thru🤣🤣 #WeNeedMore $$$ #bandofriday 💵 @wendii_soflyy x @jvliesantana
Boys came out Last night Fuckd🆙 tha Check💵💵💵 #Privilegednyc Typical Weather💸💸💸💸
And she walkin’ in @ 1045
For The Culture 👌🏽 Queens W the Bigger Bag💰
2️⃣nite 🔜 @privilegedny_ Woodside NY #moneybagwed 💲 ALL⭐️Star Lineup Featuring @leezahhhh ✖️ @missballerina x @ayishadiaz x @maddymorebuckss x @bellajulie25 Let’s go @girlslovebhris x @bundycrum TRAPSEASON💵
2️⃣nite Nov 27th #industrytuesday ‼️ @privilegedny_ Music 🎶Powered by: #Hot97 #TheHeavyHitters 💥 @djwallah 📻 Alongside @dj__moneymike Hosted by 🎙 @itzzbillytruee + @young6ix__ 2 for $400 bottles till 1 A.M. 🍾 #RSVP @misterwelive @hollywood_kg @dreblackdiamond @frank_thesuit @vpmarketing_
Keep that Energy sir! Blessings!!!! More Life🥂 @realg4boyzicebaby
Damn Family forever🤦🏻‍♂️ If u knew how many years 🤣 @yarissa__g
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