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to my best friend on her golden birthday, i love you with all of my heart. thank you for ALWAYS making me smile. for always ALWAYS being there for me. for lifting me up when i was down. for ALWAYS believing in me, even when i couldn’t believe in myself... i am alive today because you have been the greatest sister a man could have ever asked or hoped for. if i could cast a patronus it would ABSOLUTELY HAVE A HIGH PONYTAIL. 😋 and know i will ALWAYS be there for you... I missed your birthday once cause i was getting my ass sober and i promised i would never miss another... so i am getting my sober ass on a plane and i will be there for you soon. ✈️ i am so proud of you ariana... now. forever. always. ✨ happy happy happy happy birthday... i know it will be filled with love light and joy, and i can’t wait to celebrate with you! 👯🎂
to me #pride means never having to apologize for being your authentic self, shining bright for all to see, and HELPING those who need it so they can do the same. 🌈🙏
i am so PROUD to announce that i co-designed these ADORABLE gender non-binary shorts and tank with @thephluidproject to celebrate world PRIDE and they are NOW available for purchase online & in person at the phluid store! come celebrate their launch as well as my @fifthandninth SHINE BRIGHT phone case in-store launch with me Monday, TOMORROW, at The Phluid Project, 684 Broadway from 6-8! i hope to see you all there to celebrate and dance with me cause there will be a DJ and lots of cock/mock tails! 😜🌈👯✨ #pridemonth
we’re here. we’re queer. get used to it. 🏳️‍🌈😜❤️💋 #pride #lgbtq 🌈
iconic #sweetener moments with my sister/best friend/greatest performer on the planet, the greatest manager ever (hbd btw ytm!), the best boyfriend a man could ever hope or wish for, the best roomate/adopted bro on the planet and the best friend to my lil sis that a big bro could ask for... i love you all so damn much! 🥰❤️👯✨
yesterday was the most beautiful celebration ever. from morning father’s day celebrations woth my dad to seeing my bestie @allie.meixner in @thechershow with my ❤️ @haleleon , to the beautiful dinner planned my by incredible sister, to taking my mommy to see my favorite nyc drag queens @martigcummings @rosewithanaccent & @jansportnyc perform their hearts out... it was the greatest anniversary/sober birthday celebration i could have possibly asked for. i am so lucky, blessed, and grateful. it really was a dream come true. thank you all. 🥰 #2yearsSOBER
today i am 2 YEARS SOBER!!! and I absolutely can not believe the shift my life has taken. 2 years ago, when i checked myself into treatment i was in a terribly dark place... i had lost the desire to live. i thought the only way out of the darkness was to go further down... drowning myself in pills and booze. the light had gone out and i never thought i would be able to rekindle the flame that once burned so brightly within my soul... and now... 2 years without a drink or a drug... i can HAPPILY SAY I AM BEAMING!! I AM GLOWING!! I AM SHINING AGAIN!!! my life is the fullest it has ever been and not only am i in a place where i have sober tools to help myself out of the darkness but i have the tools and the light to help others out as well... in fact much of this past year in sobriety has been dedicated to helping others with addiction and alcoholism to find and keep sobriety for themselves. i am so grateful for the ability to do that. i am grateful i got it. i am grateful it stuck. i am grateful for every single magical person who has helped me along the way. i love my life now more then ever and i know without a doubt it is because i am sober! i owe everything i have today to my sobriety. this road has been hard and long but from where i am standing, it has been the most beautiful journey of all and i wouldn’t change a thing. i am a example to anyone who is going through a terribly dark time, who has lost their will to live, who can not see a way out that THERE IS A WAY OUT... and that you can emerge stronger and happier then ever before... shining bright for all to see! 🙏🎂2️⃣🎂❤️ #sexy #sassy #strong #shiny #SOBER AA: (212) 870-3400 NA: (818) 773-9999 Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-9255
yo. love is love. and it’s pretty fabulous. 🥰 #pride
packed and ready for WORLD #PRIDE !!! 👅🏳️‍🌈❤️🌈🤷🏼‍♂️ (hope i brought enough rainbows 🤔)
june is my favorite month of the year... 😋🏳️‍🌈 #pride
had so much fun biking with these boys this past week... we are worthy! 💪😋🚴🏼‍♂️ #aidslifecycle
happy birthday to the greatest woman to have ever walked the earth. thank you mommy for everything that do. enjoy today. take a step back and see how loved you are and allow us to be the ones that take care of you for a change... because you are so wonderful and always put others first, so let us be the ones that put you first at least for today. i mean it! we got you!!! (i promise you can go back to being superwoman tomorrow. 😋 but for today, take a bath please! 🛀🏻) i love you with all of my heart. thank you for shaping me into the man i am today. happy birthday mommy. 🎈🎁💐💖
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