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Full video is on LETITDO TV, sign up on my website. I use, teach and believe in a 50 yard zero for carbines. There are some arguments that it isn’t truly a 50/200 yard zero. I disagree, if done correctly a 50 yard zero for a carbine is a 200 yard zero. I did an 8 minute video with details about the whys and hows. That video is on LETITDO TV (my video series with over 4 hours of info and more stuff coming soon) if you want to know more, go to my website,sign up, watch the videos and you will have all the info you want. Also there’s about an 8 minute about the capabilities of variable powered optics and the limitations of red dots on carbines. Check that out too! These are my thoughts, I share them with folks that are interested. Thanks y’all! The link to my website is in my bio. #letitdo #ar15 #nightforce #bcm
Stay salty my friends! #letitdo #saltlife
Nice picture of my captured guide rod adapter for Gen 4 and 5 Glocks. The factory recoil system in the Gen 4 and 5 Glock Pistols is decent, but if you want to run the guns fast, a different recoil system really helps with a faster easier sight track. I offer a guide rods and adapters that are black Nitride finished as well as an optimal recoil spring and most of it is on sale in the clearance section of my website. The link is in my bio. Thanks! #letitdo #glock #recoil #smooth #g19
Sweet picture by @jawbone_media during filming for LETITDO TV. This is one of 3 rifle ranges at my facility,this one goes to 650, the biggest targets are 11x18, great carbine work and all done from natural terrain, come train with me if your interested or sign up for LETITDO TV, or do both! All the info is on my website,thanks y’all! #letitdo #frankproctorshooting #nightforce #bcm #triarc #cmc #lucasoutdoorline #5 .56#ar15
I recently posted this on you tube with the title “Shooting is Fun” here’s a reply I got. It brings to mind something that I think is wrong in shooting and training. Folks aren’t having original thoughts. There’s too much regurgitation out there. I don’t know everything about shooting but the stuff I know and share is the result of challenging the regurgitations and having my own thoughts and experiences both success and failure. Here’s the comments from YouTube. Comment:you need to get lower as you move. Keep your legs bent while keeping your upper body erect. 5 days ago Frank Proctor Shooting why? 1 hour ago Comment:WeIl I was told it allows for more rapid movement without disturbing the gun mount as much as straight legs do. 34 minutes ago Frank Proctor Shooting Hey sir, I figured it was because of what "they say" check out my website (the bio will give you some insight on why I do what I do)and some of the other stuff I offer about shooting and why. I also recently posted another video about why I have the thoughts I have about shooting. Most folks in shooting and training regurgitate what they've heard before with out having an original thought as to how and why to perform. Shooting on the move is my jam. (those are 10" plates 12-15 yards away on the move) in 2007 I developed a passion for competitive shooting. I trained for USPSA almost everyday and did a lot of movement work. I competed almost every weekend until I deployed agin in 2010. By training and competing a lot I was able to make GM in Limited division in just over a year. When I taught shooting on the move to SF dudes I regurgitated the same old stuff, "deep bend in the legs, lower your center of gravity, groucho walks etc" however what I noticed in 2012 when I started my training business, i started having a much more analytic approach to shooting and my body had adapted into doing things different that the regurgitations. Now I share this thoughts with folks that want to shoot Fast Accurate Easy. Check out my website if you're interested in training with me or you can subscribe to LETITDO Tv, I have over 4 hours of my thoughts on shooting and gear there.
Here’s a good look at how the fiber optic should be installed in my sights. They are designed with a recess in the front sight blade for the fiber optic to fit in. If installed correctly the fiber in the front sight will be much brighter and last a very long time (10k ish). Last week I filmed some great video with @jawbone_media including sight and fiber optic installation, those videos and more will be on LETITDO Tv so go to my website and sign up if you’re interested. Thanks y’all! #letitdo #ynotchsights #proctorsights
Going fast with guns and catching fish are my habits/passions! I really dig blue water fishing but it’s 150 miles out right now sooooo I did some snapper fishing couple legal red snapper and a few solid Minho. Good dinner tonight and I’ll be sending some fish up to my dudes in Alaska soon also. Thanks y’all! #letitdo
Going to the range today? Watch some LETITDO Tv before you go or at the range. There might be some info in there to help you shoot Fast Accurate Easy Sign up at
That Proctor Light Mount tho! The PLM puts this @surefire_llc mini scout super close to this @bravocompanyusa KMR-A rail and still allows the mounting of lasers and other accessories in the right places. The link is in my bio if you want one or more info. Photo by @jawbone_media #minimalist #bcm #surefire #nightforceoptics #frankproctorshooting #ar15
Here’s a short clip from one of the videos I just put up on IG TV. Check it out. #letitdo #haveyourowntgouggts #shooting #traning #rtr @bravocompanyusa @nightforce_optics @precision_delta_ammo @triarcsystems
I don’t do many sales, so you might want to check this out. The link is in my bio.
How do y’all like the new icon and name for my video series? Currently there’s over 4 hours of info in 28 episodes including my Carbine and pistol DVDs. I just did 2 days of filming with @jawbone_media and we will have some great content coming to the series very soon with new content being added weekly. Thanks y’all and enjoy your Friday! #letitdo #train #bcm #nightforce #9mm #iwannagofast
I did some things with the guys from @jawbone_media the past couple days! I’m super excited about working with these dudes to bring y’all some great content that looks amazing! Sign up for LETITDO TV on my website(the link is in my bio) #letitdo #bcm #triarcsystems #nightforce #lucasoutdoorline #cmc #rtr
The Proctor Light Mount is a low profile mounting solution for a variety of lights including this @surefire_llc mini scout. The PLM is available now on my website, link in bio. #bcm #nightforce #surefire #5 .56#lumens #minimalist
Music and Horsepower.....makes my soul happy! #letitdo #trackhawk #srt
If you get a 3k “custom” plastic pistol or put a dot on your pistol you’ll be magic.....or maybe there’s some other stuff. #letitdo
The full video is 8 minutes and available in my video series. Go to my website to subscribe,thanks y’all! #letitdo
Watch my previous post also. This is the kind of stuff I talk about and do in the video series on my website. Not the same ole regurgitations....want to hear more? Subscribe at my website over 4 hours of this stuff in the series now and I’m adding stuff every week. Thanks y’all! #letitdo #9mm #training @fire4effectllc @triarcsystems @precision_delta_ammo
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