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USPSA Grand Master US Army Green Beret Dude that likes to shoot I offer TRAINING and Gear to help YOU shoot Fast Accurate Easy Sign up for FPTV ⬇️⬇️

Picture from last week’s 2 day Pistol Course at my facility. I really enjoyed shooting with you fellas and sharing my passion for shooting with y’all! For folks that haven’t trained with me yet, I’d love to share the passion for being a better shooter with you as well, to find out more go to my website (link in bio) sign up for a course and or subscribe to my video training series FPTV.
On the lighter side of’s some Saltwater Therapy for y’all!
Quick dry-fire then live fire session yesterday testing out the new go pro. Go to my website and subscribe to FPTV, I think you’ll find some info to help your shooting. Enjoy your Sunday! #frankproctor #letitdo #shooting #uspsa #train #gopro #9mm @frankproctorshooting @best_targets @precision_delta_ammo @bravocompanyusa
The Proctor Light Mount offers a low profile mounting solution for a variety of lights. More details available at- #lightmount #lumens #surefire #scoutlight #mount #ar15 #streamlight
Another fine day at the office! Finished up 2 days of shooting with some great dudes. This afternoon we opened up all 6 Pistol bays including the shoot house, good times where had by all especially me, thanks fellas!
2018/2019 Schedule and courses are up and filling fast. Go to my website and watch some of the videos to get an idea of what my courses are like and come on out or subscribe to FPTV! #training #pistolshooting #combat #greenberet #uspsa #grandmaster #shootingisfun #edc #9mm #letitdo #frankproctorshooting
Some of my thoughts on installing fiber optic in a front sight, the right way. Full video is on FPTV and my website.
Fast Accurate Easy, that’s my jam! I’m training with some great dudes today working on the “Fundamentals of Fast” Check out the training schedule on my website and subscribe to FPTV if you want to know more. Peace out!✌️
New pistol to test today from @robertsdefense1911 A common theme for all my pistols is good sights,triggers and good Ammo from @precision_delta_ammo
Shooting at night is still still gotta see targets and see sights. Manipulation of your equipment, yeah those mechanics are helpful to SEE. M&P 2.0 @streamlightinc TLR1-HL Proctor Y Notch Sights with Red fiber optic front.....what!!!! Fiber optic sight at night!!!!OM gizzle!! Yeah dawg if you have a light on the gun(which you need to see targets) you can see any sights! Sign up for FPTV, I may be doing more of this shooting at night voodoo on there.
Proctor Slings are not magic, but they are a pretty easy solution to carrying your rifle. Multicam and Multicam Black now available on my website, link in bio.
Full video is on my website under the product description for the sling.
I still remember how I felt that day 17 years ago. I was working as a mechanic in Birmingham,Alabama when I watched those planes fly into the towers. Within a month I was back in the Army and training for Special Forces Assessment and Selection. I didn’t forget or forgive
Come on out it’ll be a blast! Full training schedule is also on the website.
First World Problems. I guess I don’t really have 1 favorite pistol, but I do have 1 favorite set of sights. @frankproctorshooting Y Notch Sights on all of them. My carry gun-FP Enhanced M&P 2.0 by @fire4effectllc @triarcsystems TRI-11 @smithwessoncorp 5” 2.0 @springfieldarmoryinc Range officer operator @precision_delta_ammo For all of them.
BEHOLD....the “MAGIC” shoots Fast Accurate Easy by itself with zero input from me and produces no recoil impulse. Folks comment about how my @triarcsystems 2011 shots “so flat” it’s a sweet pistol for sure. Other times folks gotta know what recoil spring keeps the gun flat...and other times the comment is must be “bunny fart Ammo” well I do shoot good factory Ammo from @precision_delta_ammo I’ve also shot a metric ton of milspec 9mm, Winchester white box .40 cal and I made Grandmaster in USPSA Limited Division (.40 cal major power factor) Gun and gear makers/sellers want you to believe you can buy success or skill with a 3K Glock with a dot a comp wicked stipple job and a trigger with no pre travel, almost like a 1911....blah....blah...blah sad truth is you can’t buy skill, but you can invest in training to develop it!!! Saaaaay Whaaaat!! Check out FPTV and or come out for a class, I think I have some to offer to help you condition yourself to win with guns in combat or competition.
Multicam and Multicam Black, now available on the website. Link in bio!
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