Frédéric Malle

The world as seen by Frédéric Malle | Founder of Editions de Parfums | Perfumes born from total creative freedom and the world’s greatest perfumers.

Inside Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent's datcha in Normandy. Almost time to escape the year and recharge - F.
Light your home with warmth.
The Collection Coffret slides open to reveal a special publication whose 22 chapters are devoted to each of the collection’s iconic scents. An extraordinary showcase of our beloved repertoire. #fredericmalle
For the true perfume collector, a limited edition opportunity awaits. Twenty two of our perfumes with an iconic travel case to conveniently carry your favorite vial. Available now. #fredericmalle
Le Parfum De Therese, interpreted by New York-based abstract photographer Marcelo Gomes for the limited edition Collection Coffret. Available now. #fredericmalle #synaesthesia #perfume
Ended the extraordinary #FestivalColbert with dinner at Le Château de Versailles. Feeling inspired and grateful for the journey – F.
Mesmerized that Cédric created this special rose cake for us, merci @cedricgrolet ! - F
Portrait of a Lady, by Cédric Grolet #portraitofalady #lemeurice #cedricgrolet
Something special in the making...
Cédric Grolet and his assistant creating something special for our 'Laboratory of the Senses' collaboration at Festival Colbert. #festivalcolbert #lemeurice #cedricgrolet
An example of how we work with perfumer Dominique Ropion – from mouthwash for King Louis XV, to Geranium pour Monsieur and Portrait of a Lady. The evolution of a signature scent. #festivalcolbert
Behind the scenes: details of the inspiring craftsmanship during Festival Colbert. #festivalcolbert
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