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@welltrainedbody popped into @pharosechopark and we ended up doing silly things and taking a lot of photos! Meeting new people is the best especially when they deal with you and all of the angles you need for Instagram 😂 #split #yoga #pharosechopark #fitness #stretch #flexy
I used to dislike lifting where I could see myself in the mirror. Now I actually prefer it for lighter weights. It helps me even out minor imbalances and really focus on what I’m doing. # Have your preferences changed over time ? # Squatting a little wider than I’d normally find comfortable. Really focusing on using my glutes and driving my knees out from my hips. Hoping it sticks this time❗️ #squat #bodybuilding #powerlifting #squats
I used to hate warming up, but now it’s my favorite part of my workout. It’s a chance to get a little more workout in, prime your body (and mind), as well as practice foundational movements. # I found this awesome banded bench on @bodybuildingcom and used it for a warm-up before my session. It’s a great way to activate your chest and arms on the descent of your press. Remember, the eccentric or range of motion in which you stretch your muscles is just as important as the concentric. It allows you to prep your body to put in effort to press. Don’t let gravity just push the weight down, instead, try to resist gravity and control the bar throughout the whole range of motion. It almost feels like you’re still pressing up AS you lower down and the band reminds you of that. #bestself #buildyourbody #benchpress #warmup #bbcomambassador #bbcomchestday #girlswhopowerlift @bbcomambassador
Thank you guys for all of the birthday wishes yesterday! Aging can be scary - especially for a women in an industry in which your looks are constantly judged. I’m so happy to be going into 28 with a body I thought I never would have, a strong mind on my shoulders, and the best my skin has ever been. I’m so happy I found @yourhealthyhedonista and her passion for eating good food, taking care of myself, and using fitness as a tool to live a better life! Can’t wait to see myself in the next five or ten years. #fitness #bodybuilding #girlswhopowerlift #abs #muscles #figure #reversediet
Birthday push-up flow! This year has been simultaneously one of the best and most challenging years of my life. Some days have been hard, as I get older I ask myself what am I doing. Should I be going back to school? Should I be smarter? Am I doing enough? Today I realized that I do play a positive roll on many more people’s lives than I thought. I’m so lucky to work with people I work with everyday, to have my friends, my family, and all my internet friends too ❤️ I wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you everyone for following my journey and allowing me to be a positive influence in your life. #pushups #girlswhopowerlift #calisthenics
Every rep perfect and balanced. Legs this is your time to shine. Taking my legs out a little wider and driving my knees out has always been challenging and uncomfortable for me. I’m taking this off time to take a step back and work on things that are unfamiliar. # What are some things you work on when you start rebuilding your lifts after a hard training cycle or competition. . #squat #girlswhopowerlift #powerlifting #pharosechopark
Tens at 225lbs. Really focusing on setting my back tight and using my legs. Trying to keep tension though the whole set, up, down, and on the floor. Time to get strong 💪 #deadlift #powerlifting #girlswhopowerlift #conventionaldeadlift
Welp, there goes that pancake photo! ✌️ I topped my favorite preworkout meal with homemade compote! Jams and sauces that you buy from the store are full of extra sugar and preservatives that you don’t need. It’s super easy to make too! The flavor from home cooked is also phenomenal! # 1. Place 200g of frozen berries in a pan over medium heat. 2. Add 15g of honey or sweetener of choice. You can adjust sweetness by using more or less honey or sugar. Personally I love the floral flavor that honey brings so I like to use honey. 3. Simmer for about 10-15 minutes of until desired consistency and top on your favorite desert or poultry dish! # Above amount serves 2-3 # I put this on my favorite protein pancakes made with @bodybuildingcom vanilla whey, @kodiakcakes , and egg whites! #girlswhopowerlift #pancakes #breakfast #fruits #berries #bodybuilding #bestself @bbcomambassador #buildyourbody
It’s important to take a step back now and then. At some point in your journey, every training session can’t be a PR. When you start a new block of training give yourself a running start, don’t start where you intend to end. Starting my sets of 12 at 120lbs this week. Started the first week at 95lbs and hoping to reach sets of twelve at 135 lbs over the next few weeks. 👏👏👏 #benchpress #missionfitnesscenter #girlswhopowerlift
Using light sets of 12 to rework my form. I really need to get my hips stronger so I am work on pushing my knees outward and sitting my hips between my heels and not folding over my femurs. Let’s get this! #squat #powerlifting #girlswhopowerlift #figure #bodybuilding #legday
It’s officially been a year since I started my show prep. It sure was a lot to go right into Powerlifting prep at a lower weight class post show. My body is ready to reverse diet, do more yoga, move freely, and build muscle. -sitting at 118 right now, which is 6 pounds up from stage weight and ten pounds under from start of prep. -I’ve put ONE inch on my legs!!!! And they are 10mm lower in fat even with the increased size. I’ve struggled to put muscle on my legs and this is huge! - I will be eating the same foods as usual, just carefully adding more in to increase daily intake while maintaining weight. Really exited for 2019! #girlswhopowerlift #fitness #abs #iifym #bodybuilding #figure #girlswholift
Yeeeeesh doing anything on stall bars in 100x more challenging. I’m so excited to take a full year of building my strength and body. A full year of minimal to no competing. A full year of learning, building, and taking fun gymnastics classes again. Let’s get it! #abs #girlswholift #stallbars #pharosechopark
Feeling all sorts of things after today. I’ve never tried so hard in my life- and I still didn’t get my goal total. BUT I’ve had my best meet yet. I scratched some attempts that I knew I didn’t have to conserve energy. I took the biggest jumps on attempts (10kg on squats and 12.5kg on deadlifts) and I’ve added over 10 points to my Wilkes score today! I haven’t improved my wilkes in over two years. Although I might not have hit the numbers I’ve wanted (per usual) I’ve had my best meet yet and sometimes that’s hard to see. It’s easy to to focus on failures especially after we have worked so hard. I’ve had my best meet yet, winning best lifter and adding 10 Wilkes points (even after taking a huge jump and ultimately missing it). I came to lift big numbers and I tried my hardest. I didn’t leave anything on the platform and brought back that scrappy fight that I’ve been missing. I hit a bench and deadlift on the platform that I hit over a year ago with 10 pounds extra body weight. I lifted 336 like it was literally nothing. I’m going to be taking a full year off from competing from everything. Time to build. Time to do yoga every day again, time to take fun CrossFit classes. Time to perfect technique. Time to spend a year on focusing building my body up. Let’s do it. 💎💎💎 #usapl #girlswhopowerlift #squat #bench #deadlift #bodybuilding
Benched 165lbs today. Fixed by butt lifting off the bench this cycle. No more red lifts for that! Probably one of the most frustrating thing to get RL for. Taking my feet out forward really helped! #girlswhopowerlift #usapl #powerlifting #fitness
First time really competing at a lower body weight. Got female lifter for the first time, did a water cut and went into the meet looking to push myself. My first and second flew, so I kind of went for a all or nothing final deadlift and put everything I had into that pull. 12 points on my wilkes today and ready to work on building and technique after prepping for bodybuilding and two powerlifting meets this year. I’m mentally and physically exhausted but hungrier than ever for more. Thanks @yourhealthyhedonista for being such a light this year and helping me find my fight, @a_little_stray for always being there for me, and @tina_tornado for putting on this great meet ❤️ I know I failed this lift but it’s my favorite one- I didn’t know I had this much fight in me.
Last few workouts before my meet. First time powerlifting peaking with @yourhealthyhedonista and she’s been so amazing. Doing a real water cut for the first time ever! It’s easy to think you’ll be weaker, it’s easy to think you’re tired, that you won’t make it. Visualize the goal, get it, BELIEVE that you can accomplish the impossible and if you even touch the surface of that you’ll be awesome. Bodybuilding has definitely changed my mindset of what is possible . Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m stubborn - but it’s been the main component of my success. I can be tired after I’ve deadlifted 365lbs or eff it 370!!!!. #deadlift #52kg #girlswhopowerlift #indigofitness @indigofitnessla #fitness
I think I might have outdone myself this time! ❤️🍌❤️🍌❤️🍌❤️🍌❤️🍌 80g quick mix 35g @bodybuildingcom signature chocolate whey 5g unsweetened cocoa powder 1 medium banana to finish with a tad of chocolate syrup ❤️ 40p/70c/5f #protienpancakes #breakfast #whatsforbreakfast #buildyourbody #bbcomambassador #bodybuilding #chocolate #bestself
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