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Surprised myself on my deload today. Moved 115lbs so fast after watching @megsquats on @bodybuildingcom YouTube. If you need some motivation go watch her video. Whenever she works with @bodybuildingcom she makes me tear up . Something about her message not only makes me want to be better for myself; but, makes me want to be better for the sake of everyone watching - and someone else is always watching. It doesn’t matter if you’re lifting light for a deload week - or maxing out- go through your actions with intentions. Enjoy your lifting, the meals you eat, the time you spend outside. How we carry ourself and react to situations is so important. No matter what level you’re at, someone is usually looking up to you. Thank you Meg, for always being such a bright light. #buildyourbody #frontsquat #girlswhopowerlift #likegirl #bbcomambassador #strength #pharosathleticclub #powerlifting #uplift
Used my deload EMOM to work on gradually loading my body and staying tight off the floor. I’m the first rep you can see that little second from off to engaged - you see that little jerk off the floor. By gradually loading my body and really trying to take the slack out of the bar you can see how smooth and quick the reps become. There’s always work to be done and you can always be a little bit better. #deadlift #emom #workout #girlswhopowerlift
When your bench is feeling the strongest it’s felt in a while (145lbs x 6 ) and then the fan fails you. Hahahaha. #benchpress #bodybuilding #buildyourbody #powerlifting #fitness #bbcomambassador #girlswhoppwerlift
Stretching for the sake of just stretching for the first time in a while. I have an ongoing goal that I revisit every once and a while to put my toes on my head. Everything is a progression and I know as long as I stay consistent I’ll get back there and beyond 💫 #stretch #stallbars #backbend #bbcomambassador #flexible #mobility #pharosathleticclub
I cried at the gym for the and first time in two years today. —————————————- First time I took 250lbs out today I thought I’d fail it. Did it for two horrible loose reps, then reracked it. Took a few breaths and went right up to the bar- set up as tight as I could - and got five reps. ———————————————— I’ve been dealing with some post vacation anxiety and have had a lot of trouble adjusting back of my life. I feel the opposite of capable. ———————————————— I tried so hard the second time, went up to the bar know 💯 that I was capable. Lifting weights let’s me prove to myself over and over again that I’m capable, even when it feels quite the opposite. It was good to cry because I was so proud of myself. Does anyone one else use the gym to uplift themselves? #squats #girlswhopowerlift #strong #bestself #buildyourbody #likeagirl #squat #bench #deadlift
Do you have trouble getting protein into your diet? When I first started tracking I quickly realized I very little protein in my diet. Even if you eat meat it’s challenging to get protein in. Here are some quick tips to add a little protein to your daily intake: -------------------------------------- 1) Carb Choice: Carbohydrate choices such as pasta and certain breads can have much more protein than just filling up on fruits, vegetables, and rice. Legumes have even more protein! Adding lentils and beans to your diet will help you take in more protein and fiber and they also include a diverse micronutrient profile. 2) Eat More: Don't be afraid of eating a little bit more. Don't be afraid of adding an egg white omelette on top of what you're eating. If you eat meat, don't be afraid of adding a little bit of extra chicken to your food. 3) Supplement: If you're still having trouble hitting your food goals add in a protein smoothie as an extra meal. My go to right now is @bodybuildingcom Signature Chocolate with frozen cherries. It tastes like black forest cake and blends really well in baked goods. 4)Post any tips that have worked well for you below 🔽🔽🔽🔽 #iifym #fitness #eatwell #vegetarian #bodybuilding #bestself #girlswhopowerlift #bbcomambassador #buildyourbody
Tempo work is FINALLY feeling strong at the end of my block. That bruise on my leg is a bad reaction to a mosquito bite 😓😓😓 - I miss being on vacation but it’s great to be back. I got all my workouts in while I was away- even if I had to change around the days or lift a little lighter because of fatigue and/or available equipment. - Doing something is always better than nothing and is especially helpful the first week back. Two days back and my lifts feel like they haven’t skipped a beat. - #tempobench #bestself #benchpress #missionfitnesscenter #bbcomambassador
Missing my week of tropical fruit already. I’ve only been back for two days! Mango banana pancakes topped with pineapple and @tajinusaofficial ! Super simple and no flour/mix needed. 🌴🥥🍌🥝🍍 1. 65g dry oats 2. 85g banana 3. 60g mango 4. 20g @bodybuildingcom signature vanilla whey 5. 2tbs baking powder 6. 2g coconut oil 7. 1tbs stevia - Mix ingredients together in a blender and add water or coconut milk as needed for desired consistency. Remember, fruit adds moisture to the mix! Totals: 25p/75c/7f - #pancakes #bestself #fruit #bbcomambassador #bodybuilding #buildyourbody @bbcomambassador
What do you do when you find yourself unmotivated? # I’m not the most motivated individual. Often times my workouts feel like ‘work.’ There’s something beyond being motivated that gets me to the gym. # Sometimes I end up having my strongest days when I feel unmotivated because I have to dig deep and treat every rep like it’s a third attempt at a meet. #deadlift #girlswhopowerlift #squat #bench #fitness
Goodbye Hawaii. Thank you for having me. 🌺🌺🌺
This week has brought up a lot of questions; however, Kauai has been one of the most beautiful places I’ve had the opportunity to visit. I’m really happy to come back to LA after re discovering my love of being outside . Can’t wait to start hiking more, get my bike back in order, and spend more time in the sunshine.
I knew that it would be very hard to squat post hike yesterday so I switched my days and squatted this morning! Added ten pounds from last week with a top set of 245x5 and did four sets of back offs here at 225lbs which felt great ! Only brought my sneakers and I kinda like it 🤷‍♀️#squat #bench #deadlift
The island of Kauai just keeps leaving my breathless. It’s the most spectacular place I’ve ever been to. I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to travel here this week.
Got a nice long hike in yesterday so when I hopped into the gym I was so tired. Got the work done- pushed it in the accessory work and got the craziest pump I’ve ever gotten. Every time you go to the gym doesn’t have to be a PR. Even if you’re tired, or don’t have three hours, it’s totally worth it! You can still get something out of it. # This is especially important when you’re on vacation, have a crazy work schedule, or have things going on in your life. Always remember your worth it and make the time for yourself. #girlswhopowerlift #powerlifting #benchpress #likeagirl
Now where is that food at? Really enjoying this wonderful weather, green grass, and blue skies. Hit up some bench press hot off the plane and time to eat good.
Gotta start getting used to that full reset life. Top set of four today at 305lbs. Good place to start from and start building back up ⬆️⬆️⬆️ #deadlift #girlswholift #girlswhopowerlift #liftheavy #missionfitnesscenter
Sundays are for long walks and dogs. I’ve been really trying to spend more time outside waking, hiking, cycling - and doing things that I used to do a lot more. Being generally more active - not just at the gym- but in life -feels so good on the body and mind and is great for connecting with friends who walk on two legs and four! Where did you get out to this weekend?. #husky #huskyofinstagram #silverlake #losangeles
Striking a pose for @victoriamvogel after she caught my front squat PR. 160lbs for 10. Front squats are the lift I tend to avoid pushing myself on. What’s yours? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #legday #pharosathleticclub #girlswhopowerlift #figureprep #npc #bodybuilding #stronggirl #likeagirl
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