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Update on guinea pigs! I’m getting the stuff to build the cage tomorrow, and I’ll be live-streaming it so watch for that! (It will be in the evening.)
suddenly: what’s this? BODY POSITIVITY? ON MY ACCOUNT? I love myself. I may be overweight but that’s not all i am. I’ve been running this life of if I joke about my fatness people will love me because I’m “self-aware” but people judge me because it’s self sabotaging. If I wear what I want to wear, I’m judged. If I don’t get a parade of compliments I instantly assume I look bad. I’m working on that. I’m going to be that parade of compliments, I’m the only one who’s gonna always be here for myself. I have to learn that it’s okay to be confident and not ashamed of your body. I’m trying not to, so no more fat jokes about myself. I may be fat, but no more self-sabotaging shit in this house. It’s positivity motherfuckers.
hey guys! So as some of you know I’m currently saving money because I’m going to get two guinea pigs! If there is anybody in your life who needs a babysitter or someone to help clean, please let them know about me! I can really use the extra cash so I can adopt my babies really soon!
I can’t sleep and it’s 4 am I’m gonna cry
ok so for this week i can’t hangout I’m taking time for myself to relax and breathe. I’ve been hanging out with people so much I haven’t been able to think clearly or ahead of time. I love you all and hope you understand.
i got my bed frame in today
I’m literally crying
someone should go garage sailing with me this weekend
@s.agemarie is my best friend I love her
I NEED ONLINE FRIENDS PLEASE #onlinefriends #pls #ineedfriends #dmme
imdepressed, and just wanna sleep forever
Hey uhhh,,,, it’s ya boi,,,, skinny penis
honestly I feel so good abt my self like gtfo if u think otherwise 🤷🏻‍♀️
Im so tired, please end me
honestly can y’all flood my dms with nice ass shit u like abt me? I’m needy and depressed and I think it’ll be nice to wake up to nice messages to start my day off right
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