Gabe DeVroom

((πŸ’™TakenπŸ’™)) (πŸ’“=πŸ”’) (age 16) Nogla is better then Wildcat.

I love this guys he's the best big bro he is my world also he always has my back and I never want to lose him thanks bro love ya you loser 😜 @blaked788
Every one has 2 sides to them...
I love how i can be myself when I'm with her we both can be dorks and nerds and we can geek out to stuff love ya baby @_evandrawz_
Love this amazing beautiful girl she is my life my joy and my all love ya baby @_evandrawz_
I got sad news y'all
I love this dork she always knows how to make me smile she means the world to me and I would hate to lose her , love ya @_evandrawz_
I love my girlfriend @_evandrawz_ ❀️❀️❀️
Sorry not sorry but I love this girl she means the world to me she always makes me smile and I would hate myself if I ever lost her, I love you baby girl ❀️❀️❀️ @_evandrawz_
I love this beautiful girl she means the world to me, love ya @_evandrawz_
Hey yall just wanted to let you know I love my amazing girlfriend she always makes me happy and be and here are able to geek out together I would literally die if I lost her love ya❀️❀️ @_evandrawz_
Idfk anymore 😭
Oof, again @allen_129
Aye my best mate coming in with a like spam @allen_129
@loganrc2406 thanks for the like spam
I love this beautiful girl she makes me so happy 😍❀️ @_evandrawz_
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