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Swell is rolling and pollution is flowing ☠️ a shot from the first gnarly swell of the winter we got back in December. It was one of those too good be true days and I remember saying “this is as good as it ever gets in PB” Such a bummer to be getting SO much swell with SO much runoff right now. Hoping for some cleaner water soon (with some sold swell too pls🙏) 📷 | @bellerobledo
Life is better above 10,000' Tenmile Peak 39.5358198, -106.1211323 12,933' #exploresummit #breckdaily
It's official, I'm living in Summit County, Colorado—9,000 feet in elevation, in a house, no longer in an RV. Today was my last day living in my good rolling home (RV) that I have been living in for the last 3 years (international travel aside) It's a such a bittersweet moment! This summer has been amazing but VERY hard and because of that I'm SO SO SO grateful for this perfect compromise🙏 It's honestly really really sad, though. The last 3 years have been fuckin epic (living in a tiny RV with 7 people and all) and I loved our nomadic lifestyle. I loved waking surrounded by my loved ones and looking out my window to see huge mountains and wondering what new adventure lies ahead today. For those of you who only know me as a surfer, let me tell you, I'm equally as much, if not more, a mountain girl. I'm going to be sad to not surf for a year. Surfing was my first adventure addiction and I love it but hey, if it weren't for surfing I wouldn't be sitting in Colorado right now with the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Not surfing will make just my few surf trips this year count even more. It's going to be amazing to have mountains like these a stone's throw away from my house for a whole year and that in itself will offset the lack of waves This isn't quitting my nomad life. It's just a "timeout." A break to recover, stop and smell the roses, and indulge in the creature comforts of water, electricity, and wifi that I've lived without for so long. I think this year in the Rockies will be the perfect in-between for my family. While we're momentarily giving up a lot of adventure in our life, I'm really stoked for all the snow sport and winter adventures that lie ahead. There's going to be a lot of challenges and opportunities for self growth and that makes me really excited! This isn't saying goodbye to my dreams. Dreams evolve and change. Today a new dream was achieved. And you know what? A year from I hope to be achieving a new dream. I'm not chasing a place. I'm chasing my purpose and that's why I'm @nomadswithapurpose #wildernessnation
“This notion—that material investment is somehow more important to life than personal investment—is exactly what leads so many of us to believe we could never afford to go vagabonding. The more our life options get paraded around as consumer options, the more we forget that there’s a difference between the two. Thus, having convinced ourselves that buying things is the only way to play an active role in the world, we fatalistically conclude that we’ll never be rich enough to purchase a long-term travel experience."
Like a week ago I went backpacking to what was supposed a sick alpine lake. Well it turns out the lake was under a lot of snow so we ended up at this sorta lame lake (I'm jaded, I know). We got there at like 5pm and didn't really know what we would do for 4 hours until we could go to sleep so we decided to just hike back to the trailhead therefore we hiked 18 miles with 30 unnecessary pounds of weight in our backs…It's as painful as it sounds. We finished in the dark and my feet felt like they were going to disintegrate from the pain. We finished the hike at 9:30 in the dark and it was officially the worst hike I'd ever done. But, hey it's a good story, right? #braveforadventureithink #cascademountains
A little more than a month ago my family and I came to Bend, Oregon seeking a new beginning. Absolutely nothing turned out as planned. • But here's the thing, I truly believe everything happens for a reason. That if you keep moving, changing, and following the currents, you will always be exactly where are meant to be. • When you deal with hard moments in life, it's easy to think that the world is unfair. You can wonder how you ended up in that position. You can wish you didn't have to go through that hard moment. But if you don't catch yourself in that downward spiral of negativity and hopelessness, you will find continue to find yourself in that same position unless you pick yourself up, give it your all, and follow the signs. • We came to Bend and gave it our all. We wanted it. We had nowhere to go and this was our chance to live somewhere we always thought we wanted to live. Bend didn't turn out to be what we thought it would be. Perhaps we tried too hard. But nevertheless, the signs are here and right now, Bend is not what was meant to be next in our life. So off we go, following the ebb and flow of the currents, and seeing where this next sign may take me. • I'm sad to leave Phil's epic mountain biking and the beautiful Sisters mountain range knowing that we not be back for a while. But, deep down, I know that the universe has something pretty rad in store for us. #bellinghambound #braveforadventure
I haven't posted in a while for a few reasons: 1) Life's been crazy/hard/challenging (but that's cool cuz life's hard for all of us, right?) • 2) I live in a motorhome in the middle of the forest with no wifi so #nomadstruggles • 3) That same motorhome that I live in with mi familia got totaled and so that sorta sucked • 4) I'm no @captainpotter but over the last month I've working really hard on part of this YouTube film series I'm creating with @playfulhealthymama … The series is called Raising Badass Girls and our first video, Adventure is a State of Mind, is officially live on YouTube. It'd be awesome if you could go click the link in my bio and check it out. Adventure is a State of Mind is about embracing challenge in order to live your life got the fullest. It's about how even if you've been somewhere a dozen times, you can always continue to grow as a person as long you continue to seek adventure. While this video is by no means perfect, I'm sooooo stoked about it because of the time dedicated to learning these life lessons, the effort of creating this film, and the memories of the experiences behind every shot! • 5) I've also been working a ton on my blog @nomadswithapurpose on creating rad content like my most recent post "Guide to Surfing the World's Longest Lefts" so go click the link in my bio to check it out • PS this #throwback photo is from when we tent camped on the North Shore of Oahu 2 months ago and this was probably one of the most radical sunrises I've ever seen.
Have you ever been anywhere or done something where you start out thinking one thing about it, then before you know it, your entire perspective of that thing changes? • In 1 choice, my perception of Bali completely changed from one of my least favorite trips ever to one of the greatest and happiest weeks of my life. • I just published a 2 part blog post (link in bio) about the crazy and insightful experience I had in Bali. Life brings so many amazing lessons and I love sharing those lessons—sharing those lessons is the dream I chase, it's the reason I do what I do every day. Here's a sneak peek of the blog but please go check out the full post in my bio🙏: • "The majority of my trip was spent wishing I wasn't stuck here and the other half I loved so much I didn't want to leave and I can't wait for the day I come back. • Here we are—my family and I— on the last leg of the journey, and I can't help but think the human psyche is amazing. Bali was a marathon that we half heartedly ran ever since arriving here. Looking back, we went through Bali like a race, counting down the days until it ended—hoping each day would get easier. Then we changed pace, we did a little road trip and it was a pleasant run. We enjoyed ourselves but there were still negatives hanging on us throughout the road trip. That ended and we're back in a hard time, the countdown omnipresent in the backs of our minds. The finish line was in sight but finally, we were out of energy to push any harder. We gave up, we quit the race and began jogging at a slower pace even if it meant losing. Then suddenly in a blink of an eye you're at the finish line and you realize you don't want it to end. You want to go back to the start and do it all over again. You want go back and know to just run it at the pace you want. " • I'll be back for you #Bali , but for now it's time for for some different challenges in the PNW
Happy Mother's Day to the most badass mama out there! @playfulhealthymama I'm so grateful for the opportunities, wisdom, and motivation you've given me, especially in these last few years. I wouldn't be the person I am today without you! I honestly don't know any mom as strong, brave, and fearless as you. You surf big swells with me, you send routes when I can't, you mountain bike gnarly trails, and you lived the life of your dreams, the bravest action all. I'm so glad that you're my mom and I hope your day is amazing!
Here's to trying something new. Today I've reached another ending to a chapter in my life. As I land in the US, not only does this end our 1 month leg in Bali, but it's the end of a 3-month trip that my life has revolved around for the past year. As a nomad, travel is quite literally my life. It's not like coming back and feeling like, "home sweet home". Our home is within us. Our home is where we are happy—where can be our complete selves. When I'm traveling i still feel at home. But for once I'm coming back to the United States, with a subtle sense of relief as in "it's good to be back." I will miss Bali, and I will miss New Zealand but as I land in US, it's feels so good to be back. The US sure as hell ain't perfect, but visiting a diversity of countries on this last trip has really made me appreciate certain freedoms you have in America. I've landed in the US but I'm not home, I'm simply about to begin a new phase in of life with my family, a new adventure, a new beginning. A beginning in a new town with a new routine and new people in a new climate and environment—a beginning to a less nomadic, but still nomadic, life. I don't know for sure what the future will bring, but I know that it will be an in-between. Bend, Oregon will be the roots to our new nomadic life. I'm really really excited to live in a new place and have hundreds of new opportunities in life. I'm very excited to go venturing into one of my favorite backyards, to project some climbing routes, to try a new sport, challenge myself, and to chase new dreams. 📷 @bellerobledo #chaseyourdreams #baliwaterfall #wildernessnation
Dear New Zealand, Bali, China, Malaysia, and even Oahu, thank you for teaching me so much about life. You've taught me more than anything else in my life. I've learned more about struggles, hardships, and appreciation more than ever. I've learned that sometimes taking a risk isn't doesn't always turn out the way you want but it doesn't mean you shouldn't take the risk. Ive learned that everyone has hard lives, everyone's "hard" just comes in different forms, whether you're happy but poor in a small rural village or your wealthy but unhappy in a big city. Everyone's got hard lives, but that's just life. I've learned that sometimes you can't just "tough it out." I learned that there are no goods and bads, everything simply is—it happens—it's just your interpretation of an experience. And most of all I learned that I frickin love my life and I will fight and work my ass off so I can keep doing what I love because what I do is my passion and purpose. What's yours? #byebali
When you crush the wave but then the wave crushes you back 😂 I can't believe I leave this Island tomorrow. The crazy part is how the majority of my trip was spent wishing i wasn't stuck here and the other half I loved so much I don't want to leave. I love Medewi, but the hardships were too hard to completely love it there. Canggu really is the best place in Bali—surf, food, and good vibes—and I can't wait to be back here again. Whenever I regret not coming to Canggu for my whole trip I tell myself that if we had come with the intention to stay in Canggu the whole time, we wouldn't have even come to Bali because we wouldn't have been able to afford it. At the same time I'm glad I did go to Medewi because Medewi taught me so so much about having a "learning mindset" and that's something I value a lot and will help me a lot with this next phase of life
For those who didn't see my post on @nomadswithapurpose , here's what I have to say about Tegallalang. I wish I could speak like every other travel blogger that's been here and say that's, "visiting the rice terraces was a magical, life changing experience," but I'm going be honest, Tegallalang was disappointing. However, part of that was my own fault. I knew to go at sunrise but for once we had an AirBnb we were really comfortable at so we took our time leaving in the morning. At only 10 o'clock, the terraces were flooded with tourists and insta-famous model/photographers. I'm going to rant for a second. My mind is boggled by how the ENTIRE time I walked around Tegallalang, 2 couples sat posing for pictures in ridiculous outfits. I'm sure their photos were going to come out really good and they were probably insta-famous because of it. But I was just completely mind blown by how stupid it seemed that these people sat and took photos in 10 different poses and 10 different spots to portray that they lived this amazing travel life even though they don't even appreciate the places they are traveling to. I'm sure they were going post a picture with a caption like, "magical rice terraces," even though they didn't even walk around or enjoy the terraces at all. On top of that, the terraces, which are beautiful in themselves, have become so unpleasantly touristy that you have to pay to enter at 4 different places in the terraces while owners of swings try to hit you up to pay for a ride on the swing. Frustrating experience to say the least but the rice terraces deserve a little credit, there WERE beautiful. And if I had gone at sunrise it would've been a whole different story. Thanks for the photo @bellerobledo that took significantly less time to take than the mr and mrs Insta-fame #bali #riceterraces
What's the prettiest beach you've ever surfed? Even when compared to the North Shore of Oahu, the coves of Northern Spain, and New Zealand's rugged coast, Uluwatu might be the most beautiful surf break I've ever seen. I thought Uluwatu, like many parts of Bali, was going to be overrated, polluted, and un-extraordinary. And while there may very well still be pollution that I can't see, the water an awe-striking teal color. The paddle out starts in a beautiful picturesque cave with white sand and the blue sea crashing into a crevasse. As you paddle out and emerge from the dark cave, the bright blue sea over a colorful coral reef opens up before you. You have radical views of Uluwatu's buildings stack up, layer over layer, on top of the cliffs. They remind me so much of the Cinque Terre in Italy. As I'm paddling I would look down and see the biggest and most colorful fish I've ever surfed with (sorry Hawaii). The wave is pristine but also heavy and knowing what's under the surface makes you think twice before taking off on a wave late. On top of that, the vibe in the water was the coolest out of all the places I've surfed in Bali. Thanks for being rad Uluwatu 🐠🌊☀️
A great writer once said, "The more we associate money with life, the more we convince ourselves that we’re too poor to buy our freedom." We are quite possibly the poorest we've ever been, yet are as free as we could possibly be. Truly no regrets for the choices we've made but the future is nearing and it's time to make some more choices…wherever life goes I just have to be ready to take this next step in life as a lesson and use it to motivate me to try to make my dream a reality. #nomadiclife #vagabonding #westcoastnewzealand
Bali's pretty, but I'm dreaming of being back in my happy place on one of my favorite peaks. A hidden gem among a hidden gem. Wanaka is the soul of New Zealand, not Queenstown. But don't be fooled, this isn't the famous and crowded Roy's Peak. This hike is one of my favorite in the world, with complete panoramic views of not 1, but 2 turquoise lakes along with some of the most incredible mountain peaks I've ever seen. #takemeback #wanaka #outside_project #wildernessculture #mountainstories #wildernessnation
Every trip I've gone on has a name. Originally, I called this my Pacific Island Trip but I'm renaming it, Endless Adventure: In Search of the Perfect Left. I thought Raglan was a perfect wave but Medewi miiight have it beat. Shoutout to @playfulhealthymama for chasing lefts and making me love to go backside
Medewi breaks as amazing as it does because of this shelf of rocky reef. Getting out to the break isn't just your typical rock dance. The rocks are covered with barnacles (at least I think they're barnacles) as sharp as razor blades and because of this, every surfer's feet are a bloody mess when they get out of the water. I was honestly sick of the painful cuts that left my feet swollen and limping so I found a solution. If you paddle out to the point from the sand half a kilometer down the beach, its sandy. So I asked myself #WhatWouldStanDo and began adding a 15 minute paddle on each end of my surf session. In only a week I can feel the improvement in my paddle strength. @ssearfus taught us well. 📷 @bellerobledo What's the worst reef cut you've had?👇
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