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If you give a redhead a cookie...🍪 . follow @imperfectpolaroids .

It’s pretty cool to see a logo you designed on an actual product. Been meaning to post this for the past year! If you go to @hideawayatthelasalle and tell them you know who created their logo you probably won’t get a free drink but it’s worth a trip right?
This picture sums up our life pretty well.
Happy New Year from the Brubaker kiddos!
Walking the dog #color
I got to show her where daddy’s been working all week! @chicago
Everyone wish Lambeau a happy 3rd birthday! Seriously the best doggy big brother ever! #lambeaubrubaker
I’ve now been with @exploremediaco for 3 years! All my experience just goes straight to my beard.
Alice’s outfits this week! I asked to take her picture one morning and she’s wanted to do it every day since! #stylin
This is Xing-Xing the Red Panda, you can meet him at the Potawatomi Zoo #potawatomizoo #redpanda
Alice is excited to be healthy because now she can hold her sister again. #sisters
Evelyn Rose Brubaker, you’re small now, but one day you’ll move mountains.
Chuck E Cheese!! #chuckecheese #timehop
Shoutout to @whoisjeremyrose on these A+ memes. Alice doesn’t know what’s about to hit her!
Ready player 2 #PS4
We’re going to be doing this a lot today! #gopackgo
My greatest joy in life is finally back... fantasy football! (Sorry Brandy and Alice) Since I've been spending the last week paying and collecting fees on Venmo I got the idea, while I had some free time at work @exploremediaco , and created this spec piece for @venmo. Let me know what you think! . . . #venmo #fantasyfootball #spec #iphone #tabletop
She had a fun trip, if you couldn’t tell.
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