Gastro Art

Pictures of the most amazing food, mostly on instagram. Use #gastroart for a chance to get featured! Feel free to contact us at

Coconut, lychee, yuzu & white chocolate. Dessert uploaded by @bart.ardijns #gastroart
This dessert by @fredrik_borgskog is incredible! Lemon & basil #gastroart
An interpretation of the ”After Eight” by @thomekas #gastroart
What a gorgeous masterpiece by @mauritsvdvooren #gastroart
Turbot, cauliflower & smoked haddock. Dish uploaded by @benoit_dewitte #gastroart
Salt aged duck with beetroot & chicory. A great looking dish by @stevegroveschef #gastroart
Confit salmon, confit burnt leeks, spring onion, butter poached white asparagus, ginger & soy sauce foam. Dish uploaded by @kcookdesign #gastroart
Chokolate, cherry & rye bread. Dessert uploaded by @romiyanarello #gastroart
Saint Dominique chocolate cake with raspberries. Dessert uploaded by @chef_philippe_bertrand #gastroart
Raspberry, chocolate, woodruff & hibiscus. Dish uploaded by @kristinreeske #gastroart
Plaice, parsley, sea lettuce, mussle & plankton sauce. Dish uploaded by @restaurantrebelle #gastroart
Mackerel, apple & celeriac. Dish uploaded by @joakimlambek #gastroart
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