Gastro Art

Pictures of the most amazing food, mostly on instagram. Use #gastroart for a chance to get featured! Feel free to contact us at

Cured and torched mackerel with kohlrabi & bonito sauce. Dish uploaded by @thomekas #gastroart
Scallop, miso & chervil. A stunning dish uploaded by @vincent.angebault #gastroart
Lobster, burnt carrot, kumquat, spring onion & mustard frill. Dish uploaded by @karloevaristo #gastroart
Four different textures of matcha. A gorgeous piece of art by @angelrbetancourt17 #gastroart
Butternut squash, egg yolk 64*, mushroom, spinach, chestnuts, mushroom broth & burnt hay. Dish uploaded by @terryboutte_ #gastroart
Apple sunchoke. Dessert by Alo restaurant (@alorestaurant ) in Toronto, Ontario. #gastroart
”Raspberry red velvet entremet” - Raspberry coulis, red velvet moist sponge, cream cheese mousse & mirror glaze Haute. Uploaded by @ksenia.penkina #gastroart
Halibut, roe & chamomile. Dish by @morten.krogholm. Uploaded by @kokkeriet #gastroart
Whey sauce & kohlrabi. Dish uploaded by @benoit_dewitte #gastroart
Lingonberries, white chocolate, ginger bread & oxalis. Dessert uploaded by @chefrichardkarlsson. Ceramic plate by @vastergarden #gastroart
@mauritsvdvooren interpretation of the lemon meringue. Looks incredible! #gastroart
Red legged partridge, sweetcorn, giroles & Albufera sauce. Dish uploaded by @stevegroveschef #gastroart
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