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Happppppppppppyyy happpppppyyyyyy birthday to MY BGM !!! U are a blessing in my life ! May Allah make ur life forever blessed !!!! Ameen ! Thank you for making me feel welcomed, pampered n loved ! I pray for the longest healthiest n happiest life for u !!! 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️🎂🎂🎂🎂 see u soooooooooonnnnn ! @boogiejkohli 🌟
MA sha Allah! May Allah protect my Pappa n give him the longest ,longest ,healthiest ,happiest life! Ameen ✨🎂 Happy Happy 75th birthday my hero! My Pappa!!! I have soooo much of u in me, n so much of u I wish I could have Even 1 percent of! ! I love you soooo much !! Thank you for every single thing , thank you for being YOU ! ❤️😘🤗🎂
With all the fatigue, exhaustion, stress , tests that life puts you through , You : SHINE ON ! ✨
In @diyarajvvir emerald suit 🌱 n @minerali_store jewellery! #bergerpaints event #kolkata ! Styled by @devs213 🌟
@poemsporn_ 👌❤️
✨– “Wearing my attitude with pride in Mohey’s gorgeous creation in the #ManyavarCalendar shot by Dabboo Ratnani. 📸✨ #manyavarcalendar 2019 Photography by @dabbooratnani #manyavarmohey @manyavarmohey
Oh yeah!!!!!! Happy New Year !!! In 2019 , I wish this world only Love and Smiles for All !!!! Wind in the hair is a bonus !! Hahahahah ! #Alhamdulillah for all blessings, Big and Small ! N sorry for the sins n mistakes ! Oh Almighty, pls keep us safe n happy this year too !! Ameen ! ❤️✨ single ppl can make a good New year pic too !!!! Hahahahahahha !
My babies ❤️ MA sha Allah . !!! @rafa_jeelani happy happy happy birthday my first child ! The warm feeling of a hug , a sense of belonging, my first maternal instinct , all came into existence with your birth ! I love u ! Rafeeeee ! ❤️😘 all the effort to make u sleep ,those days were crazy ! Uve grown into such a beautiful soul ! N of course my second one my shifu!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ the innocent doll ! MA sha Allah! May Allah protect all my jaans ! Ameen !! #throwback
Next episode out on @thedanceproject_by_sonymusic on the @sonymusicindia YouTube channel ! My absolute fave track n i get to perform on it ! Yayayyyy thank u @xxlstudioworks 💛✨ Also honoured to be on the same platform with such amazing talent ! @sushantkhatri148 @faisalkhan30 @vaishnavi_official_ !! watch it now guys !!! Link in bio!
The sweetest, loveliest, thoughtful , hardworking soul !!! Neeeeetiiiiiiii happy happy happy birthday! May all your days be filled with love , success , happiness, laughter ,the best malls to shop from , n all that your heart desires!!! Love you so much ! 🤗😘❤️🎂 @neeti_simoes 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
@chola_the_label outfit was the perfect choice for a special occasion at my absolute fave place .. #keepguessing !! styled by my @devs213 ❤️
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