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Working For My Blessings Second Channel is @jankov2 My code for EHP is | JANKO10 |

Thank you @twix for having me host the #TWIXProm2018 . It was incredibly fun and now it’s time to end tonight with a quick challenge #thiswashard #ineedwater #donttrythisathome #VidConUS #lefttwixrighttwix #ad
GETTING CLEANED UP FOR VIDCON PROM! WHAT KINDA @twix ARE YOU? A #LeftTWIX standing in the shower? Or relaxing in the bath like a #RightTWIX ? #TWIX #TWIXPROM #VidConUS #ad
when the pre workout kicks in... @ehplabs @gradyrains #Oxyshred #PSI #WEOUT !
I’m a LOVER not a FIGHTER, unless you touch my brother... then I LOVE to fight.
I just got tagged by @Klarity !! Watch out @CierraRamirez you’re next!! Follow along to see how the game unfolds! @TagTheMovie is out this Friday! #TagMovie #ad
when your mom ALWAYS told you “MY HOUSE, MY RULES” 😂😂 LIKE & Tag Your Siblings! w/ @markdohner (🎥 @arniewatkins )
When the most hyper kid in class takes a pre-work out.... @ehplabs
Laurel or Laurel?
When you go shopping with your best friend but are extra AF. 😂😂😂 (TAG A FRIEND THATS EXTRA) 📸 @piersonoglesby
Good morning! Let’s make today count, go outside enjoy the day with fitness! Comment what your favorite workout is! @ehplabs
Happy Mother’s Day! I couldn’t explain how much you mean to me Mom. You have wiped every single tear that has hit my cheek and have taught me how to be myself and never let anyone on this planet tell me what I cant do. I’ve had so many blessing in my life that i take for granted, but God knows how many times I thank him a day for letting you be my mother ❤️ love you momma Janko
The one thing ALL GIRLS LOVE! 😂😂😂 “LIKE” & TAG 3 FRIENDS! W/ @markdohner @kylierae @shellysho
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