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Taking every opportunity God gives me.

The 90’s called and I answered. What kinda style do you rock now a days?
when she says “DON’T TOUCH ME” 😂 this really BACKFIRED! 😂😂 @ayla_woodruff @markdohner @thegreglindsay 🎥 @justin.hedman
When your CRUSH is HUNGRY 😋 @biancaghezzi 🎥 @justin.hedman
when you blow a kiss to your crush! 😘😘😘@markdohner @trisha_y @thegreglindsay
Dear YouTube, sorry I’ve been gone was doing a movie 🤪 I’m back with my family and it’s time to celebrate! LINK IN BIO! (COMMENT DOWN IF YOU’RE A JANKSTER!)
I’m making Christmas cookies. My favorite are chocolate chip cookies! What’s your favorite cookie?! @markdohner 📸 @sagsebi
When your girlfriend’s SWEET but PSYCHO!!! 😂😂😂 TAG A PSYCHO @kylierae @markdohner 🎥 @justin.hedman
#ad Every year I wonder if Santa will bring me coal or gifts. And I hate wondering. That’s why I love Informed Delivery by @USPostalService because they actually inform me about what’s going on. Happy holidays! #USPS #DeliveringtheHolidays #InformedDelivery
#ad I love getting my Christmas cards done early! WHO WANTS A CARD FROM ME THIS YEAR!?!? @USPostalService #USPS #DeliveringtheHolidays
Don’t worry about yesterday! Learn from your mistakes and keep a positive mind set! Let’s get this work @ehplabs
NEVER STICK YOUR HAND DOWN THE DRAIN!!! 😂😂😂@markdohner @kylierae @dave_farese
Aston Martin gave me the NEW 2019 Aston Martin for a week ... I’ve never had so many dates in my life 😂🤷🏽‍♂️ what’s your dream car?
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