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Future movie star! #Jesus Second Channel is @jankov2 My code for EHP is | JANKO10 |

Are you buying what I’m selling?
Winter is coming and that means I can wear my jackets again!!WHATS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON & WHY? #cuffingseason #comingsoon 📷 @keeoone
Family isn’t blood it’s unconditional love.
When your sister gets asked on a DATE! Big brother VS Little brother... 😂😂😂 @kylierae @markdohner @thegreglindsay 🎥 @mattlesss
Crush: “I LOVE when a guy wears a suit!” 😂😂😂
I’ve been waiting my whole entire life to hear the words “George we are ready for you on set”. Throughout life I never concerned myself with negative thoughts of me NOT making it but kept myself close to my family that believed in me as much as I did. My mom, dad and sister are AND always will be my biggest blessing. When I came to Los Angeles I had no idea at all how I was going to step my foot into this industry. But God had a plan, he set me up for success by giving me a hero like @thegreglindsay to humble me and keep me in line. He gave me a brother like @loganpaul who believed in me enough to teach me and bring out the best of me in every thing I do. HE GAVE ME THE BOYS! @loganpaul @markdohner and @johannesbartl to let me be the happiest man alive. What I’m trying to say is you might have no idea what’s in store but MOVE in FAITH know God is good and WORK WORK WORK. Do what YOU can do and GOD will do what you cannot. It’s only been 4 Years and I’m just getting started!! Thank you @andrews.ryanj , and Thank you guys for your support love you with all my heart. #TheFirstOfMany ***many more to thank BUT i didn’t want to make it too long***
What I WOULD have worn to London to see @loganpaul & @jakepaul kick ass in the ring! Good luck today boys!
Girl: I love guys with tattoos! Me: You don’t say?
Don’t you EVER disrespect me. @bradleymartyn 😂😂😂 **TAG SOMEONE YOU RESPECT**
Me: let’s take a pic for likes! Her: What’s in it for me? Me: Ice cream.
Changing your body is a physical AND mental battle. The physical work I put into the gym is easy for me, but making time to workout after a long days work is the hardest part. It’s okay to struggle but it’s not okay to give up, keep fighting mentally! @ehplabs
Janksters! I threw some hints out last week but the official reveal is here...I’ve teamed up with the @ehplabs and @maxthebody for an 8-week body transformation! My friend, and mentor when I first moved to LA, Max will be my coach and motivator, hustling me to build the body and habits I need to continue bringing the best out of me. (LINK IN BIO)
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