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Some of the migratory swans have left Popes Creek. Some are still waiting for warmer weather. Can Spring be far away?
Spring forward! Set your clocks one hour ahead Sunday morning.
Needle artisans produce beautiful textiles. This blue and white stitched coverlet is marked "S.W. Norwich...1798". It was given to us in 1936 through Mrs. du Pont Crowninshield. We know of no connection between the coverlet and the Washington family. A hand-stitched copy was made in 1976, and is on display in the memorial House. Both coverlets are wonderful examples of needlework.
The 2018 Calendar of Events has been released. See you at the Park!
Please come join our Washington Christmas celebration today from 10-7 pm. Living history, dancing, and candlelight.
Seasonal decorations in the window reflect the Christmas decorating ideas of the 1930’s, when the Memorial House was constructed at George Washington Birthplace NM.
George Washington Birthplace NM’s obelisk, or monument, was erected in 1896, and moved to its current site at the entrance roundabout in 1930 when the construction of the buildings in the historic core displaced it. Recently photographed with this beautiful antique sedan, it evokes the Park’s long history. It is a modern #flashbackfriday .
Christmas was a season for visits and celebrations in Virginia in the 1700’s. The Christmas table is set, and every room is decorated in anticipation.
Thomas Stone National Historic Site’s candlelight tour program will be held tomorrow, 12/2/2018 from 4-7 pm. Come see Thomas Stone National Historic Site in a new light
George Washington Birthplace is a place of beauty. This picture of the park is beautiful in color, but it is even more striking when rendered in black and white.
Happy 159th Birthday to President Theodore Roosevelt! His birthplace in New York, NY ( is one of several related National Park Service sites.
They are here! Firings commence at 11:30 am and 2 pm. Camp life continues until 3:30. Huzzah!
They are coming...Saturday.
They are coming....
This 1937 aerial photograph of George Washington Birthplace NM shows how our landscape has changed. We have added some buildings and the trees have grown much larger.
Pictured is part of a bit. The meticulous process of artifact cataloging requires a large investment of time and attention in order to correctly identify and describe the artifact. When the work is completed, this artifact will be exhibited in our Visitor Center. The information collected during the process is stored in the artifact database to assist in proper artifact care.
Sunday Sept 17 we celebrate the 230th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution . Special programs will be offered at 11:30 and 2. #seeyouinthepark
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