Georg 🏛

Hi, I‘m Georg a 23 year old student based in Vienna, Austria🇦🇹 I love strolling around town and capturing the city from my point of view 🔍.

me judging people for wearing fur while wearing my fair fashion sweater from @armedangels 😅 (#notspon #iwish )
golden hour✨
I found an old mirror on the attic 🕯 But the shirt I‘m wearing is new💡 The brand is called @monarchyofbliss and their clothes come from a fair-trade and sustainable production. If you appreciate good quality, this is the right stop🎉 Also their whole brand policy is about finding your own happiness and doing what you love! I really like their designs and this shirt definitly won‘t be my last item from @monarchyofbliss Check them out! 😁 #monarchyofbliss #livewhatyoulove #fairfashion #prsample #pp
I want to introduce you to @animals_move 🦏 Their shirts are so much more than just shirts: They are sustainably produced and also support animal welfare! So in my case, my shirt supports the International Rhino Foundation🦏 Fair fashion combined with supporting animals is right down my alley🙏 If you want to get your own shirt and support animals in need use my code „georgcares“ to save 10% off 😁 #animalsmove #wearingiscaring #pp #prsample
Snowy vienna❄️
It‘s yellow, so it‘s automatically comfortable💭 📷: @stephanielaglbauer
New year, same passion for architecture
🥫 📷: @stephanielaglbauer
The snow in this picture is as fake as my smile when people tell me „cute“ stories about their pets... But I really wanted some snow today so I faked my own little snowfall ❄️ 📷: @lenariecnik
It‘s cold outside ❄️
walking around Vienna⛅️
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