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A big thank you to the clients who had me in to deliver workshops for #worldmentalhealthday . One of the focuses this year was on how we adapt to the rapidly changing world in order to sustain our mental wellbeing and still perform at our best. Well one of the answers to this conundrum lies in cultivating the skill of mental resilience. It can be very easy to get caught up in negative self talk and feel like we have no control over how we perceive things... but through awareness training we can learn to defuse from unhelpful thought and seek a more constructive view... and this is where the practice of mindfulness comes in. Try just sitting for 10 minutes a day, close your eyes, count your breaths and when you become aware of any thoughts that arise, make a mental note by saying ‘I’m having the though that....’ (which helps to create some detachment between you and your thoughts), then go back to your breath... continue for 10 minutes. Like anything else, mindfulness is a skill, and to develop the skill takes consistent practice... but I promise you it’s worth it!
As the sun melts into the horizon blue. As the ocean sparkles with every wave that moves. As I sit quietly appreciating this gold infused view, I’m grateful for this day, this life, thank you!
We have some new neighbours who have moooooo-ved in #seewhatididthere
I’ve seen the light 💡
So many times I hear people say they want to do something... they want to start a business, they want to go travelling, they want to change jobs... but they can’t... because of this reason or that reason. The truth is that there are many more options available to us that we might believe... but... to pursue something new often requires you to let go of the status quo... it requires a choice to make sacrifices in the short term, it requires a conscious decision to say no to comfort and yes to growth. If you want it enough... there is always a way!
‘Each morning... the moment you take your head off the pillow... you have all you need!’
The workbooks are in and final slides are being polished for delivering workshops in London next week. It’s great to see more and more companies are recognising that you can’t improve performance (external behaviour) until you improve understanding of what’s going on in our minds and bodies (internal processes)... and that’s what these sessions are all about! #resilience #selfcontrol #productivity
I know you’re supposed to only show off the best bits of your life on insta and get everyone to think that your life is ALWAYS like that... but the reality is... it ain’t! You see our experience of life is like the weather... always changing, a constant flow of energy in motion... different thoughts, different emotions, different breathing, different gut bacteria, different blood cells, different hormones, different neuro chemicals... always flowing, always changing. And for me, the last few days have meant stormy skies... a bout of man flu, too much work, too little time, worries festering, low energy, a foggy mind. So I took myself out into the wild weather and I sat... because that always helps. I watched the waves and I watched my thoughts, I felt the rain lashing at my face and I felt the emotions circulating my body... and slowly I became less attached, less fused with my experience. And in fact, rather than experiencing my current energy levels as a curse I began to be thankful... because for anyone who is walking the path of better understanding themselves and their minds... then its times like these that are the true learning opportunities! And so, the clouds are still there, but I know they will pass, they always do... so here’s to riding out the storm, here’s to doing the work, here’s to not only posting happy ‘look how good my life is’ photos on insta, here’s to surfing the flow of life!
I’m up in London for meetings and it’s good to see that one of my clients is subliminally (or quite obviously)... promoting a mindset of possibility. Very often our biggest limitation is what we believe to be true... start pushing past the boundaries of our limited beliefs... and magic begins to happen!
At the world (Cornish) bellyboarding championships the winner is the person having the most fun, biggest smile and encouraging others... maybe these scoring criteria should be adopted in all competitive sports!
As I near the end of a month of spending time with my family, connecting with nature, exploring new places, making memories and recharging batteries... I now begin to refocus on my work and my purpose. It’s time to get clear on the new things I want to create, the commitments I must make to my craft in order to make a positive impact in the world. I love this time... a time to imagine, to dream, to create possibility in my mind... this is the starting point of achievement!
Sunday congestion ☀️
Note to self don’t say you’re going for a quick jog and then run 15km to the lake that you know is at the end of the track. I was only going to do a few km but I’ve always had this competitive part of my personality... and so once I set off on the trail I couldn’t stop myself going the whole way... and this swim when I got there was pure bliss... which somewhat made up for the the trouble I got on for disappearing for 2 hours and the imminent search party that was about to be launched 🙄
Heading for the hills 🏔
This holiday has been an opportunity to relive the things that I loved to do when I was younger... doing this... in this place is one of those things #caniçada
Let your light shine through 💡
When you’re surfing you always need to be looking down the wave to see what’s ahead and how you need to react to make the most of the wave. The same can be true of anything we face of in life... the more fluid, adaptable, in flow with the things that come up... the better we perform with less struggle.
Every morning the tractor drives up and down the beach and smooths the sand... removing all the footprints, sandcastles and evidence of yesterday... leaving a new blank canvas to create and play on today!
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