Geneviève (GiGi) Eats

Always need something in my mouth or I get bored🤤 #sugarfree#dairyfree#glutenfree ❌ Masters in Nutrition TAG ME IN YOUR #SALMON PICS🐟Yum!!!⬇️

YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?! 🍰 Well, you’re going to need an #airfryer (ahem, @gowiseusa ) ... And the ingredients below to make this #ketoapproved #dessert ! (Cause honestly, I ate all of this #cake within 10 minutes of making it so me giving you a slice just isn’t an option). 🎂 . 1/2 Cup @bobsredmill Coconut Flour . 1/4 Cup @primalkitchenfoods Collagen Fuel Protein Powder, or powder of choice (vanilla and chocolate) . . 1/2 Cup @barleans Butter Flavored Coconut Oil . . 1/2 Cup Erythritol (@swervesweetie ) . . 1/2 Tsp Baking Soda . . 6 Whole Eggs . . 1-2 Tbs @so_delicious Coconut Milk . . 1-2 Tbs @hersheys Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (for the chocolate cake layer) . . . . Get Frosty… . . 1/2 Cup Butter Flavored Coconut Oil . . 1/4 Cup Unsweetened Cocoa Powder . . 12 – 24 Drops @nunaturals Liquid Vanilla Stevia Extract (depending on how sweet you like it) . . <— this video has all the instructions on how to “FRY” this Cake! #humpdaytreat
Someone throw me some Ugg boots and a mini skirt (I’ve got the #northfacejacket ), because I love pumpkin and balls in my mouth! #basicallybasic . . 1/2 Cup Puréed #Pumpkin . . 1/2 Cup Vanilla @nuzest_usa #ProteinPowder (or you could use @primalkitchenfoods #VanillaCoconut #CollagenProteinPowder to make this recipe keto) . . 1/3 Cup @swervesweetie . . 1/3 Cup @so_delicious Unsweetened #CoconutMilk . . 1/3 Cup Sugar-Free & Vegan #ChocolateChips (@lilys_sweets_chocolate ) . . #Vanilla Extract, optional . . Sugar-Free Dark #Chocolate Squares (@choczero ), julienned (to make jack-o-lanterns). . 🎃🏀🍫💁🏼‍♀️
All aboard the #spaghettisquash boat! 🚢 . . 1/2 medium yellow onion, diced . . 14 olives, chopped . . 1 can @reesespecialtyfoods #artichokehearts , halved . . 1 cup @muirglen #chunkytomatosauce . . 1 tbs @pompeian #oliveoil . . 1 can @wildplanetfoods #anchovies packed in olive oil . . 1 can @vitalchoice #tuna packed in olive oil . . 2 tbs oregano . . 1 tbs capers . . 1 tsp garlic powder . . salt & pepper to taste . . 1 whole, small spaghetti squash, roasted . . In honor of the fact that I am NOT posting a new #blogpost or #YouTubevideo this week, I will be sharing #recipes from the blog/#YouTubechannel /my brain every day instead! 🙌🏻🤤
A little foreplay before the main event 🥩
I love these kind of sprinkles! #ahituna
Celebrating #NationalPumpkinPieDay with pumpkin’s arch nemeses... #SweetPotatos and #DelicataSquash 😈
I’m not sure how to tell Landon that the #gifts and #toys we keep getting right now are actually for our future son @falkorashworth ... NOT HIM. 🤣 THANKFULLY my husband is pretty great when it comes to sharing (hopefully Falkor gets that quality from him; as we all know, I am no sharer), because he and our son are going to have a lot of fun playing with this THINK & LEARN ROCKTOPUS (which can be found at Walmart) together. Something else I hope our son inherits from my husband, Landon... His musical talents! However, regardless, this ROCKTOPUS (which makes a perfect holiday gift, wink wink, nudge nudge) will help our son learn about 15 different instruments including their sounds, interesting facts (when he’s old enough to understand them) and will even let him compose his own tune! For now though, Landon will be the one composing the tunes; I will know for a fact that Falkor wants to be his dad’s groupie... If he kicks and moves side to side as my husband plays! We are in trouble if he doesn’t! 😉  #RocktopusWalmart @fisherprice #Ad #holidaygiftideas
THE FUCK DID I TRY TO FEED ALL OF YOU WHEN I FIRST STARTED #BLOGGING and #YOUTUBING 😂😂😂 To see the WORST #FOODPHOTOGRAPHY ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET, head over to the blog (link in bio) to watch me critique the craptastic photos I used to post on my blog PROMOTING a recipe I made 😂😂😂
This is what my FISH TACO looks like... 😳😬🤭😏🌮 #lettucewrapped
Don’t judge a book by its cover. I will BITE YOU if you try and take some of my #shawarma . 🤭😬
Sunday Brunch.... 🐪🐂🦌🐃🐐🐇🐊🦑🦈 WHAT’S ON YOUR PLATE?!
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