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Always need something in my mouth or I get bored🤤 #sugarfree#dairyfree#glutenfree#Keto /#Paleo Masters in Nutrition TAG ME IN YOUR #SALMON PICS

These reindeer met on GRINDR! 🦌🦌🦌 #8daystilduedate 😳
Turkey Pancakes! 🦃🙌🏻😉 #burgerimmelrose @officialburgerim
Crack an egg on top and it’s breakfast! 🍫🍳👌🏻 . . Just because I’m not a #chocolate person 😳😱, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a #sugarfree and #dairyfree bar once in awhile, especially if it’s MINT flavored! 👌🏻🤤
I WANT SOME FUCKIN’ (#keto ) FREEENNNNCCHHHHH TOOOOASSSTTT! 🍞 . . . For the full recipe, check out ✨
I’m about to break up this CANOODLING SESH! 🤫
I MADE SOME FUCKING “FRENCH” TOAST (see link in bio for more details)! 🍞 . . NOW in order to make said recipe, there is one required ingredient you NEED... And it just so happens I’m hosting a GIVEAWAY of it starting TODAY!! . . @ketoqueenkreations1 ’s CINNAMON CRUMB CAKE MIX! . . @ketoqueenkreations1 is a baking mix brand that YOU NEED TO GET TO KNOW ASAP (if you haven’t already gotten acquainted). While there are TONS of #ketobakemixes out there, THEY ALL SEEM TO HAVE #ALMONDFLOUR listed as the first ingredient (or lingering in them in general). THIS GETS ME TOASTED (har har) because I CANNOT EAT NUTS!!! THIS IS WHERE @ketoqueenkreations1 SWOOPS IN FOR THE WIN! All @ketoqueenkreations1 baking mixes/products (#chocolatecake , #yellowcake , #pancakes , #cinnamoncrumbcake , #brownies and #poundcake ) contain ZERO NUTS, so this girl doesn’t have to worry about well, potentially dying! Ha! 🙏🏻 Another BONUS, these mixes contain ZERO SUGAR and are 💣AF! . . ✨IN ORDER TO BE THE “TOAST OF” THIS GIVEAWAY, YOU HAVE TO ENTER, and HERE’s HOW: ➖Follow @ketoqueenkreations1 ➖Follow @gigieats ➖ Tag Friends/Family who may be interested in the products or this recipe in the comments below ➖ Head over to @ketoqueenkreations1 and comment on her latest photo saying you want to win GiGi’s #giveaway ➖ Share this giveaway on your feed and/or story ➖ TELL US WHICH MIX TURNS YOUR TASTEBUDS ON THE MOST in the comments as well! . . ✨BONUS: HEAD OVER TO MY BLOG ( or my #YOUTUBECHANNEL ( and leave me comments there saying you want to win! . . GIVEAWAY ENDS: December 20th! 🎂
Some people are “building bears” this #holiday season... And I’m over here BUILDING MEALS at @thecounterstudiocity 🥗🍳🍗🥑 #buildyourownsalad #buildyourownburger
Well fuck. My baby is already giving me lip.
You’re supposed to have #SUGAR at baby showers, right?! @sprinklescupcakes #tminus2weeks #ineedtomakethesesugardairyglutennutandsoyfree
A Bundle of Joy! 🤰🏼 #babyshowerday
At the risk of sounding full of myself- IM A DAMN FINE ARTIST! #didIdrawthis #filtersgalore
He wishes I knew how to close my mouth. 🤣 #openforfood . Landon and I are getting WILD in the kitchen this week on the #blog & #youtube channel (if you didn’t already know)... While wearing our @prana outfits... Or I should say ARMOR because when Landon and I are in the kitchen together, yeah, we always need a little extra protection from one another... And you can interpret that however you’d like! 🤣 #prana4winter . Want some “armor” of your own (to battle the winter chill?!), get 15% off all @prana gear when using the code WPGAF18 at check out! 🧣🧤 #ad
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