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Shame on you Victoria’s Secret. new video link in my bio
Devastated (and also disgusted) seeing all the articles I woke up to today about @victoriassecret explaining why they don’t use transgender or plus size girls in their shows.. Even typing this a stupid JOKE. “The show is a fantasy. It’s a 42-minute entertainment special. That’s what it is.” I don’t know about you but I most CERTAINLY feel like a fantasy, thanks💅🏼💋 To hear this from a brand that gives girls around the world their first bras, sisterhood, and most importantly SO much confidence??!? Is mind boggling to me. When I first started my transition I couldn’t WAIT to go to the @victoriassecret store and shop for more bras, panties, bodysuits, and cute clothes that made me feel good. But now I just want to throw all of that shit out knowing that they don’t support me, my community or my plus size sisters😔
Could I be Gigi Croft every single day of the year? Thanks.
A natural beat I often wear to the grocery store✨
Happy Daylight Savings🙄
Gorgeous Twin$
my one an only❤️
Alieen Wuornos and a drag queen walk into a bar...
🍂 GIVEAWAY TIME🍂 I saw your comments and DM’s & I hear you so I decided to extend the entry deadline😉 The rules to enter are: 1. Comment below👇🏼 2. Film a video making over a special mom or mother figure in your life - you can use any makeup! 3. Follow @crushxo and post your video on your Instagram with #gigixcrushxo and #crushcancerxo 💖 And the winner will be announced on December 1st! 🌟 💄 🌟 💄 🌟 💄 🌟 💄 🌟 The beautiful winners care package includes: 1. The entire set of CrushXO’s cruelty-free, gemstone-infused cosmetics 2. A huge, gorgeous, stunning bouquet of pink roses 3. Cozy fall swag from @keepabreast 4. A beautiful lit Himalayan salt lamp 5. Limited lipstick shade, “Judy” signed by me💖 Good luck xoxo 6. Shout out by me☺️💋 Good luck! xoxo
I turned into Alieen Wuornos for the new @willam music video🙊 check it out😳
What’s your favorite scary movie?
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