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God & Family | Waterboarder | Washed up Vballer | College Football makes my life quite interesting | Eph 2:8

Yes, I still wakeboard 😁 thanks @stuckinohio for my sweet summer ‘18 edit! ••• @hyperlitewake @onewake_ @bodyglove @stuckinohio 360 angles by @garminoutdoor music by @harbourtheband
Incredible moments on the field this past weekend. Cannot express how loved we have felt from family, friends and especially #Buckeyenation these past few weeks. Y’all truly are The Best Damn Fans in the Land. Thank you. #GoBucks 🌰#besthingaboutbeing4 -0isthechancetogo5-0
Happy birthday sis! Love you dearly. Thank you for being the selfless, caring, loving individual that you are. Blessed to have someone like you to learn from as we grow. You’re the best. ❤️
‪I know #BuckeyeNation knows... but if only the rest of you truly knew the type of person this man is. He’s my father. One of the most loving, caring, selfless individuals out there and I will live by that forever. ‬
I’ve never been so certain in my life of what matters most. God and my family. ❤️
So this just happened... 💍 I love you @brian_pruett. Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!
#AuntGeezy can’t wait to meet nephew #2 ! Congrats to @nicki_meyer_dennis and @corey_dennis16 ! 💙💙
Happy Birthday Daddy. Thank you for giving me the best family in the world.
Last night was cool 🤘🏼 @taylorswift
Struggled this weekend for a @stuckinohio shoot but he sure made me look alright!! Thanks again for such a solid weekend! Can’t wait to go back! #NoWhereFest2018 #ItsALifestyle #StuckInOhio
Unforgettable weekend at the @stuckinohio compound! Such an amazing, chill, genuine group of people! Can’t wait to go back!
Thank you for being so caring, yet so tough.. For spoiling the heck out of me, but making me work for it.. And for instilling in me the importance of love, God and family. Best dad in the world. Love you.
Had so much fun on the water this weekend with great friends! My girl Riley seemed to be impressed! Thanks for the tug @dirtymikedowdy ! ••• @hyperlitewake @onewake_ @bodyglove @superchargedbev @stuckinohio
I just wanna relive this moment. And share with those who may have missed it. Like to show @shanae.a some mad respect 👌🏼😂#wetdogatcapcity #respect #💯💰 #10minbeforedinner
I’ll never pass up an opportunity to ride a camel! #LibbytheCamel 🐫
Close up on a nose 360 through @curtbernstein ’s lens! Love this trick. #Ilovesummer #Cbusiswaymorefunwhenitshot ••• @hyperlitewake @superchargedbev @onewake_ @bodyglove @stuckinohio
I mean who doesn’t love Aunt Geeg?
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