whenever i fall asleep dreams consume my mind in less than 10 minutes and idk if that's okay · · · ps the aquarius is in the corner
Why didn't you open the car yet?? IM OLD
Tell me how to find myself... oh wait
it's raining, let's get our feet soaked
Night adventures of Rick and Morty · · · #picklerick #wubulubudubdub
Classy 👄
Девочка дьявол 😈
· · · #crepes
Iconic place 🍔 🍟 · · · #жрем
🆃🅷🅴 🅵🅸🆁🆂🆃 🅿🆄🆁🅶🅴 · · · If there was an annual purge... I'd prolly steal a bunch of food... Or take revenge on all my enemies 😈 #thefirstpurge #purging
🌊fun little day🌊 · · · Had to repost cuz not all pics uploaded
See ya · · · #4thofjuly
the strawberry crown took way too long · · · #gold
no sugar · · · #secret · · · (For those who have seen the 3rd photo)--- had to repost since someone thought it made me look like a whore. Now i dont believe that artsy pictures in underwear make anyone a whore but due to certain circumstances had to just agree to taking it down. It was painful for someone not to accept my kind of art but in this situation there's nothing I can do. I find bodies beautiful and no one should ever shame you for what you think is pretty on your body and on your pictures. BE YOU.
📷 · · · Today's the only day in months that I actually slept in #feelinggreat
Baby, you love ripped jeans | | | #sayonaraboy
Get in the car I'm leaving
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