Glacier National Park

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Currently it’s lightly snowing in the park. We have a ways to go before we will have quality snowshoeing conditions but every flake counts. Let it snow! [video showing snow coating trees with snowflakes falling slowly]
Have you been hiking in Glacier NP recently? How were the trail conditions? We have been getting reports of icy conditions on popular trails like the Avalanche Lake Trail. Hiking poles and traction devices you can slip over your shoes can be helpful on icy trails. What advice would you give someone looking to hike in Glacier National Park in November? NPS photo of the Little Matterhorn. [Image of a snow covered peak with trees in the foreground.]
A few Trumpeter Swans were floating around in Lake McDonald this afternoon. Winter can still be a good time to come and observe park wildlife. Remember to always give wildlife their space. Winter can be especially difficult for them. Use a long lens and back off if it looks like you are disturbing them. #telephototuesday #protectglacier #trumpeterswans
It’s cloudy in Apgar this morning. Check out the next photo to see what it looks like above the clouds! By this afternoon it will likely be a sunny day in the park. #inversion ☁️🌥🌤☀️
Did you see the ice on the Logan Pass south view webcam today? Over the weekend the higher elevation areas of the park saw lower temperatures and snow. The east side closure on the Going-to-the-Sun Road shifted from Jackson Glacier Overlook to Rising Sun. Winter is coming. ❄️☃️❄️ [View of trees with their bases surrounded by snow. Two icicles on the lens of the camera block part of the view.]
#Repost @englephotography . . . Want #GlacierNPS to feature you? Tag #ProtectGlacier on a post with a conservation or safety message! #LNT @leavenotracecenter ・・・ This guy was keeping a watchful eye while the rest of his herd was grazing. As always remember to keep your distance (25 yards/75 feet). This guy wouldn't be happy if we got too close, especially with the kids around. #wildlifewednesday Image: A mountain goat stands near cliffs and dry grass.
There are over 700 lakes in Glacier National Park. They vary greatly in color, size, and location but most still have a key thing in common: their formation is linked to glaciers. The past glaciers scoured the landscape, carving out depressions that would fill with water and form higher elevation tarns and lower elevation finger lakes. Is visiting one of Glacier National Park’s many lakes on your bucket list? Do you have a favorite lake in Glacier? Comment on which lake you would love to visit. NPS Photo by Jacob W. Frank.
Did you know moose are great swimmers? Stay at least 25 yards from moose even if it’s in water! Do you have a story of when 25 yards was actually still too close to a moose? Share it in the comments! 🦌 There are no obvious signs of decline in Glacier's moose populations but moose have been declining across much of North America in recent years. One hypothesis is that increasingly milder winters in recent decades have been favorable for ticks who love to prey on moose. 🏔 Learn more about staying safe from moose and ticks here: #WildlifeWednesday #protectglacier image: a bull moose swims through water.
The best Glacier backpackers are also the best advocates for the Seven Leave No Trace Principles: Plan Ahead and Prepare 📚 Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces 🏕 Dispose of Waste Properly 💩🚽 Leave What You Find 🏺 Minimize Campfire Impacts 🔥 Respect Wildlife 🐿 Be Considerate of Other Visitors 🙌 #LNT #LeaveNoTrace #ProtectGlacier Image: A backpacker stands on a hill with snowy peaks in the background.
It’s larch season in the park. The weather has been spectacular this weekend making this a great time to come and see the last big botanical display of the year. Larch trees are different than most conifers in that they drop their needles every fall. Just like other deciduous trees, dropping their leaves (needles) allows larch to move nutrients to other parts of the tree and conserve them for later. The result is a dramatic explosion of golden color every October. #goldenfall #larch #deciduousconifer #glaciernps
BEAR ALERT! 🚨 Have you ever hit an animal with your car? Glacier’s roads are narrow, winding, and plum full of wild animals. Remember to watch out for wildlife, not to mention bikers and other cars, and drive safely. If you hit an animal in Glacier let a ranger know right away. 🚘 🦌 Image: A black bear stands on a road in front of a car. #wildlifewednesday
#Repost @ryan_houser_18 ・・・ Guys! @glaciernps has started a campaign called #Protectglacier in hopes to keep GNP as clean, pristine, and safe for everyone! If you visit this beautiful place, please don’t leave any trash behind, don’t get too close to waterfalls or animals, but most of all create memories with loved ones and enjoy the natural beauty of Glacer National Park! • • • Want #GlacierNPS to feature you? 📲 Tag #ProtectGlacier on a post with a conservation or safety message! #LNT @LeaveNoTrace Image: Mountain landscape with a large lake and pine trees in the foreground.
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