Glacier National Park

Montana, USA. Featuring a collection of visitor memories. Tag us #GlacierNPS for a chance to be featured! We do not share watermarked images.

Looking forward to getting our green on. For now, the park is still mostly cloaked in white, but melt-out has begun. Not that we won't see a few more storms before spring is through. Thanks to @meet_me_in_the_mountains for sharing this image from greener days. [Image of an emerald green mountain, enshrouded in misty gray and white clouds. The mountain slopes are dotted both with dark conifers and golden fall foliage.]
Who is making plans for a summer visit to Glacier? You are not alone. Last July, more than 1 million visitors entered our gates. If you visit during peak season between July 4th and Labor Day, especially on holiday weekends, be prepared, not only for spectacular scenery, but also long lines and limited parking. Plan ahead with our website at and bring a dose of patience and courtesy. [Image of #LoganPass parking lot in mid-summer. Parking spaces are filled while several cars in the lanes are searching for an empty spot. Several visitors walk among the cars. The mountains loom close by in the backdrop.]
For those interested in current conditions at #GlacierNPS . Snowpack in our basin is at 140%. Thanks to @nicole_gallow and friend for valiantly trying to clear our entrance sign with a windshield snowbrush. So sorry for the lost photo op. We are running out of room to move the snow. But the skiing and snowshoeing have been fine. [Image of park entrance sign topped with snow and a large berm of snow around 5 feet deep obscuring most of the sign. A man standing in front of the sign with a snowbrush has revealed the NPS arrowhead. Snow-laden trees fill the background.]
Some moments are worth tolerating the cold. #LakeMcDonald #PinkSkies #MontanaSunset Thanks to @davidmarxphoto for sharing the experience, except we are missing out on feeling the cold. [Image of Lake McDonald on a winter's evening. The sky is strewn with cotton candy pink clouds, also reflected in the water. A single blue-gray cloud hangs centered over the snow-capped mountains. In the foreground, a textured sheet of ice with small icicles along the under-surface hangs over the water.]
And the good news is that stabilization efforts funded by your generous donations to the @glacierconservancy have held up the remains of the #SperryChalet this far into the winter. You can check out their web page for more images and video. Plans are underway to examine alternatives for the future of the chalet. [Aerial image of standing stone walls of Sperry dormitory, topped with snow, looking much like frosting.. There is no roof, so bracing timbers can be seen in and around the structure, which is partially filled with snow. Snow drifts cover the surrounding landscape and scattered trees are cloaked in snow.]
We have had our fill of snow and stormy weather this week, so here is a #FBF shot of #McDonaldCreek courtesy of @visitglacier. [Image looking down on the turquoise waters of McDonald Creek. A slow exposure accentuates the swirling white rapids. In the foreground, the bright multicolored rocks in the water stand out in shades of purplish and orangish reds, golds, grays, and pale olive green. Rocks along the shore in more subdued colors lead the eye back to a horse bridge with wooden rails crossing the creek. Here the bright green conifers thickly line the creek, leading back to dark green forested hills in the distance below a gray cloudy sky with sunlight glowing through the clouds touching the horizon. ]
Who is a snowman's best friend? Is it Chilly the #snowdog in this image or #Gracie the #BarkRanger in the next image? (Swipe to compare and let us know what you think.) For background, a number of winters ago, a #snowman showed up in view of our park headquarters webcam, gaining far more popularity than we ever expected. In fact a classroom in Florida adopted him and named him #Snowball , and even sent him gifts as they learned about snow from him. Snowball has returned annually since, though he is finicky about conditions. A few years back, he began bringing his friend, #Snowflake , and they are occasionally joined by Chilly Dog. They even have their own #webcam on the park's web page (but credit goes to @ljbreaux for this close up). Chilly especially hates deep snow or rain, so one day when he was out seeking chillier pastures, our own @barkrangernps , Gracie, tried to fill Chilly's spot. So #WhoWoreItBetter ? [Image of a #SnowLady and a Snowman wearing hats and scarves standing on a picnic table. In the first image, a snowdog sits next to them wearing a red scarf, while in the second image, they are joined by a border collie wearing her working vest.]
I was hoping to find someone had tagged us with a shot of the super blue blood moon taken in the park. Short of that we'll go with a #TBT of #SummerWildflowers . Just saying who doesn't love to find #beargrass in their feed? Thanks to @belly_river for the sweet memories. [#BlackAndWhitePhotography image of a meadow covered in beargrass. Half a dozen close-up blooms fill the foreground, with jagged mountains and lingering snow patches for a backdrop.]
Wondering what happened here? Alarming as it appears, it is neither a crime scene nor the result of a predator-prey interaction. It is, in fact, a puddle of melted #WatermelonSnow . Some of you may have observed snow fields with a pink cast in your backcountry travels. Watermelon snow is caused by an #Chlamydomonasnivalis , an #algae high in carotenoids that give it a red pigment. Thanks to USGS scientist, @jowegrrsh for sharing this cool phenomenon with us. Although watermelon snow is reported to smell or even taste faintly of watermelon, it is also reported to have a laxative effect.🤤 Eating it is not recommended, nor is drinking unfiltered or untreated water from any source in the park. [Image of a crimson red, translucent puddle of water revealing a rocky substrate. The puddle, sitting at the base of a rock ledge, is surrounded by pebbles, stones, and boulders. Sparse vegetation grows from cracks in the rocks, and #GrinnellGlacier can be seen in the distance.]
Little pieces of mountain jumbled on the lake shore. You can't deny Glacier #RocksRock . Most prominent are the red and green #argillite , a #siltstone formed underneath ancient lakes, becoming red in the presence of oxygen or green with a lack of oxygen. Shout out to @em_linnea for catching this detail. [Image of multicolored #stones scattered in the gray sand, some capped with snow, most at least partially submerged in shallow water, which brings out their colors of red, green, yellow, and slate gray.]
#TBT to early summer 2017. It wasn't a dream. It really was the most amazing #beargrass year any of us can remember. Thanks to @babygotbackwoods_ for jogging our memory back to the splendiferous #xerophyllumtenax display. [Image of a narrow path winding through a dense display of waist-high white beargrass blooms. Straight ahead a rocky peak looms under a cornflower blue sky streaked with wispy clouds. A couple of subalpine firs frame the left edge of the view and a skinny snag near the right edge. ]
#5FastFacts about #HarlequinDucks . 1. They thrive in clear, fast-flowing water. 2. They migrate east <-> west. 3. They generally mate for life. 4. Females nest only in the same stream where they hatched. 5. 25% of Montana's population calls Upper #McDonaldCreek home. Learn more at [Image of male #HarlequinDuck with brightly colored blue, red, and white plumage stands on a rock amidst fast-rushing falls of McDonald Creek. NPS photo by JFrank.]
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