Instant Sexy Hollywood Glow. #GLAMGLOW

Holiday wish list: Clear skin + sexy contours. ✔️ The #SUPERMUD Superstar Set contains a full-size SUPERMUD plus two tubes of pink glitter and purple #GRAVITYMUD (more than a full-size jar) for SRP $39 - a $130 value. Available on and at @sephora or a limited time! #GLAMGLOW #HELLOSEXY #ArtOfGlowingSkin
The Forget the Filter Set is here to save your pores and illuminate your skin! 💖 Get a full-size #INSTAMUD 60-Second Pore-Refining Treatment for instantly refined pores and a 30ml #GLOWSTARTER Mega Illuminating Moisturizer that makes all lighting good lighting. Shop the Forget the Filter Set on and at @sephora for SRP $35, a $71 value! #GLAMGLOW #HELLOSEXY #ArtOfGlowingSkin
Last minute shopping? 🎁 We've got you covered! 😛 The Paint the Town Set has seven 30g limited edition tubes of #GRAVITYMUD for firmer-feeling skin + a painter’s palette + brush. Available now on and in-store at @sephora for SRP $69, $248 value. #GLAMGLOW #HELLOSEXY #ArtOfGlowingSkin
The Problem Solver Set: solving your skin AND gifting problems at the same time. 😉 Get our #1 bestselling #SUPERMUD in the 100g MEGA SIZE + get a free full size #SUPERCLEANSE for clear, matte skin with refined pores in the Problem Solver Set. Now available for SRP $79 – a $111 value – at @sephora ! #GLAMGLOW #HELLOSEXY #ArtOfGlowingSkin
If your skin needs saving, you need a superhero. Look no further than #SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment. 💖 Our best-selling mud mask treatment contains Activated-X Charcoal, a powerful blend of 6 acids, and K-17 clay for clear skin. Don't forget a full-size jar is available in the Superstar Set (plus two 30ml tubes of pink glitter and purple #GRAVITYMUD ) for SRP $39, $130 value! Available now on and at @sephora. #GLAMGLOW #HELLOSEXY
Hey Superstar! ⭐️You need the #SUPERMUD Superstar Set - a must for clear skin and sexy contours. With a full-size SUPERMUD plus two 30ml paint tubes of pink glitter and purple #GRAVITYMUD (that's more than a full-size jar), you're all set to glow. Available now on and at @sephora for SRP $39 ($130 value). #GLAMGLOW #HELLOSEXY #ArtOfGlowingSkin
Mattify, clarify, and refine your pores with #SUPERMUD . Activated-X Charcoal absorbs toxins and impurities for clearer, seemingly poreless skin, while a powerful blend of 6 acids fight skin problems. A full-size jar is in the Superstar Set for SRP $39, $130 value (plus two 30ml tubes of pink glitter and purple #GRAVITYMUD )! Shop on and at @sephora. #GLAMGLOW #HELLOSEXY
Have fun, get clean, support a great cause this holiday season! The Breast Cancer Campaign #BUBBLESHEET is the perfect holiday stocking stuffer because it's our bestselling cleansing mask, and 20% of the proceeds goes to breast cancer research through 12/31. Win win! #GLAMGLOW #HELLOSEXY #TimeToEndBreastCancer #ELCFamily
Two of our skin-clearing faves: #SUPERCLEANSE and #SUPERMUD ! @ninavee starts with SUPERCLEANSE to remove pore-clogging debris and face makeup, then follows with SUPERMUD. Both are in the Problem Solver Set for $79, a $111 value, on @sephora ! Psst, don't forget to finish with #GLOWSTARTER to hydrate and illuminate your skin. 💖 Glambassador Regram #GLAMGLOW #HELLOSEXY @glamglowuk
Cleanser fam, assemble! Have you met all our cleansers? L to R: 👇 ⭐️ GENTLEBUBBLE: Daily gentle cleanser with oat amino acids to condition and deeply cleanse ⭐️ BUBBLESHEET: Weekly 3-minute sheet mask that detoxifies, purifies, and deep cleanses ⭐️ TROPICALCLEANSE: Daily exfoliating cleanser to polish skin and remove impurities ⭐️SUPERCLEANSE: Daily clearing cleanser with charcoal best for normal-oily skin ⭐️ GALACTICLEANSE: Jelly balm cleanser with meteorite powder best for normal-dry skin Which cleanser have you tried? Tell us below! #GLAMGLOW #HELLOSEXY
You can never go wrong with #SUPERMUD . Show problem skin who’s boss with our skin-clearing charcoal mud. A full-size jar is in the SUPERMUD Superstar Set, along with two 30ml tubes of pink glitter and purple GRAVITYMUD. Shop for a limited time on and at @sephora (SRP $39 - $130 value). Glambassador Regram @carla_ginola @glamglowfrance #GLAMGLOW #HELLOSEXY
Happy birthday, Sagittarius! 🎂If you're a @sephora beauty insider born in the month of December, pick up your free gift! 🎈Clear your skin with #SUPERMUD , then follow with #GLOWSTARTER to hydrate and turn all lighting into good lighting! #GLAMGLOW #HELLOSEXY
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