t a y l a h 🎀

•Leo•23•Vancouver• 🧸

a magical, rare, thought to be extinct, beautiful creature! and a dinosaur’s here too i guess🦖
mroww 🐱🖤
mexico dreams ☁️🥰
i don’t think he like my Levi’s, always asking me to take em off 😋🤷🏻‍♀️
another year. 🤗🌸♥️
do you dare take a bite? 🍏♥️
lil bb abs🦙
far from the shallows now 🌅🌊
pinkie pie. 💖🖤
i wish i could stay so tanned forever! filet o’ Tay ☺️☀️🍳
margarita mama 🍹☀️
peaches & coconuts 🍑🥥
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