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Should I do more tutorials?
Nobody is going to comment Edit: thank you all so much for over 50 ❤️
3 is out From now on we are doing 2 out at a time
Yellow glossy slime
🍁🍂 Gain party 🍂🍁 Want to gain some followers? First, follow the users below @hkslimesss @it.silly_slimes @slime.__.kitten @saltnpepperslimes @twister_slimessss @summertimeslime353 @glitterslimeartist @time_to_slime_sophia Then, comment “Ifb” and follow everyone who commented above you! Happy gaining!
Strawberry milk
Shine and spark. Thank you so much for 1.4k 😱
Sorry for... My dirty hands Not posting fro a while The stiff slime Another video of a slime I have already posted Anyway. I love this slime so much 😍🤤 #slime #kate #dd #amazing #asmr #love #my #followers #fluffy #daiso #clear # satisfying #gliter #art #artists #glitterslimeartist .
Short video Temperature post as it doesn’t fit our theme
🍍Mixingg🍉 . Comment fav slimer🤗
Thank you all so much fro 1.2K Wow 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Juicy peach 🍑
🔮Good slime 🔮💊Bad filmer💊lmao😂😂 . Hope y’all having a wonderful dayy💕💕
🏖mixing butter slime into sand🏖 . Turned into like a cloud slime😏
Rainbow slime
💕 might be in first restock!
Hazelnut crisp
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