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Who says you can’t eat 🍪 when you have cancer? Not me! My clients get a super tasty menu every week to help them feel better and recover faster between treatments! We focus on healthy, balanced real foods that promote healing, which also means they have butt-kicking cancer fighting properties! Now back to the COOKIES 😂…these baby’s are filled with antioxidants, are super low sugar and have loads of organic wholegrain fiber. So you know what that means… #CANCERHATESIT 🙌
Say it with me CANCER HATES IT! Now, let's brainstorm all the things CANCER HATES... it hates this post...HAHA! It hates kale, oh wait I hate kale..LOL. Cancer hates positive mindsets, hope, watermelon, sunshine, laughter, dark chocolate, dancing, kissing, beets, hugging, singing, ginger tea, kombucha....let's keep the list going in the comments...
Let's talk about chemo for just a second...I think everyone assumes that because I am a Holistic Cancer Nutritionist that I am anti-chemo...truth is I am not anti anything except ANTI CANCER! LOL! I am for CONFIDENCE in a cancer journey, and you know #cancerhatesit when we have confidence! As soon as you are diagnosed everyone suddenly has an opinion about how YOU should treat YOUR cancer! This can leave you in a very LONELY place in your life and worse yet very confused. Chemo is a medical advancement that will save some lives BUT chemo is super hard on the body. Depleting the body of vital nutrients and weakening the immune system to a point that a sneeze can be dangerous! That is why I do the work that I do! My purpose is to help my clients achieve health and wellness despite their choices of cancer treatments and despite their cancer! I help people have more effectiveness in treatments, recover faster between treatments and feel more confident about how they are dealing with cancer! I teach people to be the boss of their cancer in just 8 short weeks! Cancer taught me so many things and I am so grateful for it in my life.
This is an easy peasy lunch! #cancerhatesit when we fill up on leafy greens 🌱 and legume plant 💪 proteins. This is lemon pepper chickpea spinach salad. I marinated the chickpeas in lemon juice, garlic and black pepper. Then added them to the salad as dressing. Genius, right?! What is your favorite go-to salad? Let's compare ideas in the comments!
One of the things I hear the most from people who have cancer is the question, "Will my life ever be the same after cancer?" I am here to tell you that Cancer Is Not Your Destiny! Did my cancer change my life? Oh hell yes it did! The morning I found the lump I said to my husband "If this is what I think it is, our lives will never be the same again." I truely believed cancer was my destiny. What I didn't know is how wonderful my life would be after cancer. I became the #BOSS of my cancer and now my destiny is being fulfilled. Maybe your life will never be the same after cancer...BUT have you ever thought your life might just get better than it was before cancer? If you are struggling with having a winning mindset when it comes to your cancer, let's talk about it! Make a free appointment! The link is my bio! XOXO
I tried to stuff a whole garden in these potatoes! I had friends dub this Stuffed Potato Caccitatore (minus the meat)! Lots of people will shy away from russet potatoes but I love having them once a week, and #cancerhatesit (I ❤️ love things that cancer hates!) The carbohydrates are a great way to feel full longer. In fact when I am working with someone that is in active cancer treatments, we use potatoes to help them keep weight on. Stuffing them with all the veggies makes it a perfect plant-based meal. I decided to dollop some @nancysyogurt probiotic-rich sour cream on top. Feel free to omit it, or keep it plantbased and use cashew sour cream!
The three scariest words a person can hear…YOU HAVE CANCER! It has a way of throwing your life right out of balance and every fear of death you ever had is staring right back you. I know, because those three words were uttered along with my name, almost 6 years ago. When it happened I could hardly believe it was me they were talking about. A total "out of body experience" on so many levels. For months the news kept getting worse and worse…until one day I decided that I was sick of my cancer bossing me around! I took back my life despite that stupid cancer in my breast. Now 6 years later I am living with the knowledge that the day those three words were spoken to me was the best day of my life! Those words gave me my purpose! Now I get to work with those of you that have heard the words “You Have Cancer”. I get to help you thrive, make treatments more effective, and find your purpose in life. What a blessing cancer has been. Cancer saved my life and my cancer will help me save millions of people lives. Apply for my 8 week program "Any Stage Cancer Protocol" and let’s put you on a path to making your body the most inhospitable environment to cancer as possible! Link in Bio...apply today because #cancerhatesit
#Hope is a strategy! In my book there is no such thing as false hope…all we should possess is hope, especially when calamity strikes. If you are dealing with #cancer right now, strategize how hope can bring you though to the next level of care. The so called "enemy" of hope is fear… but when we empower our fear to help us take action, we find hope abounds! Don’t let cancer boss you around any longer! Find the hope and joy every days brings. If you think that is easy for me to say then let’s talk (link in bio)…I want to challenge you in a Cancer Breakthrough session to empower hope in your cancer journey! XO, The Cancer Coach
🥑 Avocado toast just got good with @vitalfarms Pasture Raised Egg as the crown! #cancerhatesit when we eat the #superfood rainbow 🌈. Lets trade toast secrets! Let me know in the comments what your favorite toast toppings are. XOXO
Remember those Avocado crisp I made a few weeks ago? Well I recipe'd the heck out of that one and made a 🍕 crust! I'm SO avocado 😍🥑 these days, you guys! Are you down for an avocado pizza crust?! I am putting final touches on the formula and I will be sharing it really soon! So stick around for the final reveal.
It smells like cookies here in the @go2kitchens kitchen! I whipped up a fat batch of these AMAZING Grain Free Chocolate Avocado Cookies from @sweetashoney.co 🥑🍫🍪 oh yeah! I wonder how long these cookies will last before being devoured?! Leave your guess in the comments. Let's see who guesses the closest! 😉
Ok, I won’t make all the fig puns I could here! You know like Fig-ttata or Fig-olicious... 😏 If you love food and better yet, you love savory and sweet flavors you have to give this frittata a go! I combined salty prosciutto de parma, feta cheese and delicious sweet figs. The pop of flavor is something you will never forget. Check out ValleyFig.com to find their figs near you! #vfigfeed #californiafigs
This might look like it’s all about the salad 🥗 but let me tell you it’s all about the #walnuts ! Toasted walnuts make an amazing substitute for bread croutons. Plus ohhh those plant based omega 3 that little nut gives us! So pump up the nutrients and go for the walnuts! Here’s the recipe in a nutshell...get it? Pre heat your oven to 350. Use 1 cup of raw walnut halves. Coconut spray oil. 1 tablespoon dried crushed rosemary. 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper. 1/4 teaspoon sea salt. Spread walnuts out on a baking sheet, spray with coconut oil, cover with blended spices, mix well, spray again and bake for 10 min. Done! I store them in a mason jar that has a sprig of fresh rosemary in it. Yum yum 😋! What spices would you use?
Summer inspiration in my omelet today! Zucchini, 🌽 , watermelon radishes and spinach. All wrapped up in those #girlsongrass #pastureraisedeggs from @vitalfarms. This baby is fluffy stuffed! 😋😋😋
It's a spoon! It's a spatula! No! It's SPOONTULA!! But on another note, here are my oh so yummy Goat Cheese Jalapeno Poppers with garlic and rosemary. Talk about a super food! And wouldn't you know that my spoontula was the perfect tool for mixing the cheese and garlic as well as stuff these bad boys. Oh yeah! Make sure to check out the link in my bio to order your Spoontula, as well as find some fantastic recipes! XOXO
I can hardly believe 😱 I have a kitchen tool on the market with the "go2kitchens.com" logo on it! My dad and I have been working for MONTHS to bring you the best wooden spoon on the market! It functions as an amazing wooden spoon but also a handy spatula…let me introduce you to the SPOONTULA! Every Spoontula is 100% handmade with quality hardwood and a whole lots of love! It is designed to aide you in being a rockstar in the kitchen! You know I want nothing more for you than to cook good food! Order yours today👉 just click the link in my bio! Only $17.99! Supplies are limited so don’t wait! #Livingthedream
Thank you 👉 @valleyfig for making this amazing Blueberry Fig Dessert Hummus and Chocolate Fig Hummus happen! No sugars added. I used the figs for sweetness and WOW! This is ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for sure and sinfully delicious! What is your favorite way to use figs? #vfigfeed #californiafigs
Taco Thursday is a thing, right? If not, I think I just started something new, and #cancerhatesit for sure! Today on Lunch with Leslie we made an OPEN FACE... burrito/taco/omelet amazingness! Did you catch the episode today? Well, you have to go check it out... we use @VitalFarms and @sietefoods goodness to make this yummy breakfast (periscope.tv/go2kitchens). Be honest 👉 is this going on your breakfast table this weekend? I bet it is!!
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