Luis J. Gomez

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Last day in 🇵🇷. Love this kid. Such a great travel buddy.
He’s fearless.
Literally the best Father’s Day ever
Happy Father’s Day to all the real ass dads out there!
Young love.
Life’s been worse. 🇵🇷
Day 2 🇵🇷
I’ve been duped.
The boys first Piña Colada (virgin of course!). The hotel we are staying at actually invented the drink! 😊
First day in 🇵🇷! Having a blast!
Birds are fucking evil. #puertorico
Bringing the boy to 🇵🇷 For the first time for Fathers Day trip. See y’all at Skankfest!
New Skankfest hat came!!!
‪And now to tie it altogether and keep this bad boy on brand!!!‬ ‪Ladies, if you wonder why men are so shitty as adults there may be a link to you beating the shit out of us when we were children. #peacefulparenting
It’s pajama day at school 😄
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