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On the second day of #io19 , The Flaming Lips took the stage—with a little help from machine learning. 🎉 Google AI's Magenta team partnered with the band to create an AI-assisted performance with Fruit Genie: a real-time, intelligent musical instrument which combines Magenta’s Piano Genie model with a physical interface consisting of fruit (or whatever else you can dream up)! Tap the link in our bio to go behind Magenta, the tech that rocked I/O. 🎉
On Mondays, we wear a #MySuperG . This week we're surprising the 58 U.S. businesses and nonprofits featured in our latest Economic Impact Report with custom-designed pins—each one representing their unique story. Tap the link in our bio to read more. #GrowWithGoogle
While studying abroad in Istanbul, Sydney Alfonso worked with a women’s cooperative that supported local jewelers. After seeing the positive influence the women had on their communities, she was inspired to create a similar impact in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico–and @etkie_official was born. It’s a jewelry company that celebrates and supports local Native American artisans. Sydney uses Google Ads so that people searching for high-end handmade jewelry can find Etkie’s unique beaded pieces. As Etkie grows, Sydney is not just creating more jobs for local artisans, she’s also sharing their craft with the world. Tap the link in our bio to learn more. #GrowWithGoogle
What’s black and white and cool all over? This photo by #teampixel photographer @mhpresta. See more shots at @googlepixel.
I am a dancing human, but my collaborator is a machine” - Bill T. Jones. See how iconic choreographer and co-founder of @billtjonesarniezaneco used Google AI to create movement and voice experiments at the link in our bio.
Allan Ikawa is in the business of giving, or the practice of omiyage– Japanese for “gift giving”–which is heavily ingrained in Hawaiian culture. It’s a concept that inspired him to create @bigislandcandies , a gourmet confections company based in Hilo, Hawaii. They use Google tools, like Google Ads and Google my Business, to reach more customers online and spread the joy of omiyage. “The internet, and more specifically Google Ads, allows us additional opportunities to share our quality products with the world.” #GrowWithGoogle
Surprise! It’s Merme the #Doogler . Based in our Sunnyvale office, Merme is the daughter to not one, but two Googler parents. When she’s not joking around at the office, you can find her eating blueberries, tearing up paper and playing soccer.
Maxwell Neely-Cohen is a New York-based musician-turned-writer. After attending poetry readings, he wondered if he could elevate the beauty of poets’ words. Enter Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API, which Maxwell used to create eye-catching graphics by translating language into art in real-time. In just four days, he was able to make a prototype–and ‘The Spoken Word Project’ was born. Watch @_maxnc_ 's journey unfold in today’s #SearchOn story.
Husband and wife Feliciano “Chano” Zavala and Ines Zavala started their own business–Peninsula Party Rentals–and were renting party supplies out of their garage when the 2008 recession hit. To guide their business through uncertain times, they made a website and began running Google Ads. “Google Ads is bringing in enough clients to max our inventory capacity.” Committed to paying their success forward, the Zavalas offer discounts to schools and nonprofit organizations, and sponsor youth baseball teams all over California’s Bay Area. For more on their story and others in our Economic Impact Report, tap the link in our bio. #GrowWithGoogle
Made up of four different bird species, this #MySuperG by @nvillustration is ready to fly. 🐦
Parents' searches for "how to help my baby" peak each night around 1 a.m. In honor of #MothersDay , we’re celebrating all the questions parents ask at night.
“It’s a huge relief knowing that our next move, I get to hang on to the job that I love so much.” Meet Kelly, a proud military spouse who was able to find adventure in moving five times in six years…but struggled to find a job she could keep amid frequent moves. For #MilitarySpouseAppreciationDay , we’re announcing new #GrowWithGoogle tools and resources to support military spouses as they work to build meaningful careers, wherever they’re located. Tap the link in our bio to learn more.
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