Google unfiltered—sometimes with filters.

Here’s to our BFFs. In 2018, the world wanted to know “what makes a good friend.” See more at #YearinSearch
Good things are worth searching for. This year, the world searched for “good” more than ever before. Explore more trends at #YearInSearch
A 13-year-old who invented a tool using Android technology that could empower millions of people. A 10-year-old activist who is rousing the nation with her voice. A trio of high school students who are working with NASA to get the lead out of school drinking fountains. An entrepreneur who is using machine learning to help prevent future water crisis from occurring. Meet six young women working to fix America’s water problems. #SearchOn
@kaustubhbhabal dominoes what’s up with this colorful #MySuperG creation.
Our NYC neighbor Chef @dominiqueansel knows a thing or two about desserts. Good thing he stopped by to make our #googlepopup extra sweet –we’re talking 500 gingerbread squares kind of sweet–for the holidays!
A winter trek never looked so good. Captured by #teampixel photographer @marisajarae.
#tbt to when self-driving technology was a moonshot project at Google. Now @waymo is helping people navigate the streets of Phoenix, AZ. That’s one step closer to making our roads safer and easier to navigate for all. #everystep
When @nasa issued a challenge to help them track the thousands of asteroids and comets orbiting around Earth, Gema Parreño answered the call. Her project, Deep Asteroid, uses TensorFlow, Google’s machine learning tool, to help NASA identify which ones need to be watched more closely. See today’s story to learn more about Gema and her project. #royalobservatorymadrid
That's the way the cookie crumbles. #NationalCookieDay
How ‘bout a #MySuperG -ame of marbles? Made by @akkianindianboy.
Pops of color from around the world, captured by #teampixel photographers @shootwith12mp , @saransirius , @click_mmt , and @esclickz.
Floods have become the most common natural disaster in the world, and many countries lack effective early warning systems. See our story today to learn how our Crisis Response team is using machine learning to provide people accurate and early alerts before a flood occurs.
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