Gordo Guillen

Panadero y Pastelero en Paris

Tonka Chocolate Canela y Caramelo
Paris 2019
Joyeuses fêtes
The most interesting aspect of jiu-jitsu is… of course the techniques are great…but the sensibility of the opponent, sense of touch, the weight, the momentum, the transition from one movement to another. That’s the amazing thing about it. You must allow yourself to go as on auto pilot. You don’t know exactly where you’re going until the movement happened because you can not anticipate what is going to happen. You must allow yourself to be in a zero point; a neutral point. Be relaxed and connected with the variations. “ Flow with the go.” Rickson Gracie – “Choke” #treino #bjj #bluebelt
Pan de Muerto 💀 📸 @mexicana_post
Taco de barbacoa en tortilla de maíz amarillo y azul Jitomate tatemado @mercedes.ahumada #cuisinemexicaine
@ledixdix 🔥🔥🔥 #NoGi
Pain Chaud Villa La Boulangerie Mexicaine Panadería Mexicana en Paris Ya pronto!!!!!!
Pimienta Rosa Excelsior Nota sobre el trabajo de la Chef @mercedes.ahumada y su servilleta Mexicanos en Paris
Mexico en TV Francesa 🇲🇽🇫🇷 Hoy celebro un año que llegue a Francia y no cabe duda que la vida y Dios es grande, trabajando con la mejor Chef @mercedes.ahumada Viva Mexico Cabrones
One Mission #bjj #bluebelt
Apfelkuchen (crumble pie de manzana 🍎) e vegan cookies
Pan de Masa Madre
Pambazos #painchaudvilla
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