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Watch basketball superstar @joelembiid destroy a rim (and much more) with a special 360-degree view of his moves at the link in bio. Presented by #Pixel3 . (🎥 @konceptVR @noeljohnhoward @izzy_cohan )
Last year, @joelembiid averaged a double-double, became an All-Star, and finished second in Defensive Player of the Year voting. This year, he says, he'll be upset if he doesn't win DPOY and MVP. “I’m so much better than I was last year. I just look at myself, like the only thing that can stop me is like…nothing." We dropped into the world of #TheProcess just as it's about to really get interesting—and learned where his boundless confidence comes from. Hit the link in bio for more. (📸 @lanestewart )
Behind-the-scenes of @joelembiid 's digital cover shoot 🤙🏾🏀 See more at the link in bio. Captured on #Pixel3 . (🎥 @bradwickham @lilyrhodess ) #theprocess
@joelembiid didn't even play basketball until he was 15 and has now, at 24, joined the first tier of NBA stars, with a position-less skillset that looks an awful lot like the future of basketball. The NBA's most lovable trash-talker talks to @skiptomylou_22 about becoming a meme, why he'll be upset if he doesn't win DPOY *and* MVP, and why he might pick up rocket science once he's done with this job. Link in bio. Captured on #Pixel3 . (📸 @lanestewart )
Introducing our first ever digital cover featuring @JoelEmbiid , one of the NBA's brightest stars, and the savior of the Philadelphia 76ers' daring rebuild. Read our profile of #TheProcess and see more photos at the link in bio. Photos by @lanestewart Story by @skiptomylou_22 Styling by @_kellymccabe_ Captured on #Pixel3
What to Wear Today: A sweater that makes lazy Sundays not look so lazy. (📸 @sebkimstudio ) #wtwt #ootd
This week on #MadInfluence , the youngest Best Director winner in history Damien Chazelle talks to GQ editor-in-chief Jim Nelson about how he managed to pull off the early projects that changed his life, and about what makes filming a giant space epic so damn daunting. Tap the link in bio to tune in on Apple Podcasts, or find Mad Influence on Spotify or your podcast app of choice. Presented by Moët & Chandon. Produced by
#GQBestStuff visited Kit Harrington to ask what the GoT star can’t live without and learned he's got a thing for old stuff: his worn-in wallet with worn-out family photos, his worn-in flat cap, and worn-in leather bag. The classics, basically. See all of his favorite things at the link in bio. (📸 @mattymarty ) #kitharrington #gameofthrones
At just 21, Lucas Hedges has already given us unforgettable performances in movies like 'Manchester By The Sea,' 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,' and 'Lady Bird.' With his new movie #mid90s opening this weekend, hit the link in bio to watch him break down his most iconic characters.
What to Wear Today: A bonkers mix of tie-dye, plaid, and chunky knits. (📸 @peggysirota ) #wtwt #ootd
Meet the embroidery artist who brings Björk's wildest creative fantasies to life in GQ & @Gucci 's collaboration The Performers Act VIII. #GucciStories
D'Angelo Russell told GQ, "I feel the best I've ever felt in my life right now," and it shows. See more photos by @kristaschlueter and read the @camjwolf profile of the young Brooklyn Net with the hordes of superfans who still believe that this will finally be his year.
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