Grace Collis


Pass me the twink 🧚🏻‍♀️🍭
So, how bout that weather we’re having?
Rona free zone around @teao.keepa
Me squinting, what’s new 🌞🐝
Very ideal 💡
Tb to a Good Friday 😉
Swipe right and I’ll stick my neck out for you 🦒
wow surely I didn’t go to Asia 🤯
Marika (is going to) England 🌍✈️ I hope looking after kids will be as fun as looking after you that one night in Jan ‘16 😉👯‍♀️
31 degrees on a winters day, don’t mind if I do Q 😼
Craving (not the cruiser tho)
At the local, hby?
White on white on white
Feeling v satisfied with an all you can eat breakfast buffet 🍈🍉🥞🍯 - Will be back very soon Bangkok 👋🏼🤞🏻✨
Very merry 🌟
*Is stingy about spending five dollars per photo but will happily spend hundreds for the Ball* 🙂🙂
Thank Q so much!! @pritafermah
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