Gran Meliá Fénix

Luxury travel experience designed just for you in the heart of Madrid. Member of @leadinghotelsoftheworld #YourTastesRefined

Baubles, lights and festive cheer - it really feels like Christmas here at #GranMeliaFenix !#YourTastesRefined
The views from @GranMeliaFenix show off Madrid's fusion of modern and traditional architecture. 📷 by @miguelibpalomo #YourTastesRefined
The details in your suite will make you feel like you are in your home away from home. #YourTastesRefined
The spaces in our hotel unleash the creativity of our guests. #YourTastesRefined
Sip the best cocktails in the city at @DryMartiniJDLM in good company and experience a Saturday that you deserve. #YourTastesRefined
Stumble upon museums with beautiful facades that also contain the best of contemporary art inside its walls. 📷 by @angel_valade #DiscoveryAwaits
In #GranMeliáFénix the details make the difference. Feel inspired in every corner of our hotel. #YourTastesRefined
Immerse yourself in a world of comfort and elegance designed so that you feel at home at #GranMeliáFénix . 📷 by @ric001 #YourTastesRefined
Dreamy spaces designed so you can relax in style upon arrival to #GranMeliáFénix . 📷 by @nataliaalcayde #YourTastesRefined
Escape the chilly temperatures and unwind in a spaces with a cozy aesthetic in the heart of Madrid at #GranMeliaFénix . #YourTastesRefined
In our restaurante #Aduana the views come alongside the best of Mediterranean gastronomy. Enjoy an unforgettable experience on the 7th floor of #GranMeliáFénix . 📷 by @madridcoolblog #YourTastesRefined
It's time to unwind. Tag who you'd like to share a glass with. 📷 by @annapetrow #YourTastesRefined
Stumble upon history and beautiful architecture at Madrid's Naval Museum. 📷 by @proudbasque #DiscoveryAwaits
Experiences with a personal touch for you to unwind in tranquility. 📷 by @quisavait #YourTastesRefined
Spend time with colleagues, away from the working environment at @DryMartiniJDLM. 📷 by @quisavait #YourTastesRefined
Intricate details and living history line the streets of the Spanish Capital. 📷 by @carmen.luquev #DiscoveryAwaits
A harmony among the contemporary and traditional at #GranMeliáFénix . 📷 by @kshohome #YourTastesRefined
Architecture with personality in #Madrid . 📷 by genszen #DiscoveryAwaits
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